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Angry Birds 2 MOD APK 3.18.1 (Infinite Gems/Energy)

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App Name Angry Birds 2
Size 228M
Latest Version 3.18.1
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MOD Info Infinite Gems/Energy

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited black pearls
  • Unlimited Diamonds/Pearls
  • High score

Angry Bird 2 is a physics simulation game designed by the Rovio Entertainment Corporation. In the game, your role is to defeat the pigs and save the eggs. There are around 240 stages in the game; each stage has various levels, so it will keep you engaged for days. It is the upgraded version of Angry Bird which was released in 2009. The Angry Bird 2 comes with many new exciting features, stay tuned till the end to know about the exciting features of Angry Bird 2.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK


If you are a fan of the throwing games then you will definitely love this game or if you have already played its first part Angry Bird, then there is no point for you to ignore this amazing game. It solely depends on whether you love it or hate it but it was one of the most victorious game series of all time. In the game, all you need to do is to kill the pigs and save the eggs in many ways.

Also, there are numerous challenges in the game such as Red’s Rumble, Blues’ Brawl, Silver Slam, and many more. Every day you will be given a different challenge to complete and you will have a full day to complete the challenge.   

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK Latest Version

The game has more than 240 stages and each stage has various levels so it’s the game that will keep you engaged for the days and it will make you fond of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Angry Birds 2 MOD APK from our website and get access to all the premium features of the Angry Bird 2 such as Score Multiplier, unlimited gems, black pearls, Unlimited money, unlimited energy, and many more.


If you have watched the Angry Birds movie then you might be familiar with the war between the birds and the pigs in the movie, if you want to avenge the birds then be a part of this Angry Birds game and start playing it today.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK Unlimited Gems And Black Pearls

The pigs started the war by stealing the eggs of the birds. Pigs are barbaric creatures they not only stole the eggs but also captured the birds. And now here comes your role, you have to avenge the birds and save both the birds and eggs by aiming and shooting the angry birds.


The Angry Bird 2 game is a game that will keep you engaged for days, there are multiple challenges and levels in the game that will take days to finish.

Every day you will be assigned a new challenge such as Red’s Rumble, Blues’ Brawl, Silver Slam, and many more. And you have to complete each challenge within a one-day period of time.

As you pass the stages and levels the complexity and difficulty will increase but of course, you will be rewarded and a lot of locked content will be unlocked.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK All Levels Unlocked


For those crazy fans of the Angry Birds game who wants to customize the birds, the Angry Birds community has given a feature in which they can customize the birds according to their preference and have fun with their silly looks.


The Angry Bird 2 is very user-friendly, there is no rocket science in understanding its concept. All you have to do is attack by throwing the arbalest with the proper aim and destroy the pigs. Every bird has its own characteristics. For example: – the black bird explodes and destroys any material, the yellow bird has super speed, etc.


The game has excellent graphics, and everything in the game is designed in a detail. For example- The color of the birds and the size of the birds (Terence: The Chubby bird), and the expressions on the bird’s faces such as anger, and fear.  Which can enhance the user experience.  Also, the game has high-end graphics which work very smoothly even on low-end devices. There will be no lagging while playing, and no glitching. If we talk about sound, it’s amazing and everything is on point.

Angry Birds 2 MOD APK Anti Ban

The graphics and sounds cooperate with each other and give users an authentic experience which makes them fond of it.

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