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Reversal Othellonia v13.2.0 MOD APK (Instant Win)

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App Name Reversal Othellonia
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Latest Version 13.2.0
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  • Instant WinMod has not been and will not be tested on PvP. Feel free to share your results if you decide to take the risk.


Reversal Othellonia MOD APK is a uniquely designed game that gives the options to decide players whether they want to lose or win, and it is also a role-playing game where players have to take the role of the character that the game gives various different characters which you can choose from. Moreover, this is the first time where you can get fun and experience while losing although it would be your decision, and this game is developed by Dena Cop, Ltd which has more than 1 million downloads.

About Reversal Olthellonia

The Reversal Othellonia MOD APK is the new and best reversal game where you can experience losing as well as winning the game, and it has amazing exciting battles that you can fight with your friends and family and get an engaging experience. Moreover, it is easy to play this game and understand the Othello rules that you must follow.

Reversal Othellonia MOD APK

Players can also improve their skills in various matches that come season-wise and can battle with national opponents and daily coliseum, by fighting with various enemies you will be training yourself rapidly and can easily increase your skills for the battlefield and get points, and become the diamond master.

As you progress in this game, players can get rewards and many winning points after defeating various national opponents in different seasonal matches, and points can increase your skill level and ability to fight and can lead to an instant win which can make you easily become the diamond master.

Various Skills and Exciting Stamps

The game offers various skills, such as Attack power UP and defense which can increase the power of your attack while defending yourself and will give high damage to the enemy that can lead to instant death, and heal, curse, and poison these are awesome skills that you have not seen in any other games.

Reversal Othellonia MOD APK Download

These skills can heal when you get a dangerous attack by the opponent, and curse, poison is a dangerous and powerful attack that can help in a critical situation and which turn the match’s results. all skills can get when you win the various seasoned matches against national opponents, and it also gives players exciting stamps which sign good luck.

Easy to Play with Awesome Gameplay System

The Reversal Othellonia MOD APK is an easy-to-play game that provides easy gameplay but at the same time greatly designed gameplay system like in anime. Because the gameplay attracts, defense, and other things are calculated by HP, Attack power UP, and various skills. This game is more interesting than easy to play even it will surely become likable even for a newbie.

This game has also attractive voices from talented voiceovers, such as Kana Hanaawa, Miuki Shiro, Takaichi Kimura, Kotiri Kooi, and many more which greatly increases the gameplay experience for players, while playing the game they can listen to gorgeous actors’ voices and can get an enjoyable experience.

Reversal Othellonia MOD APK For Android

Improve Your Skills to Compete Against National Rivels

In the Reversal Othellonia MOD APK game, players can improve their skills by battling in different seasoned matches against various powerful opponents and also get many skills, such as Attack power UP, HP, defense, poison, trap, penetration, and you can also make your strategy to win the match easily.

Download the latest version of the Reversal Othellonia MOD APK game free for android and get access to all mode features by clicking the link given below.

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