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Guardian Tales MOD APK v2.77.0 (Unlimited Gems)

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App Name Guardian Tales
Size 207M
Latest Version 2.77.0
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MOD Info Unlimited Gems

  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
  • Always Crit

  • Make sure you have original game from Playstore
  • Download module and make sure zygisk is enable
  • Install module & reboot device
  • Enjoy!


The Guardian Tales MOD APK is a role-playing game where players have to take the role of the legendry guardian and save the world from powerful outside world invaders that are very powerful and impossible for ordinary humans to fight and defeat the enemies and now guardians have to fight and save to world. This game is developed by Kakao Games Corp that has more than 5 million downloads.

About Guardian Tales

The Guardian Tales MOD APK is a great adventurous game that has the link to a classic adventure where players have to begin their full of a challenging and adventurous journey in the Kanterbury and attack the enemies with their full power and abilities and we can not just underestimate invaders that are the most dangerous enemies for the human being.

Guardian Tales MOD APK

Players need to create their own party of powerful characters and it has also many different colorful designed characters with their own unique skills and abilities, and you can collect and can form your own party in order to fight and defeat every invader in this world to make the peace and save humanity.

As you progress in the Guardian Tales MOD APK game, you are offered many mod features in this modded and the new version of this game, such as Unlimited Money, Gems, Gold feature that gives you money, gems, and gold for free, a mod menu allows you to get unlimited items, the gold mod allows you to play at god level fighting.

Guardian Tales MOD APK God Mode

Strategic Action and Gameplay

It is a completely strategic action gameplay where it has turned based close combat fighting skills which are necessary to learn for players and it is very satisfying fighting with the enemies with close combat fighting skills, and there are also plenty of equipment and upgrades available that players can make the use of these things in better ways.

The gameplay of this game is designed to be very interesting and easy to play and understand the gameplay system of the game that even a newbie can play this game at ease without any issues, and it has great strategic action combat, for instance, you can dodge and attack your enemy in instant and can get the victory.

Guardian Tales MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Complete Challenges and Defeat Boss

This game has many dark and dangerous dungeons where players will have to explore to get valuable items and face many difficult challenges that will come in every moment when you will be exploring the dungeons, and also need to defeat the behemothic bosses as soon as possible in order to get out of the dungeons.

It has intense PvP battles where you can first create your own party of the best 3 heroes and assemble them to do PvP fighting against enemies, it also gives you rankings according to your powers and abilities, and Players can also create their own guild with their friends to clearing the S-rank or A-rank dungeons which consists powerful monsters.

Guardian Tales MOD APK MOD Menu

Choose Heroes, Weapons & Some Features

You can choose your heroes based on their skills and powers to select for your party and also it is dangerous to fight alone in dungeons so you can choose over 50 heroes and take more than 100 different weapons that have their own unique abilities. Additionally, you can also customize your experience of this game.

This game also gives you many situations where you will have to solve some type of puzzles, such as lifting heavy boulders, throwing explosive bombs, and many others, and by solving the puzzles and discovering the hidden pathways as well as avoiding obstacles will lead you to the next level and amazing treasures.

Guardian Tales MOD APK Download

Final Thoughts

The Guardian Tales MOD APK game is one of the best puzzle-solving and action-type gameplay for those who like to play action-type games where they can also get many situations when they need to solve some puzzles in order to get advanced and level up further, and it would great choice to download because it also provides you with amazing mod features.

Download the latest version of the Guardian Tales MOD APK game free for android, you are provided with various great mod features, such as Unlimited Money, Gems, Gold, god mode, and a mod menu just by clicking the link given below.

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