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Download YouTube Mod Apk or OGYouTube app free for Android device and enjoy all the Premium features like Dark Mode, direct Download, Background Play + AdBlocker without no Root.

Here on this page, we have managed to share the latest and tested versions of the YouTube premium Apk, also including the latest and previous versions are available to free download.

YouTube Premium Apk OGYouTube

What is a YouTube Premium Apk (OGYoutube)?

A YouTube Mod Apk is a modified/unofficial version of the official YouTube premium apk. You can also say that it is an unofficial version of YouTube with some changes in its features. Currently, the best mod apps of YouTube in the market are OGYouTube and YouTube Vanced. Although there are some security issues with the YouTube Vanced so I recommend you not to use it.

Mod apps or modified apps are very popular nowadays and almost everyone wishes to use a YouTube Mod Apk or YouTube Modded Apk and if you are one among them then you are at the right place. So, keep reading this article till the end and you will get all the necessary information about the YouTube mod apps available in the market. Although there are many YouTube mod apps available in the market bt today in this article I will tell about only some of them as they are best and have been personally tested by our team.


App Name OGYouTube | Vanced
Available Versions12.43.52 | 14.21.54 |14.06.54
Platform SupportedAndroid, Windows, iOS, Android TV or Smart TV.
Last Updated06-Jan-20
User Reviews4.5 out of 5 Stars

Download YouTube Premium Apk | OGYouTube (All versions)

Use the direct links below to download YouTube Premium Apk on your device. We have managed to share the latest and tested versions along with Unlocked all premium features, which have been scanned by the various Antivirus Program before uploading here.

v3.5: OGYouTube_App


v.14.06.54: YouTube_Premium

v.14.06.54: MicroG_for_YouTube_Premium

v.14.21.54: YouTube_PremiumLatest

v.14.21.54: MicroG_for_YouTube_Premium

Note: To use YouTube Mod Apk or OGYouTube App, you need to install MicroG APK on your device.

Request Mod APKs: If you are looking for any other older version of YouTube premium Apk, which is not listed above, then you can request to add it here through the comment box below.

What is OGYouTube Mod Apk?

As mentioned above OGYouTube is the best and most popular +YouTube modded app for android device. It is being used by nearly everyone who wishes to use a YouTube Mod Apk.

System Requirements for Using OGYouTube

Requirements for using OGYouTube on Android are:

• At least 2 GB of RAM.
• Android 4.1 or higher.
• Some free space for storing OGYouTube files.
• High-Speed internet connection for streaming high-quality movies, TV series, etc.

Requirements for using OGYouTube on iPhone/iPad are:

• iOS 10 or above.
• 2 GB of RAM.
• Some free space for storing OGYouTube files.
• High-speed internet connection for streaming high-quality movies, TV series, etc.

Requirements for using OGYouTube on PC are:

OGYouTube is not available for the Ubuntu or Linux platform so in PC you can use it only on the Windows platform.
• At least 4 GB of DDR4 RAM so that it will work without lag in your PC.
• Windows 7, 8, 8.1 is recommended but it’s also compatible with Windows 10.
• A high-speed internet connection is very necessary as this app won’t work without it.

System requirements for using OG+YouTube on Android or Smart TV are:

• A little free space as it will require space around 50 MB ( Apk Only)
• A high-speed internet connection is mandatory as it won’t work without it.

Features of YouTube Premium Apk (OGYouTube)

There’s no doubt that this amazing mod app has plenty or tons of features. But in this article, we will talk about its main or most important features because it’s not possible to discuss all its features and also if its discussed you will find this article boring.

Features of OGYouTube are:

Work as YouTube
This app is extremely a copy of the official YouTube app but there are some differences too. But its core functionality and UI is the same as the official YouTube app.

Video Downloading
You can download videos directly from this mod app. It supports 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2K and 4K video streaming and downloading quality and multiple videos downloading at once.

Video Downloading Format
It supports all kinds of video downloading formats such as MP3, MP4 and so on. You can easily download videos in your desired format.

Captions Available
Play content adding subtitles or captions of certain languages like German, English, Spanish, and French.

No Need to Root the Device
Other YouTube mod apps require to root the device but this does not. For using this app you don’t need to root your device. Rooting your device is not at all safe. There are some phone companies that block the warranty of your device after you root. Also if you commit any mistake while rooting your phone you will lose your phone’s software although there are ways to correct it it’s not easy for a normal user.

Play Videos in Background
You can easily play videos in this app in the background. This is the feature that YouTube also doesn’t support. You can easily play videos in the background using a one-click button.

Ad-Free or No Ads
This feature is the most liked by me of this app. This app offers an Ad-Free experience for users and its really the best part of it. The users don’t have to watch annoying ads the users don’t get disturbed and he/she concentrates on his/her work. And also since Ads are not there your experience will be even fast and fewer data will be consumed than the official YouTube app.

No Bug/Glitches
While a long time reviewing it by our team we didn’t found any bug or glitch in it.

Multi-Tasking PIP Mode or Pop-Up Window

You can reduce the video to take a small portion of the screen. So, that you can do other works on your phone at the same time.

Dark Mode
It supports dark mode too. Are you shocked? If yes then I want to confirm it to you that yes it has an inbuilt dark mode too you can activate it in its settings option.

Support and Stability
It supports almost all popular platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and Android or Smart TV. This app is extremely stable.

