Top 10 Yesmovies Alternative Sites

YesMovies Alternative: If you are looking for the best movie streaming sites like YesMovies website to watch movies and other video content online free, then you have come to the right page.


Streaming video content including movies, shows and so on for free is becoming a debate topic as most of the sites which provide free video content streaming services are banned or blocked in certain countries. There is a popular free movie, and T.V. shows streaming platform named Yes Movies. Currently, it contains more than 9000 films, documentaries and T.V. shows.

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Unfortunately, YesMovies has been blocked in many countries. But still, there’s hope as we will introduce you to the Top 10 Best Sites Like YesMovies to Watch Movies for Free. Our team manually tests all the sites like YesMovies, which is mentioned in this article.

We still recommend the use of VPN before accessing these sites because of the Government and ISP’s review and monitor the activities you do on the internet. If you are found streaming copyrighted content, then you may get into severe troubles.

What is YesMovies Website?

YesMovies is a free video content streaming platforms which allow it’s users to watch movies and T.V. shows for free. It has been blocked in certain countries as its users stream copyrighted content. After been blocked, there were many parallel sites created, and most of them are also blocked, and the rest were fake. So we will share our list of Top 10 Best Sites Like YesMovies to Watch Movies for Free.

YesMovies has also changed its domain name and extension several times, but the government of some countries kept blocking them.

Shut Down of YesMovies Websites

As mentioned earlier, YesMovies is down in some countries because it allows it’s users to stream copyrighted content free. But you can still use YesMovies by a premium VPN like Express VPN and Nord VPN. Both Express VPN and Nord VPN are the most popular and safest VPN available in the market. I don’t recommend the use of any free VPN because they are not reliable like the premium ones.

There are also certain risks associated with the use of YesMovies. We will talk about the dangers in the further portion of this article.

Risks Associated With Use of YesMovies and Websites Like it

The Government and ISP’s review and monitor the activities you do on the internet. If you are found streaming copyrighted content, then you may get into severe troubles. Thus I recommend you to use a VPN to protect your I.P. address. You can check your I.P. address at

I always recommend the use of a good VPN because I don’t want your movie streaming experience to turn into troubles. So I recommend you the best VPN in the market. I use ExpressVPN because it’s the fastest and secured in the industry. Its U.I. is simple, and also it’s straightforward to install on the device including Fire T.V. Stick.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as if you are not satisfied with its services you can request for a refund. It also offers a fantastic deal in which you get three months free and up to 49% off on the annual plan.

TIP: You should always use a good VPN to protect your identity and security when streaming movies and other TV video content online with free websites like YesMovies Alternative.

Pros and Cons Use YesMovies or Sites Like it

Earlier as we talked about the risks of using YesMovies and free sites like it, I would like to tell you about the pros and cons of using websites Like Yes Movies.

 Pros: Free of Cost.

Cons: Use of VPN is recommended because your ISP and government keeps watching on your activity on the internet, so if they found you are streaming copyrighted content, then it may cause trouble to you. Also, premium VPN’s are expensive and in that amount of money you can buy a premium movies streaming platform subscription.

They contain pop up ads which can redirect to spam sites and can automatically download malware in your device.

YesMovies Alternative: Safe Methods to Watch Movies Online

Using Ad Blocker

Before using an Adblocker for a streaming website, for example, Yes Movies, we advise that you put in a fantastic ad-blocking extension such as Adblock Plus for your browser. Your flow experience significantly improves since they redirect and cut out the majority of the advertisements and some other.

Have a Script Blocker

Installing a fantastic script blocker, similar to this script blocker for Chrome, goes a very long way in boosting your security and further improving your picture streaming experience. Blockers stop implementation for any website that’s not on your list of domains. These extensions will help protect you from malware, spyware, adware, and advertisements.

Install a Premium VPN

VPNs are a terrific means to bypass ISP blocks and make sure you have access to sites like YesMovies you desire. Popular VPN options comprise ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Cyberghost VPN.

Use Only Popular Sites

There’s only one surefire method do the filtering for you and adhere with popular websites like Yes Movies. Usually, these top websites contain advertisements, and there is a likelihood of automatically downloading any malware. The YesMovies down Right Now. So we have rounded up a few of the YesMovies alternatives in this article.

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List of YesMovies Alternative

Umm. This is the portion for which most of you must be waiting so let’s start now.

1. Pluto TV: YesMovies Alternative


Pluto TV is a free video content streaming platform. Unfortunately, currently, it’s available only in the United States, Canada and a few European countries. This platform offers live T.V. and also on-demand content which consist of movies and shows for its user. As per the latest report, it has a broad user base and is considered as one of the best alternatives to YesMovies for free. It also contains a lot of Ads.

Pluto TV’s has partnered with more than 70 content providers from which it gets licensed content. It has more than 20 million active monthly users and thus making it one the most popular free movie and T.V. show Streaming platform.

Features of Pluto TV are:

  • Strong user base with over 20 million users.
  • Most popular YesMovies alternative for free.
  • Licensed content and patterned with more than 70 original content providers.

2. Putlocker


It is a collective name for T.V. shows and movie streaming sites. All of these websites have name Putlocker contained in them even though they differ in extensions. Putlocker was developed in the U.K. in the year 2011-2012, and as time passed by, Putlocker received a lot of traffic.

Its traffic count was so high that once it reaches 800,000 visitors per day. As mentioned by Alexa, it has been counted among the top 250 sites on the internet.

Features of Putlocker are:

  • Well designed U.I.
  • Easy navigation through categories.

