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DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds MOD APK v1.17.0 (God Mode, Attack Multiplier)

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App Name DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds
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Latest Version 1.17.0
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MOD Info God Mode, Attack Multiplier

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  • God Mode
  • Attack MultiplierMod may not work on some devices/environments (mainly A11+ devices)

DQ Dai: a Hero’s Bond MOD APK is a challenging adventure game that is developed by Square Enix. DQ Dai: A Legend’s Bonds” game for all Android users. This game depends on the manga and anime series “Mythical beast Journey: The Experience of Dai.

DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds MOD APK

It’s an action, challenging quest, turn-based combat game with an adventurous journey. You have to play with your team friends, it can be also 3 vs 3 so, you will have to fight against AI opponents and other teams in order to win the game by getting an enjoyable and realistic gameplay experience. In order to earn rewards and strengthen their characters, users can also engage in multiplayer battles with other players.

About DQ Dai: a Hero’s Bonds game

In the DQ Dai: a Hero’s Bonds MOD APK game, players take control of Dai, a young legend who embarks on a quest to defeat the forces of opponents. In this story of the game, he must choose the members of his group as he travels, look inside jails, and engage in turn-based combat with various bosses and monsters. Both story game design and even its characters totally are like anime or manga because it mimics manga and anime.

This game also has an open mode where players can engage in combat with one another, and are included in the game. Additionally, the game features a multiplayer option that allows users to attack multiplayer and up to four players to work together and engage in combat.

DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds MOD APK 1

You can have 3 members that you control and work and battle with limitless hordes of enemies. This game has various of game features that make this game much better and enjoyable. DQ Dai: a Hero’s Bonds game has a brand new animated series that is also available on streaming platforms now.

Players should watch this anime because it is a worthy masterpiece anime. It has various types of characters and you can relive the legend of the adventures of Dai. It has great mode features like God mode, you can play God mode after getting skills of battle and level up as skill and power with an understanding of the game’s control functions. It is free for all Android users.

Gameplay and Mechanics

In the DQ Dai: a Hero’s Bonds game, players take the role of Dai, the legend of the series, and embark on an adventure to save the world from the powers of dimness. The interactivity gameplay components of activity RPGs and gacha games, allow players to gather and step up characters and use them in fights against foes.

The game has a great and unique story that develops the occasions of the manga and anime and incorporates appearances from characters like Avan, Pop, and Maam. The game additionally incorporates multiplayer modes that allow players to participate with others to take on strong managers.

DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds MOD APK 2

It has weapons upgrade features, and by this, you can upgrade any weapons and equipment in order to attack powerful enemies and defeating for winning the battle. It is the most popular game in Japan with 47 million copies in circulation and this game made history in Japan.

Storyline and Settings

DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds MOD APK game has a great captivating and mysterious storyline and settings like an anime series story. It is based on the popular Japanese manga and anime series and its dragon quest. The game follows the events of the series and features its characters, settings, and storylines. The story of DQ Dai revolves around a young boy named Dai, who dreams of becoming a hero.

Dai lives on an island with his mentor, a monster named Brass, and together, they must defend their home from the evil forces of the Demon King. As the story goes further, Dai meets new friends and allies, battles against stronger enemies, and uncovers the truth about his own identity. In the game, players progress through the story by completing many challenges and various quests and battles.

Customize your characters and their functions

In this game, there are many features that allow users to play this game better and more enjoyable, here are some key features of DQ Dai: a Hero’s Bonds MOD APK game. It has a storyline and characters based on the popular manga and anime series “Dragon Quest, and you play this game with a role-playing game (RPG) with turn-based combat mechanics.

This game allows users to collect and control characters from the DQ Dai game and form a party to battle against various powerful enemies. Story mode follows the events of the DQ Dai series, and it can be played with friends and animated game lovers because it is an online multiplayer mode that allows players to battle against others.

DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds MOD APK 4

God mode features give users a different level and skill to battle with others and win. It has great and realistic beautiful graphics and animations that bring the world of DQ Dai to life. One of the important and good things about this app is that it updates on a regular basis and events to keep the game fresh and engaging for players.

Key Features

DQ Dai: a Hero’s Bonds MOD APK has various Customization features such as:

Characters: Players can gather and recruit different characters from the DQ Dai series, each with their own exceptional abilities and capacities. They can be redesigned with new abilities and capacities using expertise focuses. Moreover, players can outfit their characters with different types.

Expertise Tree: The game elements an expertise tree framework that allows players to modify their characters’ capacities and by spending expertise focuses required in fights, players can open new abilities and redesign existing ones.

DQ Dai: A Hero’s Bonds MOD APK 5

Journeys and Fights: The game incorporates different missions and fights that players can finish to acquire rewards, for example, the experience focuses, premium money, and gear things. These rewards can be used for modifying and redesigning their characters.


DQ Dai game is the best game for those who watch anime and animated movies because it is an anime series itself and you can enjoy this game’s story. It has various types of features and mode features like God mode. Moreover, it has great graphics, characters, a captivating storyline, power system, and weapons that can easily give users an awesome realistic action gameplay feeling with completing the challenges of given quests.

Download the latest version of the DQ Dai: a Hero’s Bonds MOD APK game and get the benefits of God mode features from our website.

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