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Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK v1.3.0 (Max Fuel/No Damage, Unlimited Money)

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App Name Truck Simulator Ultimate
Size 1.42G
Latest Version 1.3.0
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MOD Info Max Fuel/No Damage, Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlocked All
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything


In Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK VIP Unlocked, drive trucks with no worries – there is Max Fuel, No Damage, you are a VIP with Premium unlocked features, like no ads, unlimited money and gold.

About Truck Simulator: Ultimate 

Truck Simulator: Ultimate is a truck driving simulation game developed and published by Zuuks Games. The game is a sequel to Bus Simulator: Ultimate and features over 32 licensed trucks from Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, and other manufacturers. Players can transport a variety of cargo in over 100 cities across the United States, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and Azerbaijan. The game also features a multiplayer mode where players can race each other or cooperate to transport cargo.

Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK

Drive Big Trucks

Truck Simulator: Ultimate lets you drive a variety of amazing trucks, from classic American rigs to modern European trucks. You can choose from over 32 different trucks, each with its own unique look and feel.

Complete Tasks

In Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK, you’ll complete a variety of tasks, such as transporting goods from one city to another, delivering food to restaurants, and even racing other trucks. Each task will earn you money, which you can use to buy new trucks, upgrade your existing trucks, and expand your business.

Try Different Jobs

Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK Installer

There are many different jobs available in Truck Simulator: Ultimate, so you can find one that suits your playstyle. If you want to relax and enjoy the scenery, you can take on long-haul trucking jobs. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can try racing other trucks or completing time-sensitive deliveries.

Build Your Truck Company

As you complete tasks and earn money, you can start to build your own truck company. You can buy new trucks, hire drivers, and expand your fleet. The more successful your company becomes, the more money you’ll earn and the more tasks you’ll be able to complete.

Explore New Places

Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK Obb

Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK lets you explore a variety of different places, from the bustling cities of Europe to the vast deserts of the United States. You’ll travel through over 100 cities and towns, each with its own unique look and feel.

Decorate Your Office

When you’re not driving, you can relax in your office. You can decorate your office with furniture and decorations, and you can even hire a secretary to help you manage your business.

Make Trucks Look Cool

Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK Premium Unlocked

You can customize your trucks with a variety of accessories, such as new paint jobs, rims, and bumpers. You can also upgrade your trucks’ engines and transmissions to make them faster and more powerful.

Play with Friends

Truck Simulator: Ultimate features a multiplayer mode where you can play with friends or compete against other players. You can race each other, cooperate to deliver cargo, or just chat and hang out.

Enjoy the Road

One of the best things about Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK is just enjoying the road. You can cruise down the highway, listen to the radio, and take in the scenery. It’s a great way to relax and de-stress.

Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK Unlimited Money

Listen to Music

There are over 250 radio stations in Truck Simulator: Ultimate, so you can always find something to listen to. Whether you’re in the mood for classical music, rock music, or country music, there’s something for everyone.

Different Weather

Truck Simulator: Ultimate features realistic weather conditions, so you’ll have to deal with rain, snow, fog, and other challenges. This adds an extra layer of realism to the game and makes it more challenging.

Truck Simulator Ultimate MOD APK Download

Rest and Get Food

It’s important to take breaks when you’re driving a truck. You can rest at rest stops and get food at restaurants. This will help you stay refreshed and alert so that you can drive safely.

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