Launch Parallel with Official YouTube App
The good news is that you can run it parallel with the official YouTube app.

Why Choose OGYouTube instead of YouTube Vanced?

All the important features of OGYouTube are mentioned above. But since I have not compared it to other YouTube modded or mod apps such as YouTube Vanced you might be having doubt. As now it’s my responsibility to clear all your doubts. In this part of the article, I will tell you about the few reasons why I recommend using OGYouTube than any other YouTube mod apk such as YouTube Vanced. It really has some unique features.

Reasons for choosing YouTube Premium APK are:

Totally Free of Cost
You don’t have to pay a single Rupee for using it as its completely free to use.

Its Ad-free interface is another the most important reason for choosing it as others have a lot of Ads.

After a long time reviewing our team did not find any security or privacy-related issues associated with it.

What’s the Difference between OGYouTube and YouTube Vanced?

Above I have mentioned why I prefer to choose OGYouTube than any other YouTube mod app and now its time to differentiate between the two most popular YouTube mod apps ( OGYouTube and YouTube Vanced). OGYouTube is considered as the advance or updated version of the YouTube Vanced app with major big fixes. Also, OGYouTube’s UI is the same as the Older version of YouTube. While YouTube Vanced has a less advanced UI than OGYouTube and is based on an outdated version of YouTube. In YouTube Vanced you cannot take videos offline.

Is OGYouTube available on Play Store and App Store?

No, it’s not available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. As it is not the official app and is considered as a copied/unofficial version of YouTube it is not possible to launch it on Play or App Store as per Google Play Store and Apple App Store Guidelines. So, in order to download it, you have to download it via third-party sources.
Before you download it from and third party sources pay attention to the following things:
• The file must be virus-free. You can easily check it for free on online free file virus checker websites.
• For Android, iOS, Windows, and Android or Smart TV, there are different files.
• Download only from trusted sources.
If you are downloading it from our website then there’s nothing to worry about as the apk file which we provide is already checked with the best antivirus.

How to Download and Install YouTube Premium APK (OGYouTube)

Follow these steps so that you can download, +install and use the OG YouTube app in your Android, Phone:
Step 1:Download link is given on this page so you can start the download.
Step 2:After downloading the app you have to enable some of the settings on your phone for successfully installing it.
Step 3: Go to Settings.
Step 4: Go to the security section in settings.
Step 5: Insecurity settings find the Device Administration section.
Step 6: Under the Device Administration section search for allowing installation from Unknown Sources and enable it.
Step 7: Locate the place where you have downloaded the youtube premium apk file and click on that.
Step 8: Carry on the process of installation and then you can finally use it.
Note: For different Android Versions the process will be a bit different in starting but rest remains the same as with every new +Android update there is a change in UI of youtube app.

How to Install YouTube Premium APK | OGYouTube on PC?

As this app/software is not available for the Ubuntu/Linux platform so if you want to use it in your PC then you must use the Windows platform. Follow the steps given below so that you can download and install it on your PC without any problem.

Using Android emulators

Step 1: Download and Android emulator such as Bluestacks from their official website.
Step 2: Set up the Android emulator.
Step 3: Download the OG YouTube +Android in the emulator.
Step 4: OGYouTube icon appears on the home screen of the emulator and you can access it.

How to Download and Install OG YouTube on Android TV or Smart +TV?

Watching movies or videos on a bigger screen than your phones is a really good idea. So for this, we will guide you on how to download and install OGYouTube Apk on your Android TV or Smart TV.

Follow these steps for successfully download and install OG YouTube Apk for Android TV or Smart +TV:

Step 1: Visit this page on your TV and download the app file from the link given above.
Step 2: Visit your TV homepage.
Step 3: Go to Settings.
Step 4: In settings go-to person and than security settings option.
Step 5: Find unknown sources option under security settings.
Step 6: Enable unknown sources and locate the folder in which you have downloaded the app.
Step 7: Click on the OGYouTube app and start the installation process.
Now you can use the OG YouTube app on your Smart TV or +Android TV.

How to Install YouTube Premium APK | OGYouTube on iPhone/iPad?

It was not officially made for the iOS platform. But don’t worry.

Follow these steps so that you can download and install OG YouTube apk on your iPhone/iPad :

Step 1: Download and Install vShare.
Step 2: Open vShare and download OGYouTube iOS.
Step 3: After the download is complete locate the vShare in the program menu.
Step 4: Open the program and click on trust.
Step 5: Open vShare, search for OGYouTube and than install it.
Step 6: After the installation, you can enjoy using OGYouTube on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

The FAQ’s for YouTube Premium APK | OGYouTube

Is that Safe and Virus Free?
Yes, the OGYouTube application we provide is completely safe and virus free.
Is that legal?
Yes, it is completely legal and free to use.
Is that free?
Yes, you don’t have to pay a single Ruppe for using OGYouTube.
Which platforms OGYouTube supports?
Platforms which OGYouTube supports are:
    • Android ( 4.1 or above)
    • Windows ( 7 or above)
    • iOS ( 10 or above)
    • Android TV or Smart TV

Additional Information:

Request Mod APKs: If you are looking for any other version of the KineMaster Apk, which is not listed on this page, then you can request to add it here via the comment box below.

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So here we come to the end of this article and I hope that all your doubts regarding YouTube premium apk or YouTube modded app is clear. If still there’s a doubt in your mind or you want to add something to this article you are free to comment below.