5 Einthusan Alternatives to Stream Movies & TV Shows in 2020

In this article, you will get all the desired information of Best Einthusan Alternatives Sites that where you can watch TV shows and any regional movie conveniently like Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi movies.

As you know the Einthusan banned in some countries. So I find the best alternative for it. Some of them are free, and some of them paid. They have different pros and cons. So you have to decide which one should you use. But at first, let’s talk about the Einthusan website or platform.

einthusan alternatives

What is Einthusan?

Einthusan is a website where you can watch any Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood, cartoon, movie etc. They provide the latest movie with high-quality clarity video. They warn by showing ads on users. If you want to remove ads, you have to pay one-time money. Then you can watch movies or videos ads free. It is a real advantage of it.

To remove ads, you have to create an account by paying real money to them. When you pay cash, the ads will not show again. It is a loose product for them because they earn more when you show ads. The payment if one time. So it is beneficial to you.

Fake Einthusan:

Einthusa is available to use on mobile. You have to download Einthusan android APK and install. If you search the APK on play store, you may get a fake APK. So download it from the official website or ours.

We will never recommend you to download Einthusan from play store as these are fake. Some fake Einthusan has a virus and has risk. They will show lots of ads. After some time, you will feel it is false and will uninstall it. But if there is a virus, it is not good though you uninstalled.

If you search Einthusan TV on the internet, you may get some sites to download it. But some of them are fake. Aware of that, the fake website is risky to download APK or use. We will not be responsible for that.

Is Einthusan Legal?

It is a confusing question. Einthusan website and it’s TV Apk banned in some countries like India. If you are browsing from India, you will get an error when you visit Einthusan official website. So we are not sure it is legal or not. It is available in some country like the United States.

If it was legal, the site should suspend from internet and will not accessible on any country. So, it is not licensed at all. It banned in some land for some reason. Einthusan advertises that it is legal to use.

Best Einthusan Alternatives

Here is the list of best five Einthusan Alternatives platforms to watch Hindi, Telugu, South Indian, movies and TV shows. I will tell you how to use it without facing error for free. So, continue reading carefully.

1. ThopTV: Einthusan Alternative

Thop TV alternative of einthusan to watch Hindi Movie

In my opinion, Thop TV is best Einthusan alternative to watch live TV and any regional movie like Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi movies. So I put it on #1 on this list. ThopTV is a secret online movie watch App. ThopTV is an App for Android, ios device. It also comes to windows. You can use Einthusan alternative Thop TV on windows seven or 7+ versions. It allows user to watch any Hindi, Tamil, Telugu movies conveniently.

ThopTV is a good alternative of Einthusan where you can watch any live TV channel and any regional movies like Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi movies. Moreover, you can watch live cricket, football, tennis, etc. on Windows PC and Android. The App is available for android devices, and you can watch videos from anywhen if you have an internet connection on PC and Android.

Features of ThopTV:

Chat: ThopTV has a community where users can talk to each other, but the community appears on Telegram channel, and you have to join ThopTV official Telegram discus channel. There you can share any problem regarding ThopTV.

As I mentioned above, Thop TV is the best alternative to Einthusan where you can get the latest Bollywood, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu movies after release. If you want to watch a Movie on comedy, romance or action type it easy to find in the category section, as well as cartoon movies, are available for children.

Series: Some people are mad like for web series. Usually, web series are not free. Some popular web series providers are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. In ThopTV it is free. You can get all the videos on a web series by category.

Live TV: ThopTV also provides Live TV service to users. The cricket or any live TV programme will work available on the App. It is instrumental for whose sho can’t afford Hotstar premium.

Other Features: It has a straightforward UI that can use for a new Android user. It supports most of the android devices. You can download movies for free. There are many more features like an external player like if you want to play videos on MX Player or like that.

2. Netflix: Einthusan Alternative

Netflix alternative einthusan

Netflix is one of the best Einthusan alternatives in India. The collection on Netflix is limited, but all content is expensive and the value of money. Some web series are only exclusive for Netflix. So if you are a webs series lover, you should try Netflix once.

You may not get non-popular movies on Netflix. But the latest films are available on it. The quality of Netflix is excellent. You can get up to 4K resolution on it. But it depends on your device capability.

Netflix has a website and App on Android and ios. If you want to watch a movie on a big screen desktop use website. It is also castable on TV.

Netflix offers a 30 days trial. Create an account today by a credit card and use it for 30 days free. If you like the service and want to invest in it, you can continue. Cancel the subscription before 30 days to get your money back—only one card support one 30 days trial subscription.

Features of Netflix:

Netflix provides high-quality video resolution. You can get up to 4K resolution. The user interface is excellent. Netflix delivers the most popular web series and movies instant after release. The best part is it offers 30 days free train where most of the services provide a maximum of 3 days.