3. 123 Movies

123 Movies

The situation has become so intense that the market contains thousands of websites like Yes Movies. But apart from the other sites arises 123 Movies. Its unique features have helped gain popularity over time. It focuses on user experience and also on the security of the users.

Another good thing about 123 movies is that it hosts the recently released films also.

Its U.I. is clean and straightforward, which helps it’s users to navigate to the desired content they want. As per your mobile previous search history, it recommends you videos. In short 123 Movies is also the right choice to go for.

Features of 123 Movies are:

  • Advance and simple User Interface with great navigation buttons.
  • More focused on user experience and security.
  • Advance video recommendations with previous browsing data.

4. Popcornflix

YesMovies Unblocked

While other websites do not offer some of the T.V. series the way you must go is Popcornflix. It is entirely free for watching or streaming T.V. series and movies platform. This website offers video content, mainly movies and T.V. shows which are featured from original content and production companies.

It is also very stable and is compatible with Android, iOS and computer systems. You don’t even need to sign in or log in to watch movies and T.V. series on Popcornflix. This is another plus point as you don’t have to add your personal information such as email and so on to use it.

Features of Popcornflix are:

  • No sign in or login required.
  • Faster navigation with advance navigation buttons.
  • Stable and compatible with IOS and Android.

5. Crackle

Sites Like Yesmovies

Crackle is a popular title in the world that is streaming. Owned by Sony, Crackle lets you watch TV Shows and Movies free of charge. The business earns its revenues from advertisements that appear to time. The company provides Originals as well as content licensed from other suppliers. Crackle is an excellent place to watch films and classic shows.

However, it does have some new content. It has both free and premium version, but if you don’t have a budget, I recommend free version because if you go for paid, there are more good services available in the same price, so it’s not worth it.

Features of Crackle are:

  • Official branding of Sony.
  • Original and licensed content.
  • Classic shows are also available.

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time appreciates a level of popularity along with other sites such as Netflix and Prime Video. You receive a group of T.V. shows and films. You might use it to download your favourite movies and T.V. show to watch them on. It is accompanied by a simple to use interface and navigation mechanism.

It is possible to quickly get its accurately categorized sections to hunt for alternatives like recently added, forthcoming films, etc.. Moreover, you can your show.

Features of Popcorn Time are:

  • Download content and take it offline.
  • Simple User Interface and navigation mechanism.
  • They are correctly categorized.

7. Fmovies


Another giant in the business and worthy Yes Movies substitute is Fmovies, a lightweight streaming website for both all the latest blockbusters and all your favourite classic flicks. The simple layout and a selection of films of the site which makes it a natural choice for options. Quite unlike several movies’ interface streaming websites on the market, Fmovies employs a compact user interface which gets you to view your videos.

The primary feature on the homepage of the site is a search bar that makes it possible to open into the media player and locate specific names. What’s more, the bar provides you with the choice to jump into the T.V. show page or the movies. Also, you get links to pictures rated a page which offers the most recent blockbusters along with by IMDB.

Features of Fmovies include:

  • Neat and clean U.I.
  • Rating Option.

8. Movie Watcher:

YesMovies Alternative

Movie Watcher

While the film streaming distance is well known for turbulence, together with websites going in and out of existence on a routine, one site that has remained relatively the same over the decades is The movie-watcher platform has remained right to its heart, giving a secure, gimmick-free portal for seeing all your hottest movies.

On movie-watcher, the film thumbnails are clickable and significant; the website categories are simple and straightforward to comprehend, as well as the media player provides the picture in H.D. with no features to you. The T.V. series segment seems to be an afterthought since the main focus of the website is on films. In comparison with all the competition, the stage is a bit.

When it comes to routine flicks, few can hold a candle to the collection of movie-watcher.On the peak of the website, it is possible to get a search feature which works and the category choices which enable you to type names.

Features of Movie Watcher are:

  • The interface is neat and clean.
  • Easy navigation through categories.

9. Yidio:YesMovies Alternative



9. Yidio

There are so many streaming services that it’s tough for a user to choose the best among them. Although all streaming services have their advantages and disadvantages but Yidio aggregates over 100+ of them.

This service is free, but some of its services may request a fee.

Features of Yidio are:

  • Comprise more than 100 Streaming services in one place.
  • Helps you select the best ones.

10. Alternative like

It’s one of the sleekest streaming platforms we have ever seen. Unlike other streaming platforms mentioned in this article also does not embed media player. does the job of redirecting you to other third-party movies and shows streaming platforms with content stored on their servers.

Features of are:

  • Redirects to other third party video content streaming platforms.
  • Does not embed media player.

FAQs on YesMovies Alternative

Q: What happened to YesMovies?

A: YesMovies has been blocked in some countries because it allows users to stream copyrighted content for free.

Q: Best Way to Get YesMovies To Work?

A: You can easily access YesMovies by connecting to a VPN and accessing it.

Q: How to Watch Movies and other shows on YesMovies?

A: You need to search your desired movie in YesMovies search box and then click on the film if it appears.

Conclusion: on YesMovies Alternative

Disclaimer: We at does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offence under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page purpose of informing the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to promote or engage in piracy in any form.

Note: The Government and ISP’s review and monitors the activities you do on the internet. If you are found streaming copyrighted content, then you may get into severe troubles. So always keep a distance from piracy website.

As we have reached the end of the article, I hope all your doubts regarding the sites like YesMovies. If still there’s a doubt left to let us know in the comment below.

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