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Animal Transform Race MOD APK v3.4.1 (Unlimited Money)

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App Name Animal Transform Race
Size 49M
Latest Version 3.4.1
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MOD Info Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlocked All Levels
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Everything


If you are someone who’s obsessed with racing games and currently looking for an epic and unique racing game. Then you must definitely check out this amazing Animal Transform: Epic Race 3D game. It is developed by the Lion Studios to give an epic and unique experience to the community of racing game lovers. The game has more than 50M+ downloads on Playstore and has 3.8 ratings. There are no age restrictions for this game people of any age can play this and it will definitely make them fond of it.

Animal Transform Race APK

It is an animal race game with the special feature of having the ability to transform themselves. In the game, animals can transform or change themselves into other animals according to the situation in order to pass the obstacles and win the game. For example, A cheetah will move fast on the land and not in the water, but the cheetah will not be able to climb just like a monkey. So, when the situation comes for climbing you have to transform yourself into the monkey and when the situation comes for moving fast on the land you will transform yourself into the cheetah and so on.

Animal Transform Race MOD APK

There are different types of animals available in the game such as Cheetah, Elephant, Shark, Monkey, and Eagle. You have to use these animals and transform yourself from one animal to another in order to pass the obstacles and win the race.


In the game, you will start as the animal cheetah but the cheetah can not run fast in the water so the water will become an obstacle for the cheetah, in order to pass this obstacle, the cheetah will need to transform into the whale because the whale moves fast as compare to the cheetah.

But if the situation comes for climbing the cheetah or whale can’t climb so to pass this obstacle you will transform your animal into a monkey because the monkey can climb fast and will increase your chance to win the race.

Animal Transform Race MOD APK Hack

But if there are so many obstacles on the road due to which your animal can’t move as fast as it should, so that you can transform your animal into an Elephant, it will destroy and crush all the obstacles which will come in between. And if the situation requires you to fly you can turn your animal into Eagle.

There is no need for you to press the button to move fast, but all you need to do is to switch between the animals so that they can run fast on their path. The game will be situated between the three players. The rest of the two will be bots.  There are many obstacles that come in between such as archers, static objects, and many more, as the level increases the difficulty of passing the obstacles increases.

Animal Transform Race MOD APK Unlimited Money

In short, all you have to do is to select the accurate animal depending on the situation and switch between them to access the track and move faster in order to win the race.


The Animal Transform is designed very simple as well as easy to control, there is no rocket science in it. There is no button to press to increase your speed, all you require to do is to focus on selecting and transforming between the animals depending on the obstacles. For example: If a cheetah is moving on land and the water comes so the water becomes the obstacle for the cheetah to move and it can not move fast, so you need to transform as quickly as possible in order to win the race.

Animal Transform Race MOD APK No Ads


There are 5 types of animals present in the game, which you can use to pass the obstacle and win the race. These animals are Elephant, Cheetahs, Shark, Eagle, and Monkey. There are different characteristics of each animal.

Animal Transform Race Epic Race 3d MOD APK

For example, the cheetah will move fast on the land. The Elephant will crush the obstacles which will appear on the road. If you are in water then you will be requiring the Shark because the Shark moves fast in the water, The monkey helps you to climb the wall and the eagles will help you fly fast in the air.


The game comes with different challenges and will never let you get bored. There are so many obstacles in the game that will make every upgraded level difficult to pass and eventually it will make you obsessed with the game.

This is an amazing and interesting game that does not have any age restriction, anyone who has any age can play this and definitely, and it will make the person fond of it.

Animal Transform Race MOD APK Download
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