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Lumber Inc MOD APK 1.8.9 (Unlimited Money And Gems)

With Lumber Inc MOD APK of Idle Lumber: Business Empire game, enjoy unlimited money, gems, and diamonds. Free shopping, no ads, and VIP access make gameplay even more exciting.

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App Name Idle Lumber Empire
Size 125M
Latest Version 1.8.9
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MOD Info Unlimited Money And Gems

  • Free Shopping with Diamonds In Shop.
    Currency Don’t Decrease When Spend.
    Vip Purchased & Enabled.
  • Info :-
    “Free Shop with Diamonds in Shop” use It for obtain normal Money Currencie with “Time Travel”, and “Premium Chest & Biz Chest” for other Currencies.

About Idle Lumber: Business Empire Game

Idle Lumber: Business Empire is a fun and interactive game where you build your own lumber business. You start by cutting trees and selling wood. As you make more money, you can buy better equipment, build more milling lines, and grow your business. Managing forests is an essential part of the game – you must balance cutting trees and replanting them.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK

You also have to maintain and upgrade vehicles that help move logs. Managing sales effectively leads to more earnings and further growth. It’s not just about making money, but also about learning how a sustainable business works. With exciting challenges and goals, Idle Lumber: Business Empire is a great game for those who enjoy strategy and management.

Build your lumber and house manufacturing business

In the Idle Lumber: Business Empire game, you get to build your own lumber and house manufacturing business. Starting small, you cut trees and make planks. Then, you sell these to earn money. You can buy better equipment and grow your business as you get more money. It’s exciting to see your small lumberyard turn into a big empire!

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK Unlimited Money And Diamonds

Manage Forests

In Idle Lumber: Business Empire, managing forests is an important part of the game. You need to plan how to cut trees without running out of them. You also need to replant trees to keep your business running. It’s a fun way to learn about balance in nature and running a sustainable business.

Build milling lines

In Idle Lumber: Business Empire, you can build milling lines. This means setting up machines to cut trees into planks. The more milling lines you have, the more planks you make. This helps you earn more money and grow your business.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK Latest Version

Maintain and upgrade vehicles

Idle Lumber: Business Empire game is not just about cutting trees and selling wood. You also need to take care of your vehicles. They help you move the logs from the forest to your mill. Over time, you can upgrade these vehicles. Better vehicles can carry more logs and work faster. This means you can cut and sell more wood. Maintaining and upgrading vehicles is a fun part of growing your lumber business in the game.

Manage Sales

In Idle Lumber: Business Empire, managing sales is key. You sell the planks you make from trees. As you get better at the game, you can sell more and earn more money. It’s fun and exciting to see your business grow.

Idle Lumber Empire MOD APK Free Purchase

Lumber Inc MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

Unleash your inner entrepreneur with Lumber Inc MOD APK! This version of the popular Idle Lumber: Business Empire game offers unlimited money, gems, and diamonds, taking your lumber business to new heights. With unlimited resources, you can rapidly expand your empire, unlocking new levels and features with ease.

Moreover, the free shopping feature allows you to make in-game purchases without worrying about the cost. The VIP unlocked feature gives you exclusive access to special benefits, enhancing your gameplay.

Furthermore, the latest version ensures you experience the game without annoying ads. This makes for a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience. If you’ve ever dreamed of building your lumber empire, the Lumber Inc MOD APK is your ticket to virtual success.

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