AFK Arena MOD APK v1.40.02 Download (Unlimited Diamonds)

AFK arena stands at one of the most famous roles playing and Strategy game in the play store. The game is exciting and enjoyable. To enjoy more play the AFK arena mod hack APK gives you access to unlimited resources in your game account like Unlimited Coins, Diamonds and unlock all the heroes.

Overall, the AFK arena mod hack APK provides more enjoyable gameplay experience but is not the official game and has no connection with the official game.

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Overview: AFK Arena Mod Apk

NameAFK Arena
Size100 MB
Updated On17th June 2020
DeveloperLilith Games
CategoryStatergy & Role Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Resources
Ratings4.5 out of 5.0
Downloads10 M+

What is AFK Arena Mod Hack Apk?

It’s the modified version of the official AFK arena game which is one of the best strategy and role-playing games on play store. It provides unlimited resources for the official game, but it doesn’t have any connection with it.

AFK Arena Mod Apk

So, both the official game and the mod version are entirely different and there no exchange of resources between the two.


At the beginning in Esperia, the starting of the AFK arena mod hack Apk takes places. The Dura was the god of light and was responsible for creating lives on the planet. Thus, she was the mother of all beings. Dura was also the guider of any species as she guided them to the paths of peace, harmony, and prosperity with her powers and intelligence. This led to may species passing Dura.

There was also a god of death named Annie. Because of the evil practises, the god of death failed to receive any praises from the species. After this, Annie became angry and created the hypogean, which were power as well as full of evil habits and desires. He ordered the hypogean to move towards Esperia and eliminate all the life created by Dura and start a war.

A war broke out, which was destructive for both sides. However, Dura managed to vanish the hypogean by sending them to the other dimensions. She was almost dead this time, and during her last breath, she divided her powers into seven artefacts that were hidden from humanity and to be returned only when the enemies return.

After many years, hypogean managed to get back to the earth and cause destruction, and humanity stood to fight them. The ultimate goal of the players is to defeat the enemy by finding the hidden artefacts of dura’s powers.


The AFK arena mod Hack Apk has a way better gameplay than the official game. When I heard about AFK arena, I thought there would be a field where many players will be fighting away from their keyboard. It seems very interesting, so I played this game and understood it’s the mechanism.

It would help if you upgrade your army of heroes, and they will fight in the battle quickly and efficiently. Its gameplay experience is excellent, and it’s easy to play as well as provides much more enjoyable than other Strategy games.

Now let’s talk about some essential parts of gameplay experience which are making graphics, characters and sound quality. The AFK arena mod hack Apk offers Full hd and ultra HD graphics which is pretty nice for a 100 MB game like it.

Next, all the characters in the game are well designed. You won’t feel bored while playing the game as when you level up the role it’s a costume and design changes and it becomes more attractive.

The AFK arena Mod hack APK also provides excellent sound quality to make sure you don’t feel irritated while listening to its sound effects. All the sound effects it has been in very high quality.

Features of AFK Arena Mod Apk

Here you will find all the exciting features offered by the AFK arena mod hack APK.

Unlimited Resources

Like the other mod apps, this one also aims at providing unlimited resources and make the game more enjoyable for users. In the game, you won’t have any shortage of funds, and thus you can purchase whatever you want in the game for free. This improves your gameplay experience.

Exciting Battles

Whenever you go for battle, you will be excited a lot because the struggles are full of adventure and action. The battleground and characters also change with battles, thus making the game more interesting.

Well Designed Characters

All the characters in the game are well designed and look attractive. With each upgrade, the characters watch changes making them better. Also, you can have many choices for outfits of your role in the shop section.

User Friendly Experience

The UI of AFK arena mod hack APK is same as of the official game so that the users of the official game don’t feel any discomfort in playing the game and exploring the features.

Great Graphics

Graphics is the heart of a game, and it provides a lot of attention to graphics as It offers full hd and ultra HD graphics which is more than expected fr a game like it occupying 100 MB space. Looking at the graphics of the official game and the mod game there’s not much difference. Thus, in terms of graphics, you won’t be disappointed, and you can enjoy the game.

Public Reviews on AFK Arena Mod APK

Top Positive Reviews

Review By Shaiful Azizi Abdul Wahab

Best game ever. Every hero is unique. Why focus on one while you can play all. Every event is fresh. Looking forward to every update. In game support chat is nice. Very quick response. Thanks for letting me enjoy the game.

Review By Pranay Singh

One of the best mobile gacha games i’ve played so far. Great art style, well-thought out progression system, generous hero pulls. An awesome experience so far…

Review By lillienotlily

I like this app, but, I think you should definitely fix the AFK chest to more than 14hours cuz if u don’t login for more than 1 day, you expect to get more items, but you don’t because of its only 14 hours. Same goes with the Gladiator Coins.

Review By Muhammad Shahzwi Shahrul

It’s an idle game. Been played for almost 2 years. So many changes from the first gameplay. Nevertheless, its a good game for AFK genre. Guide for the newbies 1. Keep your diamond for at least 8100 diamond. Pull 3 times (10summon). 2. Slowly build your team. Focus only on 2 factions. Whatever u get, make your mind 1st. 3. The rate of pull is quite good. Easy to get diamonds. Get into the good guild for the buff.

Top Negative Reviews

Review By Adie Abd Gani

I can’t enter the game after your latest maintenance being done today….the game says the game version is incorrect. when I went here for updates or such, there’s aren’t any….please fix this ASAP… sigh….you guys won’t even respond fast enough…… Happen again after today’s update. Please fix it ASAP plox. Thank you.

Review By Haiqal Azhari

How many times I have an error when logging in in this game how’s that even possible? The developer does something I’ve been having error a lot of time and it’s so inconvenient.

Download AFK Arena Mod APK Latest Version 2020

Download AFK Arena Mod Apk for your android device to get Unlimited Coins and Diamonds in your game account.

Download Mod APK

Installation Guide for AFK Arena Mod Hack Apk

Installing such apps on Android is a simple thing but in case you face errors follow the steps below and reinstall.

  1. Download link is given on this page so download the Apk file from there.
  2. Before installing the Apk file directly you need to do some changes in setting so that it can be installed successfully.
  3. Go to the settings.
  4. Find security settings option in settings and click on it.
  5. Under the security settings search for device administration section and click on it.
  6. In the device administration section, you will find an option name Installation from unknown sources.
  7. Enable it and relocate to the folder in which you have downloaded the Apk file.
  8. Now, carry on the process of installation and after installing you can enjoy using the AFK Arena Mod Hack Apk.

Final Words

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We have reached the end of this article, and I hope all your doubts regarding the AFK arena mod hack Apk are cleared. In case there’s still a doubt left then make sure you comment below, and our team will get to it as soon as possible.

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