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Zombie Defense v3.4.3 MOD APK (God Mode, Damage, Money)

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App Name Zombie Defense
Size 93M
Latest Version 3.4.3
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MOD Info God Mode, Damage, Money

  • God Mode
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Coin Reward Multiplier // The Coin from the monsters you kill is high.
  • Gems Reward Multiplier // The Gems from the monsters you kill is high.

Zombie Defense MOD APK game is the best for zombie movies and who like to play zombie games, and want to take a real thrilling experience while fighting against will billions of hungry zombies like in any zombie movie. The game developed by Homa that more than 10M downloads. It is a must-try game for all zombie game fans.


Zombie Defense: War Z Survival is a thrilling and intense versatile game that takes place in a Zombie tsunami where you have to escape from that and you have to with zombies and kill them and you need to big guns to shoot. For the sake of a few survival people, you should utilize your abilities and weapons to build a base, assemble supplies, and battle various hungry zombies that threaten your survival.

About Zombie Defense

To survive in this harsh and dangerously full of zombie world, you’ll have to discover new zones and unlock new weapons and upgrade that will make you powerful. select survivors to join your group, and develop your base with defense and traps.

You’ll have to be ready to shoot them while they are running toward you in order to save yourself and the survivors. As you progress through the game, this game will off you various mode features like, unlimited money, free shopping, and VIP unlocked features that surely help you to upgrade the power of weapons and lead to winning against zombies.

One of the great features is that no ads that provide you with an extremely great experience because it contains no ads. you’ll experience various types of zombies, each with its great strengths and weakness. A few zombies are quick and spry, while others are slow but unimaginably strong. You’ll have to change your strategies and systems to get by against these billions of hungry zombies.

Battle Against Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Defense: War Z Survival offers a unique and thrilling gameplay experience that challenges players to fight against a zombie tsunami. The game is set in a zombie farm where billions of zombies roam the land, and players must build their base, recruit survivors, and fight off the rushes of going after zombies.

The zombie tsunami is a huge danger in the game, as it features billions of zombies that can overrun your defense if you are not enough ready. You’ll have to mow zombies with your machine gun and beat them to secure territory. You have to unlock and upgrade powerful weapons to survive the zombie tsunami.

Defense Yourself and Discover New Zones

In the Zombie Defense MOD APK game, players must not just defend themselves against billions of hungry zombies yet, in addition, find new zones to get powerful weapons and survivors to join their group. As you progress through the game, you’ll have to wander into new zones to find weapons like food, water, and building materials.

Zombie Defense MOD APK Download

You’ll experience new kinds of zombies and different dangers, like opponent groups and dangerous zombie farm environments where you will see billions of hungry zombies everywhere.

Upgrade Your Weapon and Make Multiple Guards

In the Zombie defense MOD APK game, players can upgrade their weapons and create multiple guards to build their chances of survival. As you progress through the game, you’ll experience various types of zombies, each with its strengths and weakness.

To battle these zombies really, you’ll have to upgrade your weapons and gear, you can upgrade your weapons to increase their accuracy, range, and damage, or upgrade your melee weapons to make them more durable and deadly destructive.

Zombie Defense MOD APK Vip Unlocked

Final Words

Zombie Defense MOD APK game offers a thrilling tsunami of zombie gameplay experience that challenges players to survive a zombie tsunami. that challenges players to survive a zombie tsunami.

With its combination of exploration, base-building, and action-packed combat, the game offers a different and exciting gameplay experience. Players must battle with billions of hungry zombies, upgrade their weapons and gear, and build and defense their base against zombies that are full of dangerous zombie tsunami environments.

Players can download the latest version of the Zombie Defense MOD APK game free for android and get access to VIP unlocked and other mode features from our website.

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