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Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK v1.76.6 (Unlimited Runes/Unlimited Iron)

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App Name Dragons: Rise of Berk
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Latest Version 1.76.6
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MOD Info Unlimited Runes/Unlimited Iron

  • Unlimited Money


Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK is one of the best mobile games developed by Jam City, Inc that is based on the popular DreamWorks animated movie franchise, How to train Your Dragon. In this game, players take the role of a Viking chief on the island of Berk, home to a large population of dragons. The main goal of the game is to build and customize the village, train and raise dragons, and defend against enemy attacks.

Players can collect interesting and legendary dragons from the movie, and embark on exciting quests and adventures with their dragon friends. With stunning graphics and a vivid world, Dragons: Rise of Berk provides a thrilling gaming experience for fans of the How to train dragon franchise.

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK

About Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK is a free-to-play mobile game that allows players to explore the universe of Dragon game. In this game, players play this game as Viking bosses who must build and manage a dragon-filled village on the island of Berk. Players start by collecting resources, like unlimited runes, unlimited iron, and unlimited everything and other wood and fish, to build structures and upgrade buildings in the village.

As they progress, they can unlock all dragon levels get unlimited everything, and train various kinds of dragons, including the fan-most loved dragon Toothless. Every dragon has unique abilities and can be trained to increase their strength and abilities in battles. As well as building and managing the village, players have to defend against enemy dragon attacks, driven by the game’s main antagonist, the villainous dragon hunter, Grimmel.

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK Unlimited Runes

Players can embark on quests and missions with their dragon companions to get free shopping and unlimited everything like unlimited iron unlimited runes and progress in the game. The game has amazing stunning graphics and sound effects, immersing players in the world of How to Train Your Dragon.

Train and Rise Over 600 Dragons

In Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK game, players have the opportunity to train and raise more than 600 different types of dragons, each with their unique abilities and characteristics. Players can unlock all dragon levels and collect this dragon in different ways, for example, by completing quests and missions.

To train and raise a dragon, players must give food and resources to increase their details and abilities. The dragon can be trained in various areas, like speed, strength, and fire breath, to set them up for battles and challenges in the game.

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK Unlimited Iron

Players can step up their dragon by earning experience points, which are acquired by finishing journeys, engaging different dragons, or simply spending time with the dragon in the village.

Build and Customize Your Viking Village

In Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK game, players have the chance to build and customize their own Viking village on the island of Berk. The village fills in as the focal center for the game, where players can manage their resources, train dragons, and defend against enemies’ attacks.

Players can construct different buildings in the village, such as fish huts, sawmills, and dragon training grounds, to collect resources and further develop their Dragon’s training abilities. They can decorate the village with various beautifications, like flags, stats, and Viking ships, to make it look more remarkable and customized.

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK Free Shopping

Collect Rare and Legendary Dragons

One of the most thrilling parts of Dragons: Rise of Berk game is the ability to collect rare and legendary dragons. These dragons are highly sought after, and they possess unique abilities and characteristics that make them stand apart from different dragons in the game.

A few instances of rare and legendary dragons in Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK game incorporate the Night Fury, the Light Fury, the Thunderdrum, and the Screaming Death. Every one of these dragons has a particular appearance and abilities, making them exceptionally attractive to players.

Defend Your Village

In Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK game, defending your village against various enemy attacks is a crucial part of the game. Players have to be ready to defend their village against powerful attacks from foe dragons driven by the villainous Grimmel.

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK Unlimited Everything

To shield the village, players must construct and upgrade protective designs, like towers, traps, and barricades. They can also prepare and raise their dragon to turn out to be strong protectors of the village, with every dragon having great defense abilities.

Game Features

There are various basic game features with great mode features that will surely make you play this game more and more and some features are like, Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK game has the ability to collect and raise over 600 different types of dragons.

Every dragon has its special abilities and characteristics, making them an important resource in fights and difficulties all through the game. Players can raise and train their dragons to improve on their details and abilities, making them significantly more remarkable and exceptional.

Dragons: Rise of Berk MOD APK Download

One more key element of the game is the ability to construct and customize the Viking village, which serves as the central hub of the game. Players can develop different structures in the village to collect resources and further develop their Dragon training abilities.

They can adorn the village with various decorations, flags, stats, and Viking ships, to make it look more unique and personalized. The town can be upgraded to give better rewards, Unlock all dragon levels and abilities, and extend the village to explore more of the world of How to Train Your Dragon.


In conclusion, Dragon: Rise of Berk MOD APK game is a thrilling game that offers many features for players to enjoy and get a better experience. From collecting and raising more than 600 different kinds of dragons to build and customizing the Viking village, players have to manage and get opportunities to explore the universe of this game.

Protecting the town against enemy attacks, participating in battles with different dragons, and collecting rare and legendary dragons add to the overall excitement and thrill of the game. There are many games available on our websites and can provide you with a great experience with various mode features.

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