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Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK 1.5.01 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Download Travel Center Tycoon Mod APK now! Get unlimited money, gems, free shopping, no ads, and a mod menu.

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App Name Travel Center Tycoon
Size 127M
Latest Version 1.5.01
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MOD Info Unlimited Money/Gems


Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK is a super fun game where you can build your own truck stop. You have unlimited money and gems for free shopping, plus no annoying ads.

About Travel Center Tycoon

Travel Center Tycoon is a fun and unique simulation game where you get to build and run your own truck stop in the desert. Starting with a small gas station, your goal is to turn it into the most amazing travel center in the world. You can add cool facilities like accommodations, truck service stores, diners, and more. Collect special truck stamps and hire managers to help your business grow, even when you’re not playing. The game also pays tribute to hardworking truck drivers who deliver our goods, making it a special and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK

Build Your Gas Station

Your first step in Travel Center Tycoon MOD Menu APK is to build your gas station. This will be the foundation of your business, and you’ll need to make sure it’s well-placed to attract customers. Consider factors such as visibility from the highway and proximity to other businesses.

Once you’ve chosen a spot, it’s time to start building. You’ll need to purchase land, build the gas station itself, and install pumps. You can also add additional features, such as a convenience store or a car wash.

Add Cool Things

Once your gas station is up and running, you can start adding cool things to make it more attractive to customers. You can build a diner, a hotel, a truck service center, or even a casino. You can also add amenities such as a playground, a dog park, or a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK Unlimited Money And Diamond

The more things you add to your travel center, the more customers you’ll attract. However, keep in mind that each new addition will cost money, so make sure to budget carefully.

Collect Special Stamps

In Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK, from time to time, special trucks will visit your travel center. These trucks are rare, and each one has its own unique stamp. You can collect these stamps by providing services to the trucks, such as refueling, repairing, or cleaning them.

The more stamps you collect, the more rewards you’ll earn. Rewards can include in-game currency, new buildings, or even special trucks.

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

Get Help from Others

As your travel center grows, you’ll need to get help from others to manage it effectively. You can hire managers to oversee different aspects of your business, such as the gas station, the diner, or the truck service center.

You can also hire workers to perform specific tasks, such as pumping gas, cleaning bathrooms, or cooking food. Hiring staff will free up your time so you can focus on expanding your business and attracting new customers.

Say Thank You to Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are essential to the economy, and they deserve our thanks for their hard work. In Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK, you can show your appreciation for truck drivers by offering them discounts on services or by providing them with free amenities.

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK Unlimited Money

You can also host events for truck drivers, such as driver appreciation days or truck shows. Hosting events is a great way to attract new customers and build relationships with the truck drivers who visit your travel center.

Expand Your Truck Stop

Once you’ve established a successful gas station, you can start expanding your truck stop. You can build more parking spaces, add new buildings, and hire more staff. You can also start marketing your truck stop to attract more customers.

As your truck stop grows, you’ll earn more money and be able to unlock new features. You can even start building multiple truck stops in different locations.

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK Free Shopping

Unlock Special Truck Parking

In Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK, as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock special truck parking spots. These spots are reserved for specific types of trucks, such as industrial trucks or military trucks. Unlocking special truck parking spots can help you attract more customers and increase your profits.

Set Up Truck Services

In addition to parking, truck drivers also need other services, such as refueling, repairs, and cleaning. You can set up truck services at your travel center to attract more customers and increase your profits.

When setting up truck services, it’s important to consider the needs of your target customers. For example, if you’re located in an area with a lot of industrial traffic, you may want to focus on offering truck repair services.

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK Download

Manage Bathrooms

In Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK is with unlimited money and diamonds and bathrooms are an important amenity for any travel center. You need to make sure your bathrooms are clean and well-maintained at all times. You may also want to consider offering additional amenities, such as showers or changing tables.

Managing bathrooms can be challenging, but it’s important to do a good job. Customers are less likely to return to a travel center with dirty or poorly maintained bathrooms.

Hire Business Managers

As your travel center grows, you’ll need to hire business managers to help you manage it effectively. Business managers can take care of tasks such as scheduling staff, ordering supplies, and tracking finances.

Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK Latest Version

Hiring business managers can free up your time so you can focus on expanding your business and attracting new customers.

Earn Money Even When You’re Not Playing

One of the best things about Travel Center Tycoon MOD APK is that you can earn money even when you’re not playing the game. Your travel center will continue to operate while you’re offline, and you’ll be able to collect your earnings when you log back in.

This makes Travel Center Tycoon a great game for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to play video games. You can check in on your travel center.

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