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Hotel Story: Resort Simulation MOD APK game is a fun and engaging way to explore the world of hospitality management. Players become a hotel manager, responsible for building, maintaining and upgrading their hotels, as well as keeping guests happy through timely service and attention to their needs.

App Name Hotel Story: Resort Simulation
Size 17M
Version 2.0.10
ID com.happylabs.hotelstory
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Diamonds
  • Free purchase

From planning the layout to choosing from the wide range of decorations available – from classic to modern, there’s something for everyone in this interactive resort experience.

Players are able to observe the impact of their decisions via daily reports that detail income, guest satisfaction and staff statistics. Whether you’re a new manager or an experienced owner, Hotel Story: Resort Simulation is sure to provide hours of enjoyable gameplay.

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation MOD APK

About Hotel Story MOD APK

Hotel Story is a popular mobile simulation game developed and by published by Happy Lab. It combines various elements like decoration, hotel management, weather effects, and some management system that players can manage. If you have ever thought about those games where creativity and management skills are needed then, this is the right decision to try this hotel story: resort simulation game.

Importantly, it is built especially for those who love to design and show their creativity in this game. For design-making passionate players, it is a great opportunity to use their skills in a building world-class 5-star resort or luxury hotel. You need management skills for managing your hotel guests, staff, and finance this game is completely free with its latest version, although players can use real money for buying game items. But, you just need to enable it in the settings.

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation MOD APK Unlimited Money

Hotel story: resort simulation game is a unique simulation game that enhances your experience with luxury hotels and restaurants, which will feel like you are an owner and entrepreneur in real life. You can get management and business skills by playing this game.

This game allows players to design and decorate their hotel, and also customize the game as they want for a better experience. Players are tasked with building and managing their resorts. The ultimate goal of their game is to build the 5-start resort by hiring employees, so we can earn high revenue.

When the hotel builds with great design and players’ creativity and hires more employees, we get the speed up for fulfilling given tasks, such as small tasks cleaning, repairing broken appliances, managing staff, and collecting money.

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds

You can play with thousands of players around the world, and complete each other. Also, you can see other players’ hotel design and get more ideas and make your own unique Hotel. You can hire employees and work with more than 300 designs, which this game provides features.

Players must balance their resources and budget while expanding their resorts. This game features daily and weekly missions that offer rewards and bonuses for completing them and investing in the right areas to maximize profits.

Build Your Dream Hotel

Build your dream Hotel using creative ideas, and build from scratch by designing with all styles, customizing the functions, and hiring employees for building a fast and best hotel. In the end, you will have the ultimate mission to build a 5-star resort so that you can attract guests from all over the world.

Investing in hotel rooms for Maximizing hotels, such as sleeping rooms, resting rooms, and dining rooms, and feeling the richness of being a Hotel owner.

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation MOD APK Unlimited Gems

Not only this, the customization feature gives players to customize even, small things, which are in the interior systems, such as tables, chairs, and even a cup, it seems endless.

The hotel story: resort simulation MOD APK gives us to real hotel structure, for intense, security guards that guide customers and receptionists, etc.

Manage Your Resort

In this game, managing your resort is one of the important works to do for the mission. The player is responsible for everything, designing and constructing various facilities such as hotels and recreational activities.

Also, they must manage their resources and finance, ensuring the resort is profitable, and guests are satisfied. Moreover, it involves making strategic decisions such as setting prices; players must have management skills and problem-solving abilities to succeed.

Game Hotel Story: Resort Simulation MOD APK

This game is completely free for all Android users. You can creatively add and combine multiple models from resources, pools, and hotels in one area. Customers will satisfy by this and it would be convincing for them.

Some Features

There are many features in this game including.

Multiplayer: There are thousands of players, who play and build their resort and complete the mission together, they can complete and get motivated by each other.

Building resort tools: you get more than 300 designing styles and 300 resort models and can build their personal style without any limits.

Attracting staff and guests: players have to decorate and design on hotel better than other players for advertising and promoting their hotel for attracting guests, and earn more revenue

Download Hotel Story: Resort Simulation MOD APK

Purchasing items: players can purchase 2 game items in real currency to help them improve their Hotel faster.

Earning Revenue

In the hotel story, Resort simulation revenue is key and essential for players to progress so that they can unlock new items and features. there are several ways to earn revenue for intense, if you satisfy your guest to the peak, they will leave the higher tips and their possibility to come back in the future, and other ways such as, utilizing marketing and expanding the resort. additionally, one of them is offering extra services like SPA treatments room service, and excursions.

Final Words

Hotel Story is a fun and creative management skill game with something to offer players of all skill levels. It offers the most authentic management system in the hotel. Does not make the game real management skills, Hotel structure, and new experience for the players. It also helps you to get business and management knowledge, which can be can be used in real life.

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Download (17M)
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