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Angry Birds Friends MOD APK v11.18.1 (Unlimited Powers/Full Unlocked)

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App Name Angry Birds Friends
Size 99M
Latest Version 11.18.1
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MOD Info Unlimited Powers/Full Unlocked

  • Unlimited Boosters
  • Unlocked Slingshot

Angry Birds Friends game is the best game for those who really want to get a feeling of stress relieving and awesome fun while playing a game, you chose a better choice to try Angry Birds Friends. It will give a lot of features and various types of angry birds that will surely make your interest in this game.


Angry Birds Friends MOD APK game is a fun and arcade-type popular mobile game. Developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation, this game allows players to compete with their Facebook friends in weekly competitions, where they can earn rewards like coins unlimited gems, and black pearls everything, bringing rights, and leaderboard positions.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK game has all the classic angry bird characters, with new enhancers, levels, and difficulties added consistently. The game highlights different game modes, including slingshotting birds to knock down structures, collecting eggs, and defeating boss pigs. With its addictive gameplay and social elements, Angry Birds Friends game has become a great choice for android mobile gamers.

About Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK is a social and competitive version of the well-known mobile game. The game features every one of the classic Angry Birds characters, with new power-ups, levels, and challenges. As you complete further levels, this game will offer you the mode feature of all unlocked levels where you can play any levels also with unlimited boosters as you want.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK Hack

The goal of the game is to slingshot birds at structures and pigs to score focuses and complete levels. The game features various of power-ups, including the Bomb Bird, which explodes and impacts, and the Mighty Eagle, which clears entire levels. Players can earn coins, gems, pearls, and different awards by finishing levels and participating in tournaments.

Angry Birds Friends is designed to be a social game, allowing players to connect with their Facebook friends, share scores and accomplishments, and welcome them to play. You can free download this game with the latest version for Android devices and play.

Become the Best Angry Birds Player

To become the best Angry Birds player in the Angry Birds Friends MOD APK game, you have to make a good strategy and improve your skills. First, focus on aiming for high scores by destroying whatever number of structures as could reasonably be expected and using as few birds as could be expected.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK Unlimited Money

Second, use power-ups wisely and save them for challenging levels. Participating in competitions is a good way for improving your skills and earn unlimited money and coins and get an unlimited booster. You can also learn from different players by watching replays of high-scoring games or asking for tips.

At long last, practice routinely to work on your exactness with the slingshot and your overall gameplay. By following these tips and strategies, you can turn into the best Angry Birds player in Angry Birds Friends and climb the leaderboard.

Play Tournaments with Various Features

This game features various tournaments where players can play and get a different experience. First, Power-up tournaments are one more popular kind of tournament in angry birds friends. In these tournaments, players can use enhancers to get an advantage over their opponents. These tournaments need players to use skills and strategy to win, as the need might arise to utilize the power-ups successfully to accomplish high scores.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK All Levels Unlocked

Second, Piggy Tournaments are a unique kind of tournament in angry birts friends, where players compete to see who can collect the most pigs in a level. These tournaments require players to use accuracy and timing to succeed, as they need to hit the pigs in the right places to collect them.

League tournaments are a series of tournaments that take over a set period of time. Players can earn points based on performance in every tournament, and the player with the most points toward the finish of the series wins. These tournaments require players to participate and perform well in each tournament to win the overall league.

Other Features

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK game offers various different features to improve the gaming experience for players. One of these features is the ability to customize the appearance of the birds. Players can choose various caps, glasses, and different accessories to customize their birds and make them stand out.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK Unlimited Coins

The game offers a training mode, which allows players to replay levels and work on their skills without the tension of the tournament. This mode is particularly useful for new players who are as yet learning the game mechanics.

Final Words

Angry Birds Friends is a fun and addictive game that offers different features to keep players engaged and entertained. The game’s focus on social tournaments, with its tournament and leaderboard features, makes it an incredible choice for players who enjoy friendly, fun, and stress-relieving games.

The game’s power-ups, customization choices, seasonal events, and a variety of gameplay, while the training mode and tutorial make it available on android devices for new players.

You can also easily free download the latest version of the Angry Birds Friends MOD APK game and get benefits of all unlocked and other features from our website.

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