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Fallout Shelter MOD APK v1.15.13 (Unlimited Lunchboxes, Money)

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App Name Fallout Shelter
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Latest Version 1.15.13
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MOD Info Unlimited Lunchboxes, Money

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Money
  • MOD Lunchboxes
  • No Ads


Fallout Shelter MOD APK game is a simulation video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in 2015. The game is set in a wasteland world that has unspeakable death and where players take the role of a vault managing and expanding with overseeing and growing an underground shelter known as a vault.

About Fallout Shelter

The game has built and expanded the vault by assigning dwellers to different rooms like power generators, living quarters, and water treatment offices. Players must oversee resources like food, water, and power while dealing with threats from raiders, and other hazards.

As players progress, they can unlock new rooms, weapons, and outfits to help their dwellers and also get unlimited all like, unlimited lunchboxes, and unlimited money, and survive and thrive in the harsh wasteland. The game features a variety of customization choices, including the ability to name and train dwellers, and the choice to send them out into the wasteland to explore and scavenge for resources.

Fallout Shelter MOD APK has gotten positive reviews for its addictive gameplay, charming visuals, and by and great design. It is accessible on android devices. This game offers various mode features, such as unlimited money, a mod menu, and free shopping, and can also earn Caps for free.

Build and Customize Your Vault

Building and customizing your vault in the Fallout Shelter MOD APK game is a main part of the game, as it allows you to create a thriving community of dwellers in a wasteland place. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new rooms.

This game provides you various mode features, such as free shopping, MOD menu, unlimited money, lunchboxes, and earn caps for free that will help you with extending your vault and working on the personal satisfaction of your dwellers.

You can customize your vault’s design by customizing rooms, redesigning existing rooms, and adding new ones to meet your dwellers’ needs. Furthermore, you can assign dwellers to specific rooms based on their skills and abilities, and train them to become more proficient in various tasks.

Protect Your Vault from Threats

Protecting your vault from dangers is a basic part of playing the Fallout Shelter MOD APK game, wasteland is filled with risks that can hurt your dwellers and damage your facilities. The game presents a range of threats, including raiders, fires, and radiation, which require various strategies to defend against.

Outfitting your dwellers with weapons and armor is one way to boost your defenses, as you build defending structures like turrets and guard posts. You can assign dwellers to specific rooms and train them to work on their battle and basic survival skills.

Explore the Wasteland for Supplies

Exploring the wasteland for supplies is one more thrilling component in the Fallout Shelter MOD APK game. By sending your dwellers into the cruel wilderness beyond the safety of the vault, you can gather important resources and uncover new gear and weapons.

To explore the wasteland, select a dweller and equip them with suitable gear, such as weapons, outfits, and health items. When they are prepared, send them out into the wasteland to scavenge for supplies.

Manage Your Resources and Dwellers

Managing your resources and dwellers successfully is a basic thing to do in the Fallout Shelter MOD APK game. As the overseer of your vault, you have to ensure that your dwellers have sufficient food, water, and power to survive. To do this, you’ll have to build and upgrade resources by creating rooms, assigning dwellers with relevant abilities to work in them, and monitoring your resource levels closely to ensure they are balanced.

Expand Your Vault and Build a Thriving Community

Extending your vault and building a thriving community is one of the greatest parts of playing Fallout Shelter. As you gather resources, train your dwellers, and guard against dangers, you can steadily improve your vault by building new rooms and offices.

With each new addition, you can attract in new dwellers and create a more different and useful community. By assigning dwellers to the correct rooms and training them to work on their abilities, you can ensure that your vault is running proficiently and that your dwellers are happy and well-equipped to handle challenges.

Downlaod the latest version of the Fallout Shelter MOD APK and get access to all mod features, such as unlimited Lunchboxex, unlimited money, free shopping, mod many, and earn caps for free by clicking the link given below.

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