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My Sushi Story v4.1.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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App Name My Sushi Story
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Latest Version 4.1.6
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MOD Info Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money
  • No watching ads to get Rewards.


The My Sushi Story is an amazing sushi restaurant simulation game where players build their restaurant of a variety of delicious food and expand their business of the food, and the main dish is sushi which is the first dish that helps you to start your business and will bring you happiness for those players who have the dream of becoming the great businessman of the restaurant, and this game is developed by the LifeSim that has more than 500k downloads.

About My Sushi Story

The My Sushi Story MOD APK is a great food game where you have to build your own food restaurant and expand the business in many aspects, such as you can add many varieties of dishes like pork katsu, sushi, ramen, tempura, wagyu beef, sashimi, udon, much more, and also features a variety of decor, dishes, and many lovely characters.

Players have to start their restaurant and expand the sushi business little by little from scratch and many more different dishes which will attract customers, and every customer will appreciate your service which will make this restaurant business famous among all other food businesses. Moreover, you can also add thousand of the dishes, such as pork, sushi, ramen, and much more.

As you progress in the My Sushi Story MOD APK game, you are offered Unlimted Money, diamonds, and money to upgrade staff which will help you to purchase unlimited delicious dished and more facilities that you can add to your restaurant for customers to give the best services. Additionally, you can also have a dozen employees to work and you have many characters, and it is completely free to play for all Android players.

Amazing Game Features

This game has different various amazing modes and other game features, such as you have the full freedom to do anything with your restaurant and enjoy, and can also try different business models with different management methods by hiring more employees, adding lots of Japanese dishes, expanding with more awesome facilities.

Players can also renovate their restaurants by combining furniture of different styles and making unique furniture designs and other private rooms, and you can also meet people who are also interested in this game and have the same dream and can interact with them to talk about anything like your restaurant.

Sushi Food-Inspired Storyline

In the My Sushi Story MOD APK game, players can get the great storyline of this game that how it started and revolves around a character who has only one dream in their life to run a sushi restaurant of their own making that famous than anyone else. At the same time, his grandma also gave him the instructions to build and expand their own business with the famous dish of sushi.

He has to do everything to build and run the restaurant which includes many ups and down to start the business on his own and get real-time experience in running the restaurant and has only one goal to serve the customers with quality service, upgrade the facilities, create more Japanese dishes, and get customers reviews and feedback.

My Sushi Story MOD APK For Android

Expand Your Shushi Restaurant Business

This game is easy to play for anyone who wants to play for the first, and they just need to take orders from the customers and serve them, settle bills and earn, and expand the sushi restaurant business by adding more great facilities, dishes, hiring employees because of you are the boss of the sushi restaurant, and you will have to make your good plan and train the chefs and waiters to get great reviews of the customers.

Download the latest version of the My Sushi Story MOD APK game free for android and get the benefits of Unlimited Money, diamonds, and other mode features by clicking the link given below.

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