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Coin Master MOD APK v3.5.1390 (Unlimited Coins/Spins)

Download Coin Master Mod APK for unlimited spins, coins, and unlocked features with a convenient Mod Menu and free spins.

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App Name Coin Master
Size 77M
Latest Version 3.5.1390
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MOD Info Unlimited Coins

  • Send Unlimited Cards
  • Unlock All Card Collections


Coin Master MOD APK offers unlimited spins, unlimited coins, and rewards. Raid and attack to steal loot from others. With unlocked everything and unlimited spins, you can be the ultimate Coin Master.

About Coin Master

Coin Master is an exciting game where you team up with your Facebook friends and players from all over the world to embark on thrilling adventures. As a Viking, your goal is to build the best village and become the ultimate Coin Master. You spin a wheel to earn rewards like coins, shields, and attacks to raid other villages for loot. You can also collect cards to complete sets and unlock new villages. What’s more, you can trade cards with your friends and join a lively Facebook community to meet new Viking pals and earn big rewards. It’s a game of strategy, spins, and raids, where you can work together with friends to become the top Coin Master in the world.

Coin Master MOD APK

Spin to Win Rewards

The wheel is the heart of Coin Master MOD Menu APK. Spin it to win rewards, including coins, shields, attacks, and raids. You can use these rewards to build your village, attack other players’ villages, and defend your own village.

Coins are the basic currency in Coin Master. You can use coins to build your village, upgrade your buildings, and train your troops. Shields protect your village from attack. You can purchase shields with coins or earn them through events.

Attacks allow you to attack other players’ villages. You can use attacks to steal their loot and earn rewards. Raids allow you to steal loot from other players’ villages without attacking them. You can use raids to earn rewards without risking your own village.

Coin Master MOD APK Unlimited Spins

Build Your Viking Village

Use your rewards to build your viking village. Upgrade your buildings, train your troops, and decorate your village to make it the envy of your friends.

There are many different buildings to upgrade in Coin Master MOD APk, each with its own benefits. Some buildings will increase your coin production, while others will improve your attack or defense capabilities. You can also decorate your village with decorations to make it look more festive.

Go on Attack and Raid Missions

Attack other players’ villages to steal their loot. You can also raid other players’ villages to earn rewards. When you attack another player’s village, you will be able to steal some of their coins and loot. You can also destroy some of their buildings. The more damage you do, the more loot you will steal.

Coin Master MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Raids are similar to attacks, but you do not actually attack the other player’s village. Instead, you send a team of raiders to steal their loot. Raids are a great way to earn rewards without risking your own village.

Collect Awesome Cards

Collect cards to complete sets and move on to the next village. With every village you conquer your wins will be greater. There are over 300 cards to collect in Coin Master MOD APK, each with its own unique design. 

You can collect cards by opening chests, winning them in events, or trading them with friends. When you complete a set of cards, you will earn rewards, such as coins, shields, and attacks. You can also use cards to upgrade your buildings and troops.

Coin Master MOD APK Latest Version

Have Fun with Friends

Play with your friends to earn rewards and have fun. You can also trade cards with your friends to complete sets. Coin Master is a social game, so it is more fun to play with friends. You can attack and raid each other’s villages, trade cards, and help each other out.

Defend Your Village with Shields

Use shields to protect your village from attack. Shields can be purchased with coins or earned through events. Shields will protect your village from attack for a certain amount of time. This gives you time to build up your defenses or gather more resources.

Coin Master MOD APK Unlimited Coins

Conquer New Villages

Continue to attack and raid other players’ villages to conquer new villages and earn more rewards. The more villages you conquer, the more rewards you will earn. You will also unlock new buildings and cards.

Trade Cards with Friends

Trade cards with your friends to complete sets. Completing sets will earn you rewards and help you move on to the next village. You can trade cards with your friends by visiting their village and clicking on the “Trade” button. You can also trade cards in the game’s trading post.

Coin Master MOD APK Download

Join a Viking Community

Join the Coin Master MOD APK community to meet new players, trade cards, and learn tips and tricks. The Coin Master community is a great place to find help and advice. You can also meet new players and trade cards.

Become the Ultimate Coin Master

Use your skills and strategy to become the ultimate Coin Master. Build the strongest village, collect the most cards, and conquer all the villages.

Becoming the ultimate Coin Master takes time and effort. But it is definitely possible with a little bit of skill and strategy.

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