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Forward Assault MOD APK v1.2032 (Unlimited Money, Menu, All Skins) otakus

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App Name Forward Assault
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Size 367M
Latest Version 1.2032
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MOD Info Unlimited Money, Menu, All Skins

  • Fly
  • Super Speed
  • Bunny Hop
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • No Camera Shake
  • No Flinch
  • Unlimited Money
  • Radar
  • Visual : Anti-Crouch

Forward Assault is a first-person shooter game that has more than ten million downloads and it was developed by Blayze Games, L.L.C. Developers designed this game with unique features and gameplay, if you are a beginner or you are playing the game for the first time, let us introduce the Forward Assault MOD APK game.

Forward Assault MOD APK

This game is a shooter game and strategic game that is played with a first-player shooter (FPS). This is a combination of multiple tactics in this gameplay such as high-pitch graphics and fast-based action. Forward Assault MOD APK is a player vs player shooter game with tactical gameplay.

You play this game in versus mode and challenge the opponent, and get ready to take down the opponent by fighting by shooting guns. It has great high-quality graphics and by that, you can thrilling experience while playing this game.

About Forward Assault Game

The forward assault MOD APK game offers several guns as shotgun weapons such as sniper, rifles, assault rifles, and more powerful weapons, by this you can fight easily with any opponent and you can choose any shotgun.

You can also choose your side which side you want to play, want to play as a counter-terrorist to stop the terrorists from planting dangerous bombs in your area, and also can play with the side of terrorist who tries to destroy the main objectives.

Forward Assault MOD APK Aimbot

Moreover, this game has a mega menu where a huge collection of skins and players’ figurines. You can download the forward assault MOD APK then, and you can also get all of the skins and players for free because this forward assault MOD APK offers unlimited money and data resources, you can purchase any of these players and skins which you like. Forward assault provides gamers with a variety of fun and tactical game modes such as:

Ranked MOD: It is a mode where you can play as a terrorist or against a terrorist in order to plant or diffuse the bomb, and by winning the game you can rank up to the next rank and can climb in the top of the rank ladder.

Gun MOD: It is a mod where we play as a team and get new weapons to each for killing the enemies and the first can get the knife wins.

Forward Assault MOD APK All Skins

Team Deathmatch MOD: It is a mod where you eliminate your enemies you will get points, if you get points more than other teams under the given duration of time then you will win the game.

Sniper Team Deathmatch MOD: It is a mod where we play team deathmatch but with an interesting twist, allowing only sniper rifles during the fighting.


Forward Assault MOD APK has awesome gameplay with great high-quality graphics and it also gives you great sound effects and music, which gives gamers the best experience with playing this game. The forward Assault game has realistic gameplay and gamers can feel that they are playing in real life because gamers’ characteristics and other features seem realistic. Gamers can download this game for free and get thrilling and realistic experiences while playing and this game is available for all Android gamers.

Forward Assault MOD APK Unlimited Money

Use Strategic & Tactical Maps

Using a strategy plan and tactical maps is the best way to win. The maps can help you to search any location and find any terrorists, moreover, map features can be used better with strategic plans. Infected is also a mod where the team has to fight with the zombie but the team has to be more aware that if the zombie catches you then it is over and the player will transform into a zombie.

With fighting zombies, you need to survive till the end before given times up then your team will be the winner, and then, the team can get a mega menu where you can purchase anything. If everyone is infected by any zombie then you will lose the game immediately. In these types of mod games, you need a good strategy to fight and win the game and get a real-time thrilling experience.

Forward Assault MOD APK Mod Menu

Awesome Customizations

The forward assault has awesome customization that will increase your best experience with the forward Assault game. A lot of customization options are given by this game such as gamers can customize their rifles, smgs, pistols, and gloves with awesome-looking skins. You can also get a cool-looking gold tag, to make your name, and stand out from your crew. Customize your HUD and create new custom games. Gamers can also create clans and join as well with their friends and play tournaments and scrims against other clans for winning the game, and as you level up you will be offered unlimited money.

Online FPS Features

There are many online FPS features that are provided by this game like terrorist and counter-terrorist which game gives several weapons for example, guns, rifles, shotguns, knives, assault rifles, and more. This game has a real first-action tactical shooter game with maps. Forward Assault game also offers incredible graphics and sound effects with real physics that will seem like real gameplay. The developer of this game has designed the game in a realistic way. You can also become the best player vs player shooter on mobile. this is a game that can be played online as well as offline.

Download Forward Assault MOD APK Offline


Forward Assault is one of the most popular FPS shooting games that will never bore you with its amazing features such as maps and game modes with a huge collection of arsenal elements. It is easy to play and even for a new gamer who is entering the gamer world. Download the free latest version of the Forward Assault MOD APK game for Android.

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