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Sonic Dash MOD APK v6.6.0 (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)

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App Name Sonic Dash
Size 167M
Latest Version 6.6.0
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MOD Info Unlimited Money, Mega Menu

  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping
  • Dumb Enemy
  • Unlock Characters
  • Infinite Magnet Activated
  • Godmode
  • No ADS
  • Burn Down Dashing Activated

Sonic Dash is an exciting, addictive, and immersive handheld game that is sure to spark the interest and fascination of gamers around the world. The timeless charm of the beloved character Sonic is back in this engrossing, never-ending runner game.

With stunning visuals and dynamic gameplay with a variety of interesting levels, Sonic Dash keeps players entertained for hours on end.

Sonic Dash MOD APK

The simple goal of rescuing your animal friends from Dr. Eggman’s clutches provides ample motivation to keep playing, and collecting as many rings as possible for upgrades makes this unending game even more engaging!

Whether you’re a hardcore Sonic fan or someone looking for an endless running experience like no other, Sonic Dash will prove to be quite the electrifying journey!

About Sonic Dash – Endless Running game

Sonic Dash MOD APK Latest Version

Sonic Dash is an incredibly popular, endless-running game that has captured the hearts of gamers across the world. With simple yet intense gameplay mechanics and the thrilling ability to compete with your friends, Sonic Dash is the perfect choice for a high-energy gaming experience.

The 3D graphics featuring iconic locations and characters from the beloved Sonic universe, combined with exciting powerups and transformations, make every run unique.

What’s truly remarkable about this game is that even as you race against monsters and obstacles, you’re collecting coins to boost Sonic and all his friends. Sonic Dash offers an unforgettable adventure for any fan of classic games or anyone looking for a new, innovative challenge.

Sonic Dash MOD APK All Characters Unlocked


In Sonic Dash, an endless running game, players can be amazed at how powerful their racing and running capabilities become. Players will find themselves running through obstacles with speed and grace that seem to defy physics.

Multipliers and boosters are also available to complete challenging courses faster and skillfully dodge traps and enemies. Sonic’s special movements allow for incredible air-time and extremely tight turns with confidence. This is the perfect game for people looking for a unique and exciting challenge to test their run-dashing skills.


Sonic Dash MOD APK Unlimited Money

Sonic Dash – Endless Running game is an incredibly immersive experience due to its stunning graphics. With smooth, character-specific animations and eye-catching environments, the visuals will have players feeling as if they are living in the world of Sonic.

Beautiful colors and detailed visual effects take the old school classic character Sonic into entirely new territory. Cutting edge 3D graphics bring Sonic’s story to vivid life with an array of exceptional 3D models casting unique shadows that animate with the environments.

Sonic Dash MOD APK Free Shopping

Fans of Sonic will be thoroughly impressed by the incredible level design and mesmerizing transformations he goes through throughout his journey. All these amazing technical factors make for one truly captivating gaming experience!


Sonic Dash – Endless Running game is one of the most popular and fun racing games available. The game follows Sonic and his friends through multiple levels, using a combination of spins, jumps and dashes. Players must master the art of fast-paced action by avoiding obstacles, collecting coins and outsmarting enemies in order to make it past each level.

Race as Sonic or one of his trusty companions such as Miles “Tails” Prower and Knuckles the Echidna while competing against other racers online in endless running adventures.

Sonic Dash MOD APK Unlimited Rings

Take part in thrilling championships where you can rank up, unlock rewards and compete against your friends! Sharpen your reflexes, get into shape and set off on an epic race with Sonic in Sonic Dash – Endless Running game!


Sonic Dash offers endless running fun with a twist – Epic Racing Boss Battles! Players face off against bosses in exciting races, putting their endless running skills to the test. With items and power-ups, players can beat the bosses in unique ways – Sonic Dash is all about strategy.

Sonic Dash MOD APK Unlimited Coins And Diamonds

The thrill of racing the bosses doesn’t end there though; as you defeat each one, you is rewarded with amulets that give you even more powerful boosts throughout the game.

When you join Sonic Dash, be sure to get ready for some intense boss battles against the most formidable foes around!


Sonic Dash is an endless running game sure to provide an electrifying challenge everytime you pick it up. Players blaze across vibrant 3D environments, creating their very own stories with plenty of obstacles and power-ups to keep the race fresh.

Sonic Dash MOD APK Hack Download

The goal is to run as far as possible while collecting coins, smushing enemies and earning rewards. Players can also take on hundreds of races and challenges in the tricky world comprised of springs, slopes, walls flips and grind rails.

As you grab more characters like Knuckles and Tails, even more intense action awaits! Running and racing won’t get old with Sonic Dash – enjoy the thrill of completing a level today!

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