KissAnime Alternatives: 10 Sites Like KissAnime to watch Anime

If you are looking for the best KissAnime Alternatives sites to watch Kiss anime Videos, then you have come to the right page. You can also watch your favourite anime video on your android device using the KissAnime App.

I listed here best KissAnime Alternatives website where you can watch thousands of anime videos conveniently when KissAnime website is down.

KissAnime Alternatives

Some KissAnime Alternatives here I listed are better than KissAnime on video quality, interface, smoothness, etc. So, you can choose the alternative than KissAnime.
At first, I want to introduce KissAnime to those who don’t know about it. I know if you are looking for Sites Like Kissanime, so you must know about Anime. But let’s start from basic.

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What is KissAnime?

Anime is a type of os animation means cartoon. KissAnime is a platform where you can watch Kiss Anime online. The reasons for using KissAnime are it is free to use, and the video quality is outstanding. KissAnime is a website where millions of user come and make fun using fantastic animation.

Reasons for KissAnime Alternatives (Anime Sites Like Kissanime)

KissAnime has millions of user per day. People search for KissAnime for some reasons.

  • Ads on KissAnime.
  • Low video quality.
  • Sometimes the server is down.

The ads on KissAnime is of malware and dangerous link. The hazardous link means sometimes it redirects to pornographic sites. It is horrible when children watch Anime. The ad blocker is not working on KissAnime. If you enable ad blocker, the site will not open means you can’t watch Kiss Anime online.

Sometimes, the server got down because of millions of user stream Anime at a time. If your device performance and internet connection are not excellent, you may face lag on Sites Like Kissanime. So. you can find another site where the user is low, or the server is good, and it is entirely alternatives to Website Like Kissanime.

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Most Popular Categories of KissAnime

There are many different types of Genres of Kiss Anime, like Romance, Horror, Thriller etc. But you would probably know only a few of them that is your favourite, so let’s know which are its popular Genres.

Here is a list of the best KissAnime categories that you would love to watch:


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Best KissAnime Alternatives Websites to Watch Anime in 2020

We’ve created the ultimate list of KissAnime alternative websites to watch anime episodes, and we’ll also include a helpful guide to download your favourite anime videos so that you do not have to search for it every time.

1. 9Anime: Kissanime Alternatives

9Anime - Best KissAnime Alternative

9Anime is best KissAnime Alternatives on my view. It is easy to use and free. The site uses many ads, but you can use Adblock chrome extension to watch anime videos without ads. I am using adblocker now but no idea if ad block will work for you or not in future.

The video window is easy to use as YouTube. You can control volume, playback speed, change video quality. The quality is excellent, I notice. It supports 720P and more. So, the view on the desktop is fantastic. You can watch Kiss Anime online on a big screen.

9Anime has more than 25000 Anime videos include TV series, movies, OVA, ONA, etc. You can get any Anime on 9Anime. The server of the site is compelling than millions of user at the same time can handle.

Now let’s talk about interface. The interface is straightforward that anyone can understand. At the top navigation, you can see the categories and quick links of Anime like Newest, Type, Request, Movies, Ongoing, etc. You can click on Type option to see some subcategory like TV series, movies, etc. It will easier to find an Anime video. You can also search for any Kiss Anime by the search bar. Just type the name of Anime and click on the search icon.

At the right side, a quick filter feature available. You can filter the Anime movies like action, drama, romance, kids, etc. Moreover, You can also filter the release date, quality, language, as well as it makes the website one of the best Sites Like Kiss Anime.

When you click on an Anime, a new page will open. Click on the play button and wait for the load. You can change the video quality on the video window when you place the mouse pointer. Pause the video, change the server, see details about the Kiss Anime on the page. No account required to watch Anime online. Some ads may come, you can skip it.

2. Anime Freak: Kissanime Alternatives

Anime Freak - KissAnime Website

Anime Freak is a website where you can watch KissAnime online. It is free to use; you don’t need to register with an account.

