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Hair Challenge MOD APK 20.0.9 (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

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App Name Hair Challenge
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Latest Version 20.0.9
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MOD Info Unlimited Money/Diamonds

  • Unlimited Gems
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Hair Challenge is a relaxing casual game in which the player guides a girl with endlessly long hair through a type of adorable obstacles. The game’s character design, setting, challenges, and a slew of other fun elements are all based on the Disney film Tangled.

In addition, it has a welcoming player community and extensive interaction to ensure that everyone has the best possible gaming experience. Do you despise having your hair cut badly? We also do, especially in the Hair Challenge game, which is so much fun. As you walk down the runway, pick up weaves in any shade of hair to prevent your gorgeous hair from being cut, and be careful of the blades, scissors, and other sharp objects.

Did you not like the color of your hair? or require a facelift? No problem, this is a runway for a hair salon. Put on your high heels, pick up some bright hair dye, and get ready to run up the roof. Did you get your hair cut? No worries; the shop’s hair salon is waiting for you. To unlock any of the fantastic characters, hair dyes, or hair accessories and begin your cool walking game, visit the hair shop. Put aside all of the other popular and top free games. This is the best game with a hair runner; it’s hard work but great fun. So, join the community and start playing Hair Challenge right away.

Hair Challenge MOD APK


Hair Challenge’s gameplay is user-friendly despite the challenges and missions’ lack of depth or complexity. People have character control to move on roads and to grow more hair to have long, smooth hair. It is also the responsibility of the player who must gather as much hair as they can and use the magical hair of girls at all times.

Hair Challenge MOD APK Unlimited Money


Each level’s overall design is composed of straight lines that have been twisted into three dimensions. Along the way, there will be traps or complicated obstacles designed to cut the player’s hair as short as possible, and there will even be a few holes for the player to sacrifice their hair. In addition, the level spawns additional hair for players to lengthen before everything vanishes.


In addition to the intricate design of each level, Hair Challenge has a variety of difficulty levels to accommodate a wide range of players. The trouble of every choice is fundamentally shown, including the person’s development speed, hair impediment, and numerous different qualities that make the player more adaptable. Even though the goal is to relax and have fun, the player can change the difficulty level to have more fun.

Hair Challenge MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds


The game’s most outstanding feature is its vivid and brilliant character design system, which gives players more options to make the most of everything. The content of the costume design includes a variety of Western and Eastern-inspired styles and designs, as well as stunning skin effects for the players. In addition, they can experiment with a novel, vibrant, and eye-catching hairstyle on each run attempt.

Hair Challenge MOD APK No Ads


Hair Challenge players have always enjoyed the competing concepts of achievement and invisible challenges. As a result, the game’s scoreboard only lists the best players in each region, but players can invite friends to play with them and share their scores. In addition, players will be able to race against one another in real-time challenges in some unique modes.

Hair Challenge MOD APK Latest Version


If players get tired of trying to keep their hair as long as possible, the other game modes will have requirements that are different and more complicated. This includes cutting the hair short using traps or tools as needed to keep the score and keep the hair neat rather than loose or long. Players will receive more exciting content regularly, providing them with the best experience possible through fun, sluggish gameplay.

The Hair Challenge MOD APK Version

It has unlimited money and diamonds, and no ads. You can download the latest version of MOD APK all unlocked versions for Android and unlock everything. The game is only for women. It requires both patience and the power of creativity due to its rhythm, which is neither too fast nor too slow. In the Hair Challenge, let’s see how long hair you can grow.

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