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TheoTown MOD APK 1.11.35a (Unlimited Diamonds And Money)

TheoTown MOD APK offers unlimited diamonds, money, and everything unlocked. With features like no hack detected, anti-ban, and volume up, experience urban simulation inspired by Cities: Skylines with unrestricted gameplay.

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App Name TheoTown
Size 82M
Latest Version 1.11.35a
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MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds And Money

Unlimited Diamonds
Run the game strictly without internet. After starting the game for the first time, be sure to skip the tutorial (click the gear in the bottom left, then select Skip Tutorial).
Note: You may be banned from using the mod


Welcome to the world of urban planning with TheoTown MOD APK. This upgraded version of the beloved city-building simulation game grants you unlimited diamonds and money, empowering you to construct and manage your dream cities. The ‘no hack detected’ and ‘no ban’ features ensure a smooth gaming experience, letting you focus solely on growing your urban landscape.

With the ‘volume up’ feature, immerse yourself in the rich and realistic city sounds. Get inspired by cities skylines, enhance your creativity, and unlock everything without limits.

TheoTown MOD APK

From essential infrastructure to luxurious amenities, use your limitless gems to build it all. If city planning enthralls you, the TheoTown MOD APK offers an enriched platform to test your mettle as a virtual city manager.

Create and manage your own simulated city

In TheoTown – Urban Simulation game, you get to create and manage your very own city. You start by planning the layout, building roads, houses, and public buildings. Then, you make sure everything runs smoothly. This includes setting up power lines, managing traffic, and making sure your citizens are happy. It’s like being a mayor of your own virtual city. The game gives you the power to create your dream city and see it come to life.

TheoTown MOD APK No Hack Detected

Explore a detailed city simulation

TheoTown – Urban Simulation game lets you explore a detailed city simulation. You can see little cars moving on the roads, lights switching on when it gets dark, and even people walking around. It feels like you’re looking at a real city. It’s fun to see your city grow and change over time.

Build your town into an enormous metropolis

In TheoTown, you start with a small town. As you play, you can build more houses, roads, and buildings. Slowly, your town grows into a big city. If you keep playing, you can turn your city into a huge metropolis. It’s exciting to see your small town grow into a bustling city.

TheoTown MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Create efficient transportation networks

In TheoTown, building efficient transportation networks is important. You have to plan roads, bridges, and even subway lines. Good transportation helps people move around the city faster. It also helps your city grow. So, get creative and build the best transportation network you can.

Customize and manage your transportation vehicle

In TheoTown, you can also customize and manage your transportation vehicles. You can choose what type of buses, cars, or trains to use. You also decide where they go and how often. Managing these vehicles helps make your city’s transportation system more efficient. It’s a fun part of running your city.

TheoTown MOD APK Volume Up

Unlock content as your city grows

As your city grows in TheoTown, you get to unlock new content. This could be new types of buildings, transportation options, or even different kinds of parks. The more your city grows, the more things you can unlock. It’s an exciting part of the game. You never know what new thing you might get to add to your city next. It motivates you to keep growing and expanding your city.

Connect your cities with other regions

In TheoTown, you’re not just limited to one city. You can connect your city with other regions. This means building roads, bridges, or trains to link your city with others. Connecting with other regions allows for more people to move around and visit different cities. It also helps your city grow bigger and become more diverse. It’s a great way to expand your game and create your own world.

TheoTown MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds And Money

Manage airports and airplanes

In TheoTown, you have the opportunity to manage airports and airplanes. You can build airports, manage flight schedules, and even control air traffic. It adds another layer of complexity to your city management, providing a realistic and engaging experience in the world of urban simulation.

Construct railway networks

You can build railway networks. It means creating train tracks and stations to connect different parts of your city. Trains can transport people and goods, making transportation efficient and adding a realistic touch to your urban simulation.

TheoTown MOD APK No Ban

Build subways and trams

In TheoTown MOD APK, you can construct subways and trams. These underground and above-ground rail systems provide efficient transportation within your city, reducing traffic congestion and enhancing public transportation options for your citizens.

Collect taxes to finance your cities

In TheoTown, you have the responsibility to collect taxes to finance your cities. Taxes are an essential source of income that fund various aspects of city management, such as infrastructure development, public services, and maintenance.

TheoTown MOD APK Download

Carefully balancing tax rates ensures the financial stability of your city while meeting the needs and demands of your citizens. Managing taxes effectively is crucial for the growth and prosperity of your simulated cities in the game.

Establish military facilities

In TheoTown, you can establish military facilities. These include building military bases, barracks, and defense structures to ensure the safety and security of your city from potential threats and conflicts.

TheoTown MOD APK Latest Version

Design urban or rural areas

In TheoTown, you can design both urban and rural areas. You have the freedom to create the layout, zoning, and infrastructure of these areas, shaping the overall look and feel of your city.

Build stunning skyline cities

In TheoTown, you can build stunning skyline cities. With various buildings, landmarks, and architectural elements at your disposal, you can create visually impressive and vibrant cityscapes that showcase your creativity and design skills.

Create cities resembling New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, and more

In TheoTown, you can create cities resembling iconic metropolises like New York, Tokyo, San Francisco, and more. With its extensive building options, you can capture the essence and architectural styles of these renowned cities within your virtual world.

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