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Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK v1.33.0 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Max Level)

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App Name Shadow Fight 3
Size 191M
Latest Version 1.33.0
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MOD Info Unlimited Money/Gems/Max Level

  • Damage multiplier (Shared. It’s not possible to fix). Tap quickly before enemy attacks you or use invincible perk
  • Dumb enemy (Enemy do nothing) PATCHED
  • Adding features is not easy because of game protection. Please DON’T ask for more features, and don’t ask for currencies hack either


Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK is a great role-playing game where players have to take the role of the hero and legion warriors, and it is an RPG action-based game that allows you to fight with many other great warriors and villains. It is the best game for those who want to play shadow-type gameplay with the characters of ninjas and samurai, and this game is developed by NEKKI that has more than 100 million downloads.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK

About Shadow Fight 3

The Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK game is one of the best apps that have various different characters, such as shadow ninjas, samurai, and heroes players can easily choose their favorite characters and can fight against other skilled warriors and villains. This world has come to an end players have to fight for the shadow energy.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Max Level

Players will have to learn three styles of fighting and collect various powerful and deadly weapons in order to get great victory by challenging the strongest warriors and other enemies and learn new fighting styles from your strongest opponents, and you will have to choose any one side that has been divided into many clans.

As you progress further in the Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK game, you will get many mode features, such as players can Unlimited Money, Unlimited gems/energy as rewards which can also help you to get many weapons and upgrade your characters and allow you to fight with strongest warriors to the max level, and also allow you all weapons unlocked at level 99.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Menu

Build and Customize Your Hero

In Shadow Fight 3 – RPG fighting, players must be ready to get the amazing experience of a crazy fighting game and you can choose what you want to be during fighting like a Black ninja, a horrible knight, or an undefeatable samurai. You can also fight and win unique skins and other customizable features for your characters and weapons to customize your character into cool and attractive and stronger than anyone.

In Shadow Fight 3 – RPG fighting, you can customize your equipment colors to create a unique look, and can also customize your characters’ outfits, hairstyles and color, facial structure which your want, and other accessories to create characters different from all. It is an RPG combat game that combines the elements of various legendary fighting games.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK All Weapons Unlocked

Explore the Story and Collect Sets

It has a great and captivating storyline that goes around a world where only the darkness exists with many warriors and other fighters like black ninjas, horrible knights, and undefeatable samurai, and now this world is waiting for an appearance of a new legendary hero who can direct this world and justice and end the power of shadows. You can also collect various different sets of equipment, and in a set would be all weapons for attack, shields to defend, etc.

It has one of the great features of the MOD Menu that allows you to get access to different rewards and features, such as unlimited money, unlock all weapons, and other features, it also allows you to strengthen your character by upgrading it and can also be upgraded weapons to create it more strong and deadly.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK Game Killer Mods

Win the Hero Epic Battles with Great Graphics

You will have to explore the fighting style and create your own unique combat fighting styles so that you can have unique strength and ability compared to others, and you will also have to choose any one clam from all 3 clans that are in this storyline of this game. Your hero can fight like legendary and win the battle easily.

In Shadow Fight 3 – RPG fighting, it has also great colorful scenery and realistic RPG action gameplay and combat animation with great graphics which can surely convenience you to play this game instantly. It is designed to be amazing fighting gameplay because it is controlled by powerful AI technology and gives the best experience while playing this amazing roleplaying and RPG action based.

Shadow Fight 3 Unlimited Gems And  Shadow Energy

Final Words

The Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK is the best game for those who want to play an RPG role-playing of ninja and samurai and action-based game that will give your unique storyline, gameplay, and many different cool characters and deadly weapons that can also be customized with lots of customization features, and get an awesome experience.

Download the latest version of the Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK game free for android and the benefits of the mode features, such as Unlimited Money, Unlimited gems/energy, MOD Menu, and all weapons unlocked by clicking the link given below.

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