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Choice of the Dragon v1.6.10 MOD APK (Unlocked Stories)

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App Name Choice of the Dragon
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Latest Version 1.6.10
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MOD Info Unlocked Stories

  • Unlocked Stories
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The Choice of the Dragon MOD APK is a role-playing game where players have to take the role of the novel characters and experience a great novel storyline which is only based on the text form without any sound effects or graphics and only allows you to read the storyline in the form of text, and it is the best game for those likes to read novels and wants get thrilling experience. This game is developed by the Choice of Games LLC that has more than 1 million downloads.

About Choice of the Dragon

The Choice of the Dragon MOD APK game has the best novel storyline where you get many different amazing novel storylines, such as Tyrannize the kingdom that has fire breathing dragon who sleeps on gold and has kidnaped prices for fun, and now warriors of the kingdom have to save their princess.

Choice of the Dragon MOD APK

This game gives you various storyline that you can read and enjoy, and every character of the novel are amazing and relatable that will inspire you to live your life better and will teach the important lessons of life, and force you not to give up and keep going in order to make your life greater than anyone and achieve your dreams.

In the Choice of the Dragon MOD APK game, you are offered many mode features for free in this modded version of the game, such as No Ads which stops any advertisement to pop up in this game while reading any novel and increases your experience with the game, and also provides you with all Unlocked Stories.

Choice of the Dragon Unlocked APK

Thrilling Novel Storyline

It has also many thrilling novel storylines that you can also get thrilling experience while reading the stories and imagining the story to be real and also different genres of stories that you can unlock all by the feature of the Unlocked Stories mode features and read romance, fantasy, action, and supernatural genres of the novel storyline and get a unique experience in each story.

Choice of the Dragon MOD APK Download

Some Game Features

There are many great features that the game offers for players for free, such as you can also play as a male or a female does not stop you to take any of the genders can be chosen as you want, and seducing any of the powerful dragons to make your mate, and also get ready to fight with the powerful fire breathing dragon in order to your princess.

There are many thrilling and interactive novel stories available that you read and can imagine as you are the one main character in the story who is fighting with all dragons and saving the princess which will satisfy you the most, and entirely based on the text-based which has more than 30,000 words without any sound effects and sound effects and leaves with only your power of your imagination.

Choice of the Dragon MOD APK For Android

Final Thoughts

This game is one of the best for those who are interested in these novel story-type game and who likes to read great stories, and has different categories of stories that you can read and also unlocked more stories for free, and is the best for all Android gamers.

Download the latest version of the Choice of the Dragon MOD APK game for free android and get access to the No Ads and all Unlocked Stories mode features just by clicking the link given below.

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