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Days After v10.6.2 MOD APK (Free Craft, Mega Menu)

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App Name Days After
Size 152M
Latest Version 10.6.2
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MOD Info Free Craft, Mega Menu

  • Mod menu
  • Dumb enemy
  • Free craft (only works with some items)
  • Fast travel


Days After Mod APK is a survival game of zombies, you will have to survive in a  world of danger and challenges. Stockpile food, battle bosses, make new friends, and explore new areas.

About Days After: Survival Games

Days After is a survival game that is developed by the GamesStation studio. If you are looking for a  survival game then you should play this thrilling game when will be you start playing this game you will see the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you will have to survive against all odds and this game is available on android and IOS platforms for free on play store. In this article, we will take a deep look at this game and we will also take a look at the Days After Mod Apk version and how will be you able to use some additional features for free.

Days After MOD APK

In the game Days After Mod Apk, surviving is the ultimate goal, if we see the storyline of the game, then a deadly virus has spread among people and most of the people have become zombies and they are very dangerous even if they will attack someone, then he will also become zombie, your mission is to survive in the game by using your playing skills, you can take help of many resources that you will get in the game but to get that resources you will have to find them very carefully, these resources can be found on wasteland, scavenger, and many more places, this all making the game more engaging and exciting for Surviving and zombie games lovers.

Days After MOD APK Unlimited Money

We saw that this game is all about surviving which means, you will also have to manage your resources very carefully as well as will have to use your managing skills, and attacking skills how can you able to kill an enemy in one shot? If you use your resources to kill only one enemy, then you will not be survived easily and enemies will be attacked, again and again, a time will come to your health will end, so take care of this as well as food also the most crucial resources, you can collect food supplies and you have to avoid wasting them, in the game you will get different ways to acquire foods, that includes scavenging in dangerous buildings, and trading with other survivors, with these amazing gameplay you will get more fun and excitement in the game.

Days After MOD APK Unlimited Everything

In the game, you will have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world because the game features a vast open world, so you can explore buildings that will be filled with resources, dangerous enemies, hidden treasures, and many more. You will always have to be prepared for new challenges and you will never get bored in the game because you will be always getting something new like new areas, and new resources as well as you can find new threats.

Survive Stockpile Food

Days After MOD APK Free Craft

Everyone knows that food is very important to survive in human life as well as in this vast open world game Days After Mod apk food is very important to survive in the game, you will have to stockpile food to survive, now let’s see how will be you able to collect food, you can find food in the game by mooching around, you can scavenge for food in various locations and even you can trade with other survivors.

Survive in Bosses Battles

Days After MOD APK Free Shopping

When will be you play this game, you will see many zombies and I know you will kill many zombies in the game as well as you will see some dangerous zombies that cannot be killed easily, those zombies are called Bosses of all zombies, and they will be very challenging and can only be defeated by utilizing weapons and skills effectively. You will have to use your wits and come up with a plan to outsmart and defeat those bosses.

Survive Making New Friends

Days After MOD APK MOD Menu

In addition to bosses battles, the game will also introduce you to multiplayer mode so you will be able to team up with other survivors, and those survivors can be helpful in your survival because you can share your resources with each other, protect each other from enemies as well as explore new areas together, these all increase the chances of survival and this feature of the game make it even more fun and engaging.

Days After MOD APK Features

This is a modified version of the original game that will provide you with some additional features like unlimited money, free shopping, free craft, and many more for free.

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