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Fap CEO MOD APK v1.113 (Unlimited Money, All Skins)

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App Name Fap CEO
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Size 64M
Latest Version 1.113
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MOD Info Unlimited Money, All Skins

  • Money increases with spending!

  • Install “Apk Mod” and “Launcher”
  • Open “Launcher” and press Play
  • Enjoy

Fap CEO MOD APK: Use the link below to download it on our mobile device and enjoy all its mod features with Unlimited Money for free.

Fap CEO is a management game published by Nutaku. In this game, you are the CEO of the company, and you have to manage all the things. You have to hire people for a job, decide their salaries, and also fire your employees.

The employees will follow your orders and do whatever you say them to do. So join us as we introduce you to the modded version of fap with extra added features.

Introduce About Fap CEO

The Fap CEO allows you to access more features than the official app and is thus more attractive. Fap CEO has always been an excellent game for fulfilling many people’s desires. In the game, you are the CEO of the company and you have to manage all the things from taking job interviews to firing people from a job.


Also, you can take your employees to dinner and give them a promotion too. So let’s get into the amazing world of fap CEO.

The Fap CEO starts with a day when you become the CEO of a company. After you become the CEO, hiring employees and managing tasks, the responsibility lies on you. You have the power to hire anyone and fire anyone from the job. There will be many people looking for jobs so they will be ready to accept whatever you say.

As there isn’t any board to run the company, you are the most powerful person in the company.

You have to deal with all the business meetings and make the company skyrocket things. All the employees follow your orders. Starting at one, the game allows you to rule thousands of people. The main motive of the company is to provide video streaming services to people. You have investors trusting you blindly so you can use all the money in the game you won’t be bankrupt.

Fap CEO not only deals with the business world but also with personal life. All the people in the company except you are girls, and you can also date them. It would help if you asked them once, and they will agree because you have money and money is everything.

Graphics & UI

Graphics and UI is the heard of games. The better graphics and UI, the more user engagement will be. In the fap CEO as well as Ulta HD graphics. The graphic modes such as Shadow, extra color, and so fulfill the rest of desires. Now coming over to UI, it’s pretty simple and easy to use.

You can access all its features without searching much and in a single go. Looking up more, we have 1440p and higher resolution graphics coming soon in it.

Sound Effects & Quality

Sound effects and their quality also play an essential role in user engagement of an app. After been reviewed by gamers, they say it’s sound effects as well as quality is the same as the original app. There no difference in impact or quality from the new app so if you are one of the users of the official app, then it won’t disappoint you.


Extra Added Features

The Fap CEO Mod APK has more features than the official one. You are immortal and do whatever you want. You won’t get bankrupt even spending all your money because in a single click you will get them.

Show Your Talent

As said that you are the CEO of the company. The entire responsibility of the company lies with you. You have to show your talent by making the company succeed. In starting you will have just a single team member but as the company succeeds you can hire more. There will be hundreds of employees applying for jobs as soon as your company achieves a great goal.

Freedom World

Being the CEO and no board, you are the most powerful person in the company. Everyone works under you and pleases you so you don’t get them fired. They are just hand puppets in Infront of you so you can easily ask anyone for a date, dinner or coffee. You will get the freedom to do whatever you want in your company.

Secret Conversations

Since you are the CEO, you have certain software to connect with your employees and other companies’ CEO and chat privately. You can have a private and safe conversation with anyone in and out of the company. The conversation will be so private that the other people in the company will never be able to know about it. In case the person you chatted with you, threatens to or reveals the conversation you can fire her from a job.

Hire Great Employees

Employes are the heart of the company. Hard-working employees make the company succeed. in fap CEO, the rule still applies. In starting you will have just one team member and when you start getting more money from the investment you can hire more. You will require money to unlock the employees from the store.

Use the direct links below to download the latest version of Fap CEO on your mobile device.

Final Words

We have reached the end of this article, and I hope all your doubts regarding the Fap CEO Mod APK are cleared. In case there’s still a doubt left then feel free to comment below.

Moreover, If you need any modded apps and games then please head over to our homepage.

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