3. Video Buddy: Einthusan Alternative

VideoBuddy alternative of Einthusan to watch Hindi Movies

Video Buddy Android App is also one of the best Einthusan alternatives to watch any kinds of an Indian Hindi movie like Tamil, Telugu, and south Indians movie. You can also get some Hollywood movies here. The App is exciting. You can earn money from that. It gives a point for watching a video, download video, shares the App, etc.

Video Buddy will give you money for using their App. The App will show ads to you, and they get a review. From the report, you will get something. When you share Video Buddy to others like friends, you will get a significant amount of points. The points and exchange for money. You can get cash through Paytm.

The only disadvantage of Video Buddy is video quality. If you download new movies from there, you may get a low-quality video. That is because latest movies here uploads on the hall recording mode. If your device screen is small, then it is not a big problem. The video sizes are always small as compare on Video Buddy.

Feature of Video Buddy:

Latest Movie: Any kinds of the newest video are available on the Video Buddy App. The developers of Video Buddy always try to up to date with movies and videos. Some Hollywood movies are also available. Download any movie or watch online it is your choice.

Points: Video Buddy has a function for giving points. As much as you use Video, Buddy will get points. Watch movies more, download, refer any friend to get more points. You can exchange the points into PayTM cash.

4. YouTube:Einthusan Alternative

You may make laugh to see YouTube on this list. If you love Tamil and South Indian movies, it is easy to watch in the Hindi language on YouTube. A channel Goldmines Telefilms upload latest Tamil, Telugu Hindi dubbed movies for free to attend so, it can be best Einthusan alternative for you.

As you know the feature of YouTube is a perfect platform to stream a video. Here I list the features of YouTube just for new users.

Features of YouTube:

Quality: YouTube provides the best video quality according to your device performance. Some video stream App provides high quality that the video owns. But it is not good to play on a low-performance device. Here YouTube has a plus point. It cares about device capability.

Easy To Use: If you are a YouTube user, you should know how easy it is. Any new YouTube user can play videos, like, share for an easy user interface. In YouTube, you can like any video to rating, share with friends, add particular movie or video on your playlist. You can also subscribe the channel for latest videos.

Other Features: YouTube consumes as low as internet data. It will take some data for showing ads. If you watch the last watch video, if the cache saved, your internet will never consume again. It is an outstanding feature provided by YouTube.

5. Telegram: Einthusan Alternative


Yes, I am talking about Telegram social media App. Telegram can be the best Einthusan alternative if you use it properly. As you know in Telegram, you can create a channel or join on a channel.

Some websites like ThopTV, Video Buddy I list on this article is risky to use for a time. They will show ads is annoying. So it is better to download the video and watch later offline. Then you will not force to see ads or like that.

Download movie from Telegram Channel is safe. Why? Because you are using Telegram as a messaging platform. The message is a platform where no one can report what you did. If you share something to friends, on another 3rd person will able to see.

Some Telegram provides the latest movies for free download. You can download the mp4 format videos and watch offline. Millions of people use this method to watch movies for free.

Features of Telegram:

Here I highlight the best and useful features of Telegram App.

Message: The first use of Telegram is the message. Telegram is much better than other messaging App like WhatsApp, Facebook. The WhatsApp has some limitation. If you share a high-quality video by WhatsApp, it decreases the size and quality. So you should use Telegram. The Telegram has a massive server. Any video you upload that saves on the server without losing quality.

File Transfer: The upload and download speed on Telegram is excellent. In WhatsApp, you may face slow internet speed. The download speed is very much good than others. The files on the channel do not delete automatically. The data will save as long as the channel alive.

So, you can get any movies that share before you join. Just go to channel info. Then click on files and search the movie link. Remember one thing, the movie name you search should match.

Other Features: Night mode, message bot, calling, voice message, etc. available on Telegram. It is easy to use, fast and smoothly running App. It is possible for android, ios and desktop.

How to Use Einthusan Alternatives in Banned Country:

Now let’s talk about how to use or access Einthusan in a banned country or city. This tricks will help not to search Einthusand Alternative article on google.

I am talking about VPN use. If you don’t know about VPN, I am talking something about in a small way. The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. If you can’t connect any site or App from your country, join VPN to be a user of another country. Then try to access the place it will work.

Einthusan banned on India but not on the United States. So you can connect VPN to United State and try to access Enithusan. It works on Android, iOS, and desktop. For Android and ios, download a VPN App. For desktop, install Free VPN extension on chrome browser.

I suggest using Turbo VPN for android device. The VPN provides a free United State connection for free. For ios, you can choose any VPN App.

Conclusion on Einthusan Alternatives

On this page, we have listed the best five Einthusan Alternatives. Our team and I have tested all of them personally, and they all are working fine. I suggest you use ThopTV, Telegram and Netflix.

So now we come to the end of this article, and I hope you’d find this listing helpful. If there’s still doubt on Einthusan, Let me know via comment below.

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