Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK v4.9.1 (Menu, Unlimited Energy)

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK: Use the link below to download it on your Android mobile device and enjoy all its mod features with Unlimited Coins Gems for free.

The harry potter series is top-rated and has a huge fan base. All of Harry potter’s games have more than ten million players worldwide. One of the most popular Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

App Name Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery
Publisher ,
Size 131M
Version 4.9.1
ID com.tinyco.potter
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Energy (Buy Energy Free!)

About Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

It’s an adventure game for Harry Potter fans. The game consists of a magical world with many magic items, just like in the Harry Potter series. By taking any essential choices, you have your step towards the wizarding world. You take part in many of the lessons with many characters of Harry potter. All the characters in the game are taken from the Harry Potter series.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Game has been modded to solve the problem of the official game players and make the gameplay more easy and enjoyable for them. Its UI and many features are the same as the official game.

Not only the characters, the storyline, magic items, and other things are also taken from the Harry Potter series so that this game reminds you of it and you find it more familiar to play.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK

Overall, this game is excellent and also more enjoyable than the official game but may contain some bugs. Lastly, if you are a Harry Potter fan, then you must try it.


Now let’s come to the point of its gameplay because it’s all you are going to enjoy. The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has astonishing gameplay features. The majority of the gameplay features have been imported from the official game. So we will discuss terms of graphics, characters, and sound quality.

We are not going to add the storyline part in the gameplay section because the story of the game is the same as the series and we focus on gameplay features that affect your gameplay experience.


Starting from the graphics, I will say they are quite unusual as it has full HD graphics support which makes the game even more realistic as per the player demands of high-end graphics it fulfills them. If you have a low-end device, then it will automatically detect your device specs and suggest the best graphics settings, so don’t worry. The images rendered are also in full HD quality without any compromises.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK Screenshot


After the graphics, what matters the most in the gameplay is the characters. Its characters are all taken from the official Harry Potter series, so you feel familiar with the game. The characters are also well designed to make them look attractive, so your gameplay experience is not ruined. Characters follow the same storyline as in the series. At every level, your appearance changes a bit because you get more powerful.


Lastly, come the sound effects and quality. At this point, there’s nothing to worry about as all the sound effects and quality has been imported from the official Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game. If you enjoy the sound quality and defects of the official match, then that’s it. You won’t feel any difference, but this game is more enjoyable than the official one.


If you have a look, then you will discover tons of unique and unusual features. So we are discussing only the most Astonishing and essential ones. Also, the elements which we already reviewed in the gameplay section will not be included in this one.

Unlimited Resources

The first and the essential feature of any mod game is its unlimited resources. In every modded game, you will get unlimited resources which makes your gameplay easier and enjoyable. The only primary reason why players demand a modded version as they want unlimited resources.

Smart UI

All the features will be of no use if the players are not able to access them. For making the players access the features quickly, you need a Smart UI. The Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery fulfills all the needs of a Smart UI. The players can explore all the features on the home screen of the game itself. They don’t need to dig deep to access all the features.

Awesome Storyline

A game is well known for its storyline. Each game has its storyline. As it’s a Harry Potter game, it has the same storyline as the Harry Potter series. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, then you will love this game. It will remind you of the harry potter series, and thus you will be more familiar with the game.

Flexible Controls

Nowadays there’s a growing demand for flexible controls in games. This is because some percentage of the population is left-handed and the majority of games are made for only right-handed people. This game gives you the option to set the controls accordingly. You can adjust the size, location, and transparency of the control buttons. So you will not face any difficulty in playing the game.

Great Customisations

We already talked about flexible controls. Now let’s move over to customization options. The game offers you customization options in characters as well as in graphics and frame rates. You can set the appearance of figures, graphics, and frame rate levels settings according to you.

Download Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK Latest Version 2020

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Final Words

We have reached the end of this article, and I hope all your doubts regarding the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK are cleared. In case there’s still a doubt left, feel free to comment below.

Moreover, If you need any modded apps and games then please head over to our homepage.

Download Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk (Menu, Unlimited Energy)

Download (131M)
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