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Hero Factory MOD APK 3.1.34 (Unlimited Money, Menu)

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App Name Hero Factory
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Latest Version 3.1.34
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MOD Info Unlimited Money, Menu

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Hero Factory MOD APK game is an idle tycoon game, which means you will keep playing online activities as well as when you will not be active. This is a good game for those who want to play a simple game yet unique one with various great features. It is a game where players can also produce and build their heroes in the way they want, and defeat powerful villains. The game is developed by PlayHard.Lab that has more than 50 million downloads.

Hero Factory MOD APK

About Hero Factory

Hero Factory MOD APK gameplay starts with building various factories that can produce a massive amount of heroes for fighting against dangerous villains and winning. In order to do these things, you will have to collect resources and unlocking new upgrades.

You can also make your heroes work in factories and create various powerful weapons, equipment, and more new heroes to defeat villains and get unlimited money that can be used to get more items and upgrades for your heroes and win the game easily.

Hero Factory MOD APK Unlimited

As you build more factories and produce heroes you can get unlimited money as a reward and upgrade various heroes, factories, weapons, other equipment, and we also offer you a mod menu, and from that, you can get unlimited weapons and other equipment for free.

Boss Challenges and Factory Features

Hero Factory MOD APK game allows players to produce various heroes in the factories for fighting with powerful villains, and by fighting with various villains you can earn plenty of gold and become rich enough to build their own big factory for hero production.

Hero Factory MOD APK Unlimited Diamond

In addition to heroes and factories, you can build various different types of factories that can produce different kinds of heroes with their new looks and special abilities. You should also use your strategic plans and ideas on the battlefield and choose the right hero and powerful skills to get victory in the battles.

Build the Best and Most Powerful Hero of All Heroes

Players have their own choice to customize and build their hero’s look, outfit, unique abilities, and power. You will also have to manage and enhance your factories and going on countless vacations will increase the status of heroes and the factory production amount.

You have mini-games as a task to find stones and upgrade the heroes’ skills and power and gear so that your heroes can fight with many powerful villains at once and achieve the of getting an awesome victory. Explore the different types of enemies to fight and defeat in order to get rewards as much as you want like unlimited money.

Merge, Customize Weapons, Heroes, and Other Items

The Hero Factory MOD APK game offers various great features that help in merging, customizing with unique and epic skins, producing, and getting various weapons and other rewards. You can customize your character look and give unique skills, collect various resources like powerful weapons, and other equipment.

Hero Factory MOD APK Latest Version

You can also collect enchant stones while fighting with enemies and this stone helps to upgrade their weapons, factories, and even heroes as well as gives various rewards like unlimited money. Players can merge one hero or weapon with another and combine them to create new great and powerful heroes and weapons.

Collect Various Powerful Weapons and Helmets and Upgrade

The Hero Factory MOD APK game allows players to collect various powerful weapons and helmets that will help with fighting, defending, and also upgrading them. This game is easy to play for every game and can play and understand very easily whether you are a pro gamer or a newbie.

Download the latest version of the Hero Factory MOD APK game free for android and get the benefits of all mode features, such as unlimited money, free purchase, and mod menu by clicking the link given below.

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