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School Love Story MOD APK v1.1.522 (Free Premium Choices)

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App Name School Love Story
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Latest Version 1.1.522
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If you are a person who wants to experience like unique anime-type storyline and characters with awesome graphics, and you want to get love from others through the game, you must try this game to get a romantic love experience from various high school girls and recommend it to your friends.


School Love Story MOD APK is an interactive simulation game developed by COMINO Inc & INTERREST LLC that allows players to experience a romantic journey through high school life. The game is designed for players who enjoy playing romance simulation games and want to experience the thrill of falling in love with various characters.

School Love Story Otome Game MOD APK

About School Love Story

In this game, players take the role of a high school student who has just started her first year. Along the way, players will experience different love interests, including charming young boys and young girls, and will have the amazing opportunity to interact with them through conversations.

The School Love Story MOD APK game includes making choices that influence the relationship with the love interests. You will have the valuable chance to interact with them through conversations and creating bonds and deepening connections with them.

School Love Story MOD APK

As the story unfolds, you will explore various challenges and obstacles, including rivalries, misunderstandings, and other conflicts. A definitive objective is to accomplish the ideal completion and make the ideal romantic story with your chosen love interests.

In this interactive story-choice game, you will have control of the romantic story and this offers multiple choices for directing the story as you want. School Love Story MOD APK game also provides you with Free Premium Choices that allow you to choose any type of story and enjoy a romantic story as you want.

Romantic Interactions and Choices

School Love Story MOD APK game offers a wide collection of romantic connections and choices that allows players to experience the thrill of falling in love with different characters. The game features conversations, dates, gift-giving, and choosing the story that enables players to make a deep connection with their love interest.

School Love Story MOD APK 1

During dating, players can choose dialogue options that range from flirty to serious and emotional, influencing the direction of the relationship. Going on dates offers players the opportunity to spend time with their love interest and make free premium choices.

Who Should Recommend this Game

School Love Story MOD APK game can be recommended to various types of people, such as those who like to watch anime series and movies and read novels about love and romantic genre, and now want to try an otome romance roleplay episode game according to your chosen preferences.

School Love Story MOD APK 2

You can also recommend to those people who want to play boyfriend romance games offline, dating games, want to fall in love with an attractive male, and play free games. It is best for those gamers who want to know something about japan and are interested in Japanese content.

Gameplay and Storyline

School Love Story MOD APK game has sweet and romantic gameplay and a storyline that can quickly give you interest and force you to play more and more to get a romantic love experience with young boys and girls. This game’s storyline revolves around a young girl Sachiko who is our heroine in this game, who is completely a loner in their high school. But she becomes popular in no time in their high school with the help of a handsome boy.

School Love Story MOD APK 3

In this game, you have to develop relationships with other loveable characters and dress up your avatar by choosing outfits that are available wide range of different outfits and in the School Love Story MOD APK game.

Some Features

It has various amazing features that enhance players’ experience and allows them to use better and many other features that are offered by this School Love Story MOD APK: Otome game. Features, such as you can choose an interactive story or series, allowing you to dress up your avatar with various outfits, and developing deep connections, and make relationships with other characters.

School Love Story MOD APK 4

It has dazzling graphics with both characters and backgrounds and an anime-like storyline. The main important feature gives you two languages support in subtitles form, so you can enjoy it better than before.


In conclusion, the School Love Story MOD APK game is a great app for those who want to experience romantic gameplay and a storyline that has various features that can easily convenience you to play this game without any doubt. Additionally, this game is likely to create for romantic genre anime fans and novel readers, but it will become a great experience for those who are new and want to try, and this game will surely give an interactive experience.

Download the latest version of the School Love Story MOD APK game and get the benefits of all Free Premium Choices and other features by clicking the link given below.

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