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Day R Premium MOD APK v1.796 (Unlimited Money, 100 Level)

Download Day R Premium MOD APK for unlimited money, 100 levels, and a mod menu, providing unlimited everything for your journey.

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App Name Day R Premium
Size 151M
Latest Version 1.796
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MOD Info Unlimited Money, 100 Level

  • Unlimited Money
  • 100 level
  • Many items in the inventory, including items from events
  • If you do not need a mod, then just do not use its capabilities.

NOTE: Mod only run with the Internet on! Otherwise, the store section will be empty.

What does the premium version have?

  • 2500 caps for new game
  • Removed ads
  • Save anywhere
  • Chat without restrictions
  • Sending without restrictions
  • Full access to all markers and colors.


Day R Premium MOD APK is an awesome game where you can have Unlimited Money, reach 100 levels, and enjoy unlimited everything. Plus, it is free to download, so you can start playing right away.

About Day R Premium

In Day R Premium, you find yourself in a world that’s been ruined by nuclear war. It’s a tough place to survive, with radiation, hunger, and diseases everywhere. You need to travel across the big USSR from the 1980s to rescue your family and learn about the apocalypse. But it will not be easy, you’ll have to deal with zombies, bad guys, and lots of other challenges. You can make weapons, clothes, and even vehicles to help you get by. In this special version, you get cool stuff like a pet Raven and other bonuses. It is a realistic game with changing seasons, and there’s a huge map to explore. You can team up with others online to make it through this tough world together.

Day R Premium MOD APK

Survive After the Big War

In Day R Premium MOD Menu APK, surviving after the big war means staying alive in a world that got hurt by a really bad fight. You have to be smart and careful because there are lots of dangers like sickness and scary creatures. 

It is like an adventure where you have to find food, water, and things to keep you safe. Sometimes, you might need to make your own things like clothes and tools. It’s not easy, but you can do it by being brave and using your head.

Battle Scary Monsters

When you battle scary monsters, it’s like being in a movie with big, creepy creatures. These monsters might want to hurt you, so you have to be a superhero. You can use cool tools and weapons to protect yourself. 

Day R Premium MOD APK Unlimited Everything

It is important to stay strong and not be afraid. If you’re really brave, you can defeat the monsters and keep yourself safe. Just remember, in the end, you’re the hero of the story.

Make Your Own Stuff

In Day R Premium MOD APK, making your own stuff is like being a magician. You can create things you need, like clothes and tools, without having to buy them. It’s like a fun craft project where you use your imagination. 

With some special skills, you can turn simple things into amazing items. Imagine turning a stick into a useful tool or making warm clothes to stay cozy. When you make your own stuff, you feel proud because you did it all by yourself.

Day R Premium MOD APK Free Shopping

Explore a Huge World

Exploring a huge world is like going on a big adventure! Imagine a place as big as your whole town, or even bigger. There are so many different things to see and discover. 

You can go on a treasure hunt, find hidden places, and meet new friends. It’s like exploring a magical land filled with surprises. Just remember to stay safe and not get lost, like an explorer on a grand journey.

Play with Friends Online

In Day R Premium MOD APK, playing with friends online is like having a big playdate on the computer. You can’t be in the same room, but you can still have lots of fun together. It’s like playing games or doing activities with your buddies, but you chat and play through the internet. 

Day R Premium MOD APK Latest Version

You can team up, help each other, and have adventures without leaving your home. It’s a cool way to stay connected with your friends, even when you’re far away.

Learn New Skills

Learning new skills is like becoming a superhero with special powers. It’s all about discovering how to do exciting things you couldn’t do before. You might learn how to make cool stuff, solve tricky puzzles, or even become better at games. 

These skills are like magic tricks you can use to impress your friends and make life more fun. So, get ready to explore and practice, because the more you learn, the more amazing things you can do.,

Day R Premium MOD APK Free Craft

Teamwork for Safety

In Day R Premium MOD APK, teamwork for safety is like having a group of friends who look out for each other. When you work together as a team, you can keep everyone safe from danger. It’s like when you and your friends play together to make sure everyone has fun and stays out of trouble. 

In this big, changed world, it’s important to help each other and be like a big family. So, when you see someone in trouble, you can lend a hand and keep each other safe and happy.

Unravel the Mystery

Unraveling the mystery is like being a detective in a cool story. You have to find clues and solve puzzles to figure out why things changed so much in this world. It’s like solving a big puzzle with your friends. You work together to uncover secrets and discover the truth. 

Sometimes, it’s like going on a treasure hunt to find hidden answers. It’s exciting and fun, like reading an adventure book where you’re the hero trying to solve a big mystery.

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