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Jikage Rising MOD APK v1.19c (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Characters)

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App Name Jikage Rising
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Latest Version 1.19c
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Unlocked All Characters

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked all characters
  • Jump into treasure hunts


Jikage Rising MOD APK game is an adult RPG simulation game where players have to take roles of the male and female characters in this naruto adult RPG game. This game is developed by Siming Dogs and players get to experience the popular anime series of naruto, it is based on the story of Baruto, Naruto’s son. This game is for only those who are above 18 and is not suitable for kids.

About Jikage Rising

Jikage Rising MOD APK game revolves around the Naruto anime series, storyline, and characters, and you can choose the favorite character that you want the most whether powerful characters or Konichi female characters, such as Sakura Haruna, Eno, Tenen, the most gorgeous Hinata, or powerful Lady Sunade legendary Sanin with the great healing powers.

Jikage Rising MOD APK

There are four villages in this game that introduces us for example, Konoha, Suna, Kumo, and Kiri, each has its own unique and great storyline and backstory. As you progress in this game, you can get the opportunity to choose a variety of characters and upgrade them, the main part of this gameplay is that you have control over female characters and make them trust you and use Jutsu to get a better adventure experience with them.

The game has amazing storylines, and great characters with stunning graphics, Jikage Rising MOD APK game allows you to get intimate private moments and conversation with your loved and favorite characters and learn unique things and experience with characters. As you go further, you can get unlimited money, unlocked all characters, and get unlocked all features.

Jikage Rising MOD APK Latest Version

Awesome Gameplay of Jikage Rising Walkthrough

If we talk about the main story mode, the Jikage Rising MOD APK game includes different side missions and challenges. These missions frequently include exploring new areas of the game world, interacting with different characters, and discovering hidden secrets and other important missions. Defeating enemies.

Overall, the Jikage Rising MOD APK game is an excellent gameplay experience game that offers a rich and engaging gameplay experience. Whether you are a big fan of the Naruto anime series or ninja movies or simply enjoy fast-paced action games, Jikage Rising is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement.

Jikage Rising MOD APK All Unlocked

Play and Experience the Real Naruto Anime Adventure

Players can play and experience the real naruto anime adventure like every character is tasked with missions in the naruto anime series so, the Jikage Rising MOD APK game has the same gameplay and you are tasked with various missions and quests that every player needs to complete and get rewards and other features.

Who are fans of the great Naruto anime series, they can explore everything in this game whether, your favorite characters, storylines, locations, power system, gameplay, and other female and powerful male characters that have their own unique personality and skills. Naruto fans must try this game at least once in their life.

Jikage Rising MOD APK Unlimited Money

Train Yourself and Become the Legendary Shanin Ninja

In the Jikage Rising MOD APK game, players have the amazing opportunity to become the legendary shinobi ninja and can consider becoming a Shanin too. To do this, players must train their characters in various skills, including combat, stealth, and infiltration.

Players can earn experience points and level up their characters’ skills and abilities as they progress through the game. This allows players to customize their characters’ play styles and tailor their skills to their very own interests.

Great Opportunity to Choose Your Favourite Ninja Character

In Jikage Rising, players have the opportunity to choose a variety of ninja characters. Each character has their own interesting skills, items, and weakness, allowing players to tailor their gameplay experience to their very own interests.

Jikage Rising MOD APK For Android

A part of the ninja characters accessible in Jikage Rising incorporates strong ninjas and other powerful shinobi, deadly assassins, and, surprisingly, various types of ninjas who have different types of abilities like Rock Lee user of Tai Jutsu, Itachi user of gen Jutsu, and Naruto user of Ninjutsu.


Jikage Rising MOD APK game is an exciting ninja-themed action and experience game that offers players a deep and engaging gameplay experience. With its intense battle, challenging stealth missions, and satisfying progression system, Jikage Rising is sure to appeal to fans of ninja-themed movies and anime, as well as gamers who enjoy deep and rewarding gameplay experiences.

You can surely love this game of naruto and you can get the new version of this game with various mode features. This game is full of adventures journeys and missions with kunoichi female characters and other characters.

Download the latest version of the Jikage Rising MOD APK game and get the all benefits of the mode features, such as unlimited money, unlocked all characters, and get all unlocked features.

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