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Magic Survival MOD APK v0.8931 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

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App Name Magic Survival
Size 119M
Latest Version 0.8931
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MOD Info Unlimited Money, Unlocked

  • Damage Multiplier
  • God Mode


The Magic Survival MOD APK is a casual game where players will payer this game with different unique concepts that will give a unique and engaging experience with a full world of magic to the players, and this world has many unique environments where you need to get knowledge, and magic skills in order to survive in this dangerous world. This game is developed by Leme that has more than 5 million downloads.

About Magic Survival

The Magic Survival MOD APK game is designed with easy-to-use control and understanding of the magic gameplay and with simple game graphics where you will just have to control the character by which you are attacking with your magic skills and powers to defeat all of them at once but at the same, you will have to defend yourself carefully with many demons’ attacks.

Magic Survival MOD APK

There are many disasters things will happen to you during fighting with all demons and you need to save yourself from demons at any cost in this decade of wizard war, and in order to do this you need to get skilled in magic and learn new spells so that you can easily defeat you, enemies, with the help of fireball attacks, electric attacks, etc.

As you progress in the Magic Survival MOD APK game, you are offered various great mod features, such as Unlimited Money, Research Points, and everything unlimited that will help you to get new powerful magic spells, will speed up the game, make your character completely invincible for demons, and your character won’t be injured. Moreover, it also offers free shopping, a mod menu feature that allows you to get unlimited items, and all unlocked features.

Magic Survival MOD APK Unlimited Research Points

Interesting Gameplay

This is a great action game uniquely designed for players and it has unique and interesting gameplay where you will be role-playing of character with a black outfit, and you need to fight with all demons at once to save yourself in this decades of wizard war and make sure to attack with powerful spells to win this wizard war.

You have many different magic spells and attacks in this interesting gameplay, such as you can defeat demons by fireball attacks, electrical attacks, different magic skills, and special black power. At the same, you need to save yourself from many demon attacks, such as tsunamis of water, electric waves, and many more.

Some Great Game Features

There are many awesome game features available in this game that will increase your experience of game playing and it has many ways by which you can upgrade your power to learn new spells and abilities which will help you to defeat demons at once, and you can also collect and unlock new magical artifacts and use them in wizard war.

In addition to different techniques to learn, it has various different locations where particular trainers who are specialists in magic and you can get trainers and they can train you so that you can learn worldwide lots of different techniques. Moreover, as you progress you will have to complete many challenges then, you will be rewarded with various items and unlocked features.

Final Thoughts

This game has a user-friendly interface that makes this game is so simple to play and understand for even a beginner, and players can get a fun and engaging experience while playing this game and best for those who want to play like this game that has a simple yet interesting gameplay with amazing mod features for free.

Download the latest version of the Magic Survival MOD APK free for android and get the benefits of the various great mod features, such as Unlimited, Money, Research Points, free shopping, mod menu, god mode, and all unlocked mod features from our website.

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