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Choice of Games v1.5.6 MOD APK (Unlocked Paid Content)

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App Name Choice of Games
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Latest Version 1.5.6
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MOD Info Unlocked Paid Content

  • All Paid Games inside Unlocked
  • Adfree unlocked


Choice of Games MOD APK is a role-playing game that offers a variety of novel collections from different categories, for enthusiasts, it is not less than a treasure of amazing action and drama novels, and many other categories, and this game provides you with various rich topics which are enough to attract the gamers and novel readers to play and try this game. This game is developed by Choice of Games LLC that has more than 1 thousand downloads.

About Choice of Games

The Choice of Games MOD APK is the best for those gamers who used to read novels in the categories of action, drama, romance, and much more, and if you read these types of novels then this game is perfect for you to try for once in your life because focuses all novel characters where you take the role of cool novel characters.

Choice of Games MOD APK

You have various different choices of games that came from all great and popular novels that you can also experience through playing instead of just reading it, and can take the role of your favorite novel characters. Moreover, it has a magnificent library of interactive novels from different categories, such as adventure, historical, war, supernatural, and more.

In the Choice of Games MOD menu game, we offer you all mod features for free that will allow you to use any of the features which you can not access without paying money, such as you can have Unlocked Paid Content that you can read and amazing experience, and also get all vip unlocked features.

Choice of Games MOD Menu

Dive Into the Amazing Novel Stories

This game has different genres of amazing novels where you can get to read great storylines where you will lost in the novel stories and will enjoy with your full of imagination as your read, and it is not just one genre that you can experience but you can also experience the romantic novel stories which will give you the unique experience ever.

In novels, there are many high-quality written characters and story available that makes not less than a paradise of the greatest naval heroes, from those characters, you can inspire yourself towards positivity and can move further in your life to achieve something different which is the dream of your life.

Choice of Games MOD APK Vip Unlocked

Various Different Choices of Classic Games

The Choice of Games MOD menu game has a variety of different choices of classic games, such as Affairs of the Cour: Choice of Romance where you get to plunge into court politics and pursue a love affair, and Psy High which is scarier and has the principle of the psychic powers and story revolving around finding a date for prom.

Additionally, these various choices of games are entirely based on text without any graphics and even sound effects, but the great thing is that you will have the unstoppable power of your imagination while reading any novel which makes it greater than any graphics novel because it expands your imagination compared to a normal person.

Choice of Games MOD APK For Android


The Choice of Games MOD menu game is the best for those who want to experience great novel stories and take the role of cool characters, and this game provides gamers with various amazing and different choices of classic gamers that you can read and try.

Download the latest version of the Choices of Games MOD APK game free for android and get the benefits of the mode Unlocked Paid Content and all vip unlocked features just by clicking the link given below.

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