Idle Magic School MOD APK v2.6.2 (Holy Water/Magic Fruit)

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App Name Idle Magic School
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Version 2.6.2
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MOD Info Holy Water/Magic Fruit

Idle Magic School MOD APK Unlimited Money

  • Unlimited Holy Water
  • Unlimited Magic Fruit

You may have seen these types of games, and some games’ names may sound similar to others. What idle magic school makes different from other games? The main difference is the adventure tasks, the challenges consist of a fantasy magic world, and building a school with magic themes.

Idle Magic School MOD APK

Idle magic school is a popular game, where players become the teacher of the magic school. The main goals are establishing an educational school, and recruiting students and professors with managing the school. As they build schools and progress.

They can upgrade their magic school, and unlock more spells. Upgrading features such as schools’ facilities, assigning classes and leveling up for the school’s reputation.

About The Idle Magic School

Idle magic is a simulation game with more than a million downloads. It is a magic school game, where players build and manage their school by having elite wizards spend on growth, and strategies like muggle training, and the final goal is increasing the popularity of the magic school. You will keep getting unlimited money and gems by completing given tasks and quests.

Idle Magic School MOD APK Unlimited Money

There are some features, we can combine existing tools for making a new power tool, and you can progress fast by that and even earn more revenue. The game works in both modes online as well as in offline.

Online, you can re-change and customize again anything and work while offline, the school will still be active, generating revenue and expanding the school. Players can feel the real thrill by adventuring in mysterious forests, and getting experience like you are in any magic movie, where the story revolves around you.

It provides a variety of characters such as witches and wizards, and magical creatures with 3D graphics and animation. It is just your creativity and growth strategy that will help you to grow your school so, use your all skills and creativity on this idle magic show game. When you get enough students, you have to expand the dormitory and find a dormitory manager.

Idle Magic School MOD APK Unlimited Gold

Expand & Build Your Idle School

It’s an important aspect of the gameplay. Here are a few ways to expand their schools.

building and facilities: players can build schools with new facilities such as classrooms, and hire professors to attract more students and schools to be more popular than anyone.

Upgrading existing facilities: it’s also a good way to expand the school by upgrading everything including items and characters. Additionally, you get more coins and revenue as well.

Idle Magic School MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

Expanding the campus: you can purchase or unblock new land to build more facilities, where you can train the greatest magicians, and most of the magicians were trained by this magical tool.
Overall, Expanding and building their school can increase the school’s reputation, unlock new items and features, and progress in the game.

Unlock & upgrade

In the idle magic school game, unlocking, upgrading, and various elements are important for expanding and progressing their school. Players can unlock the new facilities and remove existing facilities by upgrading them, hiring professors for the school, by training the great magicians who can be earned coins and revenue.

Idle Magic School MOD APK Latest Version

You can unlock the new magic spells by researching and completing certain tasks or challenges in the game. The school features a shop that, continuously generates free coins that you collect without spending anything.

Idle Magic School MOD APK Features

There are some features that you may find in other building games. This game provides different types of cool characters in idle magic school, and each has awesome looks and illustrations. The game has an adventurous quest system. You have to manage resources such as gold, mana, and their schools.

Idle Magic School MOD APK No Ads

Moreover, it has fantasy and magical-themed graphics, and art styles, which can help us to build your school uniquely. if we talk about only visuals and quality, it has fantastic 3D graphics and short animation with beautiful colors that attract the attention of students. One of the best features that the game offers is both mods online as well as offline.

Explore The World

Your school is filled with many mysterious locations and forests where, you are given tasks, and you achieve every task and challenge with an adventurous feeling. This fantasy magic game offers all kinds of elements and features like various locations in a mysterious forest, and characters (students, professors, wizards, and witches). Magical spells and school management. Idle magic school is a uniquely designed little bit like a Harry Potter movie. They can also discover new items and artifacts during visiting the forest.

Idle Magic School MOD APK Free Shopping


Idle magic school game MOD APK is a game with features and interesting mechanics. The conclusion of the game possibly depends on the specific and magical school storyline. It is available on Android mobiles for free, even in office mod, and can play anytime to get fun and adventure.

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