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Project Sekai v3.1.1 MOD APK (Menu mode, Always perfect, Autoplay)

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App Name Project Sekai
Size 205M
Latest Version 3.1.1
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MOD Info Menu mode, Always perfect, Autoplay

  • God mode
  • Always perfect
  • Always great
  • Always good
  • Auto play


Project Sekai MOD APK is the best musical game where players can master the many popular anime series at ease, this game can be considered heaven for all music lovers because this game has different anime songs, such as Tsumiki song from Fhoni anime, Black Rabbit song from Senbon Sakura anime, Eve; Eve song from Dramaturggy anime series, and many more. The game is developed by SEGA CORPORATION that has more than 1 million downloads.

Project Sekai MOD APK

About Project Sekai

Project Sekai MOD APK is one of those music anime series-inspired games that is made and focuses on the targeted audience of the anime music community fans and other music lovers who just want to try and play the music game and get a chance to learn more new melodies through this music game.

The Anime community has a great number of anime fans from which there are many fans has their special categories in that they have developed the taste like some fans mostly like to watch action anime or other romantic so, the anime community fans have fans with a variety of diversity. This game would be best specifically for anime music fans.

Project Sekai MOD APK All Perfect

As you learn different anime songs and progress in this game, you can also get various rewards and different features like god mode that allows players to play this musical game at god level and give the chance to easily learn any anime songs by auto-playing it so that you can learn always perfect.

Learn the Most Popular Anime Songs

This game allows you to learn the most popular anime songs that you have probably listened to before while watching music genre anime series or anywhere else. Many anime fans watched a lot of anime and make their favorite anime opening and ending songs while watching any anime series.

Project Sekai MOD APK Latest Version

So, this game should be recommended for those fans who also want to learn and sing every time and feel the true melody by themselves, and also want to show others how you can sing the popular anime series without any problems, and it also opens the opportunity to participate in the anime music contest.

Awesome Graphics and Sound Quality

The Project Sekai MOD APK game provides you with awesome graphics that are so attractive and captivating which forces to gamers keep playing this game and can feel real relaxation in their eyes. There are many features in this game but the graphics and music gameplay are especially great and make the game special.

Project Sekai Autoplay MOD APK

In this game, apart from the songs offered in the game, you can also learn other songs with great sound quality, such as Blue Bird song from Naruto anime, Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul song, and many more popular anime songs that you can learn and master the songs at ease.

Unique Musical and Colorful Gameplay

This game will give you a unique musical gameplay experience with colorful gameplay that you probably won’t find in any other musical game. Additionally, you can also get various different colorful characters with their colorful outfits and designs, and personalities.

Project Sekai MOD APK Download

It has all the things colorful whether it is a music game world design, all different characters’ colorful designs with various beautiful different colors, or music gameplay. Overall, it is the best and full of music melodies, and colorful game.

Final Words

This game is the best for those who are anime music lovers and likes to listen to anime opening and ending songs, they must download the Project Sekai MOD APK game that offers unlimited everything which will surely give interest in this game.

Download the latest version of the Project Sekai MOD APK game free for all android devices and get access to all mod features, such as Autoplay and God mode from our website.

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