The user interface of Anime Freak website is not much different. The colour is a little bit different that doesn’t make it hard to access or watch Anime online.

The quality of the video is excellent. Thousand of Kiss Anime stream available on this website. So, any old and new Anime is available on Anime Freak.

Open the website and click on the three dots on the left top side. You can see some options like Ongoing, Anime List, Genre, etc. Click on Genre; a new page will open. You can see the genres on the left side. It will help you to filter Anime for watching.

The video quality changer is not available on this site. That is a con, but if you have a reliable internet connection, then Anime Freak is one of the best KissAnime alternatives.

To watch an Anime, click on the Anime thumbnail. A new page will open. Then scroll down and click on the episode you want to watch. Again a new page will open. Now click on the Play button to watch Kiss Anime online.

3. AnimePahe

AnimePahe - Sites Like Kissanime

AnimePahe is one of the best KissAnime alternatives. It has some cool features that make diferent from other KissAnime websites.

The Anime of Netflix is available on AnimePahe for free. You can enjoy the Netflix streaming for free of cost with high-quality video.

AnimePahe offers to download the Anime for free, diferent videos support diferent size of download file. It depends on original video quality. Usually, you can download video on 720P and 1080P.

Some ads will show on the site, but you can block them by an ad blocker to watch Anime. If you use an ad blocker, you can still watch Kiss Anime for free. That is super cool.

As the videos are streaming from Netflix server, you can enjoy fastest and smooth streaming. When you play a video, all the episodes will show at the bottom. You can click on the dropdown and jump on another adventure.

One more fantastic feature is the Mini Player. You can watch the video on a small window while browsing another thing.

Open the website first, and you will see the latest KissAnime movies on the homepage. Click on the Anime option on the top, and a new page will open. There you can filter any Anime. Click on the alphabet to filter Anime alphabetically. You can also search an Anime on the search bar.

One thing I want to request you that please help the developers of AnimePahe. They are providing excellent and premium services for free. So please don’t block ads and of you can donate them. To donate them, click on the homepage and click on Donate on the top bar. Then follow the steps to give.

4. Animesim

Animesim - Kiss Anime

If you want a simple Anime website that can be a KissAnime alternative, then Animesim is the best choice. It is effortless to watch and download an Anime for free.

The website does not require any account registration. It shows some ads but can block by an ad blocker. The server of Animesim is excellent and fast. So, you will not get lags while streaming if you have a secure network connection.

Open the website and click o the KissAnime List on the top bar. A new page will open, and you can see all the anime list by alphabetically. So, it will be easier to navigate any anime fast. You can also search for any anime on the search bar. Type the name of an anime and click on the search icon or tap enter.

Open an Anime and click on the play icon. It will take some time and start the video. Scroll down and see an option Download. Click on the Download button, and you will redirect to download page. Then click on MP4 to start the download Kiss anime, download speed depends on your internet connection.

You can change the video quality, playback speed, dark mode, etc. The quick share option is available on the video window. Click on the volume icon to adjust the volume.

5. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime - Anime Sites

GoGoAnime is a standard KissAnime website. It is not different from others. The anime filter option is available on the site. You can search an anime by using the search bar.

The video quality changer, playback speed, download anime, etc. features are available. The server is fast so that you will get a smooth video streaming experience.

Thousands of Anime series are available on GoGoAnime. So old and new, all episodes are available. GoGoAnime is one of the best KissAnime alternatives.

6. Anime Planet

Anime Plante - Best Site to Watch Anime

Anime planet has a massive library of 45,000 anime episodes which are legal and ranks among the best KissAnime alternative sites of this era.

As Anime-Planet was launched in 2001 and it has now become the favourite spot for both anime and manga lovers. The home page of the Anime-Planet is neat and clean and also with the help of Advance UI is categorized into different sections like popular anime recommendations, popular manga, trending this week, and more. It deliberately offers a vast and fantastic collection of high-quality anime at 1080p resolution and manga episodes also at 1080p that you can access online free of cost.

7. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy - Anime Site

If you are a true Anime lover, you must try Anime Frenzy and trust me, friend, it’s completely worth it as it won’t disappoint you. Anime Frenzy has a vast collection of episodes of Anime shows so you can spend hours watching them. Its one of the most recommended KissAnime alternative because it allows streaming most popular anime shows, including Hunter, Beyblade, and so on.

The website of Anime Frenzy has a crystal clear User Interface which helps users to search and watch their desired episodes in high quality at 1080p. It will hardly take a few mins for you to search and view your desired shows. Its UI is so simple that even a child can use it. The Anime Frenzy is a trendy name in the online anime shows streaming platforms. It is so because it’s free to watch anime shows on it and that also with very less advertisement shown.

Although it’s free, it won’t disappoint you in video quality as it offers high-quality video streaming experience in 1080p and even high resolutions. It supports almost all the popular anime shows, and you can access it within seconds. Anime Frenzy website has categories like weekly trending, popular this month and so on which make it more attractive by the users.

8. AnimeLab

Anime lab - Best Anime Websites

Ever since KissAnime and some other Sites Like Kissanime were the most popular anime streaming platforms. One of the best alternatives to it can be Anime Lab as you don’t need to rely on KissAnime if you have Anime Lab. Intact, it’s the library is even larger than KissAnime. You can watch any anime show literally any anime show on it to keep yourself entertained. As it supports all the popular anime shows like the hunter, Beyblade and so on it won’t disappoint you.

Anime lab allows you to stream or watch much Kiss Anime shows free of cost. In fact, it’s free, but you will not be disappointed by its video quality as it has videos in 1080p as well and is quite well suited. Also, it has very less advertisement which will not distract you from the show. Besides it’s a website, it has phone application too, which is being supported by iOS, Android and even Chromecast devices.

Although it has all the necessary features like other KissAnime alternatives, it has a special feature also. The special feature makes it unique and loved by most users. The special feature is that whenever you point your cursor to any thumbnail, it will give you information about the show. It’s like a quick overview of the story including the number of ep, rating, whether it’s dubbed or not and so on. This helps users to know about it thoroughly.

The only demerit of Anime lab is that it’s available only in New Zealand and Australia. We hope it will be available worldwide soon.

9. Chia-Anime

Chaia-Anime is best KissAnime alternative

Are you not able to use KissAnime or Sites Like Kissanime? No problem as chia anime is here. Chia anime is a complete solution for KissAnime.

It is considered as one of the best KissAnime alternatives due to several reasons. First of all, I want to inform you that chia animes user interface is a bit messy, but it offers all anime shows just like KissAnime.

It has an extensive collection of anime shows, movies and videos which you can watch for free. Its video quality is also useful as it offers videos in 1080p.

The website of chia KissAnime is full of advertisement, and that’s the reason I said it’s a bit messy. But that’s not a problem because it offers excellent value. It provides all the shows which were supplied by KissAnime. Another essential feature of chia anime is that it not only stars anime videos but also allow users to download them for later use.

All anime shows on it are dubbed and dubbed which helps you as you don’t have to use a translator from Japanese to English.

Due to these features, it’s in the list of best KissAnime alternatives.

10. A2zAnime


A2zAnime is one of the best options for Kiss Anime because it allows watching anime without changing anything. It is equipped with almost everything which is desired by an anime lover.

Accessing it is very simple as you only have to go the website in any browser. Another essential feature of it is that you don’t have even to sign up to watch your favourite shows. The only thing that is required is to have a flash player. Make sure you have the latest version of the flash player because if it’s outdated, you can’t watch anime shows.

Other than this there isn’t any special requirement to watch anime shows on it. It offers you a clean User Interface. It’s UI is so simple that it will hardly take few minutes for you to understand. It has advance features like weekly trending, popular this month and so on. These features help users to watch the shows, which are new releases.

Other features of it include the schedule of anime shows that are going to be uploaded on it.

