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Moneyland MOD APK v3.2.4 (Unlimited Money/Scooter, Move Speed)

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App Name Moneyland
Size 176M
Latest Version 3.2.4
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MOD Info Unlimited Money/Scooter, Move Speed

  • Money Injection
  • Scooter Injection
  • High Move Speed
  • Intrusive ADS Removed


Moneyland MOD APK is an educational game that is designed to teach kids the importance of financial literacy and explain to them, how money works in this world and how the economy is completely related to money. The Moneyland MOD APK game is developed by Rollic Game that has more than 10 million downloads.

About Moneyland

This game is the best for teaching about finance and other things to related money and educating them earlier so that they can know and live a better life. Players have to take the role of the mayor whose goal is to build Moneyland by balancing the spending revenue while you will be earning.

It has all real finance and money-related function that tells your to pay all interests and taxes, and importantly it consists of all finance-related concepts, such as you will have to be careful during expanding money on things and investing, etc because you will also have to balance the budget of the Moneyland.

The Moneyland MOD APK game offers you more financial and money concepts like credit scores, trading goods, and investments which you can also invest in other companies to get shares and get profit in the future and after that you will become a financial tycoon. It is the most important game for kids and they learn in an easy way about finance.

Becoming a Financial Tycoon

The Moneyland MOD APK game is an interactive ad easy to understand the game for teenagers that gives us fundamental fundamentals of money management learnings. Players will get various levels and be challenged to complete them as they progress in the Moenyland MOD APK game.

Players have to decide everything and think before about how to manage their finance and other things, and you have to carefully spend money on something, invest in any company, or earning. You must save money by making a unique financial strategy to build and become a financial tycoon.

Make Financial Strategy and Grow

Players have to understand every part of finance and money to apply in real-time while they will manage their finance. You have to save money separately to give taxes and loans so that you can become financially strong from the start when you will be just starting to learn about all financial concepts.

As you manage your Moneyland, the gives you unlimited money and a scooter as the opportunity to grow faster and become financially strong in your life. Moreover, it offers free shopping and, a menu that allows you to shop for unlimited money and things and get any item or money from the menu for managing the Moneyland.

Investment and Risk Management

You will also have to understand and learn about different aspects of money that are most important for your future and in your financial journey. It is just not easy as you think because investing is also a risky thing in Moneyland management and you can anytime lose all your money. You will have to need skills in finance and money management with the economic conditions and inflation rate that increases every year.

Download the latest version of the Moneyland MOD APK free for android and get the benefits of the mode features, such as Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Menu, and other basic game features from our website.

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