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Hero Wars MOD APK v1.187.300 (Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlock Skills)

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App Name Hero Wars
Size 98M
Latest Version 1.187.300
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MOD Info Unlimited Money/Gems/Unlock Skills

  • Mod Menu
  • Hit = Full Energy ( No Skill CD)
  • Skill = Full Hp


Hero Wars MOD APK is an online idle RPG fantasy game that lets you collect epic heroes, unlock their unique skills, and decimate your enemies. With unlimited money, diamonds, and a mod menu progress in the game more quickly.

About Hero Wars: Alliance

Hero Wars: Alliance is a super fun game where you become a hero to fight against the bad Archdemon and his evil army. You get to collect amazing heroes and train them to become strong. In this game, you will have fantasy battles with other players and even fight legendary bosses. You can join a group called a guild and work together with other players. 

Hero Wars MOD APK

By winning battles, you will get rewards and become a legendary hero yourself. The game is like an adventure where you go on exciting missions and save the world from bad guys. You can play with your friends and show off your skills in special areas called arenas. It’s a game full of magic, heroes, and lots of fun. 

Collect Epic Heroes and Train Them

In Hero Wars: Alliance, you get to find and collect awesome heroes with special powers. These heroes will become your friends and help you in battles. You can also train them to become even stronger and more powerful. It’s like having your own team of superhero friends.

Hero Wars MOD APK Unlimited Money And Gems

Get Unlimited Money and Gems

Get Rich in Hero Wars. In Hero Wars MOD APK, you can have unlimited money and gems. It’s like having a magic bag that never runs out of coins and precious gems. With all this wealth, you can buy whatever you want in the game and become the richest hero in the land.

Battle with Friends in Multiplayer Wars

The Hero Wars lets you play with your friends in big battles. You can team up with them and fight against other players together. It’s like going on exciting adventures with your best buddies, and you can show off your hero skills in these battles.

Hero Wars MOD APK Unlimited Everything

Take on Legendary Bosses

In Hero Wars: Alliance, you will face big, strong bosses that are really tough to beat. These bosses are like the big bad guys, and you get to be the hero who fights them. It’s like being in a movie where you are the brave hero.

Join or Create a Guild

A guild is like a group of friends who play together in the game. You can join a guild and make new friends, or you can create your own guild and invite your friends to join. It’s like having your own superhero team!

Hero Wars MOD APK Latest Version

Play with Free Shopping and Unlock All

Get Everything for Free. In Hero Wars MOD APK, you can shop for free and unlock all the amazing things in the game. It’s like being in a magical store where everything is free. You can have all the cool items, heroes, and powers without spending any money.

Earn Rewards and Level Up

When you win battles and complete missions, you get rewards like special coins or items. These rewards help you become even better in the game. As you win more battles and complete more missions, you will also level up and become a stronger hero.

Hero Wars MOD APK Free Shopping

Play Exciting Mini-Games

In Hero Wars: Alliance, there are fun mini-games you can play. These games are like little challenges that make the game even more exciting. It’s like having extra fun while being a hero.

Use Auto Battler for Easy Gameplay

The auto battler is like a magic button that helps you play the game without much effort. When you use the auto battler, your heroes will fight for you, and you don’t have to do much. It’s like having a helper so you can relax and still be a powerful hero.

Fight Epic Foes in Hero Wars

In Hero Wars MOD APK, you get to be part of exciting fantasy battles. It is like stepping into a magical world where brave heroes fight big, legendary enemies. You can join these battles and use your unlimited powers and gems to defeat the evil forces. It’s like being the hero of your own fairy tale.

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