11. HorribleSubs


It is another HorribleSubs streaming leading platform. It has the highest growth in the industry. HorribleSubs have a vast amount of anime videos which are legal and original. It ensures pleasure for its users as it is entirely free of cost and although it’s free, it streams videos in high quality. HorribleSubs is also highly rated by anime lovers. It offers a neat and clean User interface. Users can easily access their desired anime shows either by searching or in categories.

The categories include English subbed, English dubbed, weekly trending, A-Z short, and so on. Also, there is an option from which you can request a particular anime shows which are not available on the website.

Due to these reasons, it is considered as one of the best alternatives to Kiss Anime. Accessing KissAnime stream is very simple as you just have to open its website in any of the browsers. It also has features such as sending notifications if any new show or video is added.

12. Anilinkz


Anilinkz is another free platform for watching anime shows in high quality. Just like other KissAnime alternatives, this one also offers basic features.

It also allows users to watch anime shows in high quality with less advertisement being played. Since it contains fewer ads, you won’t be distracted. Anime videos uploaded on it is both subbed and dubbed, which make them suitable for all users. Thus, this leads to user-friendly experience.

It’s UI is also simple and clean as it has navigation buttons. Also, every video on this website uses proper tags for fast navigation. All the new episodes of Anime are uploaded on it every month. Thanks to its developer for this. As due to its features it has been in the list of best KissAnime alternatives.

13. Crunchyroll


Crunchy Roll was launched in the year 2006 and ever since it was launched. Its one of the favourites of anime lovers to watch anime shows. It’s not only limited to Anime. It not only allows watching anime and other shows in Japanese’s or English but also in other languages. If you are a real user and don’t appreciate watching pirated videos, then Crunchy Roll can be proved to be the best for you.

There are about 25000 episodes, and Anime officially license 15000. However, it’s not free as it offers you original content. If you don’t watch much anime, you can go for a free version of Crunchy Roll. The free version provides limited content, but the paid version offers unlimited content streaming.

User Reviews on Kissanime Alternatives

KissAnime allows users to watch anime for free, and it has a vast collection of anime. It has gained and is very popular among Anime fans. Although some people say that it will shut down soon because of anime rules and also it has been down because of some technical issues. Now let’s talk about what is the feedback of its users about it.

Kassidy Yeckes: “I like how they have a lot of dubbed anime and all of the subbed anime episodes.”

Esteban Delhom: “A great place to look for new anime/manga or just record what you have watched or read in the past. This is also a great place to connect with others in groups and talk about the current or older shows/stories.”

Abraham Ventura: Hello there, In my opinion, Kissanime is the best site to watch anime. It’s not just for watching anime, and you can talk to other people, discuss the new episode. There are various forums where you can talk about your favourite anime series.
The content is updated regularly, and they also have a free manga reader site too.

FAQ’s: on KissAnime Alternatives Websites

Q: Is KissAnime Safe?
A: Yes, using KissAnime is safe and secured. You must not have any hesitation in using it.

Q: is MissAnime illegal?
A: No as per the DMCA rules KissAnime is not at all illegal and is completely legal.

Q: Are KissAnime virus and bug-free?
A: Yes, KissAnime is completely virus and bug-free has it been checked by its team every week.

Q: is KissAnime banned in some countries?
A: Yes, currently KissAnime is banned only in Australia. Although the Australian government has not given a proper reason for it as they just said: “KissAnime is banned due to graphic deception of Sex and of Violence”.

Conclusion: KissAnime Alternatives

Note: Some websites may not work in your country. Therefore, I recommend to install Turbo VPN from Google Play Store, and it is free. To watch anime movies from these sites, install a VPN extension on the Chrome browser

There are lots of website or platform that offers Anime episode, but I found the best of 13 for you. I use AnimePart because it provides some anime of Netflix.

So the video streaming experience is impressive. I recommend to all anime lovers to use all of the sites I listed here and enjoy the original anime streaming.

So now we come to the end of this article, and I hope you find this listing helpful. If I missed any good source on this list, feel free to change KissAnime Alternatives around so they fit what you want to say.

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