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Zombie Catchers Mod Apk 1.32.9 (Unlimited Money)

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App Name Zombie Catchers
Size 86M
Latest Version 1.32.9
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MOD Info Unlimited Money/Plutonium

  • Unlimited Plutonium And Money
  • Unlimited Zombies
  • Unlimited Everything
  • All Levels Unlocked


Zombie Catchers MOD APK is a fun and addictive game where you can upgrade everything you want with unlimited money and all levels unlocked. Hack your way to victory with plutonium and money, and enjoy no ads and free purchases.

About Zombie Catchers : Hunt & sell

Zombie Catchers is a fun and addictive casual action adventure game where you play as A.J. and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen who have decided to build a business empire by hunting zombies and selling their juice. You’ll need to use your trusty harpoon gun and sneaky traps to catch zombies, then take them back to your secret underground lab to be processed into delicious snacks and drinks.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new hunting gadgets, territories, and zombies to catch. You’ll also be able to build a food business empire by developing new recipes and upgrading your production lines. Zombie Catchers is a great game for players of all ages who enjoy a challenge and a bit of humor.

Cool Tools for Tricky Zombies

As you progress through the Zombie Catchers MOD APK New Version, you’ll unlock new hunting gadgets to help you catch zombies. These gadgets include nets, weapons, guns, traps, and jetpacks. Each gadget has its own unique abilities that can help you catch different types of zombies. 

Zombie Catchers MOD APK Hack

For example, the net can be used to catch zombies that are running away, the gun can be used to shoot zombies from a distance, and the jetpack can be used to fly over obstacles and reach zombies that are in hard-to-reach places.

Yummy Treats from Zombie Friends

Once you’ve caught a zombie, you’ll need to take it back to your secret underground lab to be processed. In the lab, you’ll use a variety of machines to turn the zombies into delicious snacks and drinks. 

The snacks and drinks can then be sold to hungry customers in your drive-through cafe. The more zombies you catch, the more snacks and drinks you can make, and the more money you can earn.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK Unlimited Money

Build a Big Food Business

As you earn money, you can use it to upgrade your lab and your cafe. This will allow you to make more snacks and drinks, and it will also attract more customers. 

You can also use your money to buy new hunting gadgets and to unlock new territories to explore. The more you upgrade your business, the bigger your food empire will become.

Explore for New Zombie Friends

There are many different types of zombies to catch in Zombie Catchers MOD APK Unlimited Everything. Some zombies are easy to catch, while others are more challenging. You can find zombies in different territories, and you can also find them by completing challenges. The more zombies you catch, the more trophies you’ll earn.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK Unlimited Plutonium

Helpful Flying Robot Helpers

In addition to your trusty harpoon gun and sneaky traps, you can also use flying robot helpers to catch zombies. These helpers can be deployed to distract zombies, to lure them into traps, and to even capture them for you. Flying robot helpers are a great way to catch zombies that are difficult to reach or that are too powerful for you to handle on your own.

Big Boss Zombies to Catch

In addition to the regular zombies, there are also big boss zombies to catch. These zombies are much more powerful than the regular zombies, and they will take some skill and strategy to catch. However, if you can catch a big boss zombie, you’ll be rewarded with a lot of money and trophies.

Zombie Catchers MOD APK Free Purchase

Get Better and Look Cool

As you play Zombie Catchers MOD Menu APK, you’ll earn experience points that will help you level up. Each time you level up, you’ll get stronger and you’ll unlock new abilities. 

You’ll also earn money that you can use to buy new costumes for A.J. and Bud. These costumes don’t just make you look cool, they also give you special abilities. 

For example, the astronaut costume gives you a jetpack, and the vampire costume gives you the ability to see in the dark.

Secret Underground Lab Adventures

Zombie Catchers MOD APK All Levels Unlocked

In addition to the main game, there are also secret underground lab adventures to explore. These adventures are challenging and rewarding, and they will test your skills as a zombie hunter. You can unlock new adventures by collecting certain items or by completing certain challenges.

Fun Challenges Every Single Day

In the game Zombie Catchers MOD APK, there are also fun challenges to complete every single day. These challenges will reward you with money, trophies, and other goodies. The challenges are different every day, so you’ll always have something new to do.

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