Smart YouTube TV APK 6.17.730 for Android

Smart YouTube TV Cracked Apk deals with downloading the content from the official YT site for free as well as high-quality video streaming experience. With more than 10 million downloads, this app is available for Android, Android TV, Fire TV and PC.

Smart YouTube TV APK

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What is Smart YouTube TV Apk?

Just like OG YouTube and other YouTube mod apps, it is also the same. It allows users to have experience of modified features of YT like download videos an so on for free.

Smart YouTube TV Apk


App NameSmart YT TV
App Size7.5 MB
Official DeveloperYuviv Lyskow
App Version6.17.504
Last Updated15th April
Platform SupportedAndroid, Android TV, Fire TV & PC
User Reviews4.0 out of 5
Downloads10 Million+
Available at Google PlayNo

Additional Information:

Released On: 26th May 2016

Permissions required: Contacts, Location, Telephone, Storage and so on.

Note: The size detail for the Smart YouTube TV cracked Apk may not be the same which you see in your Device. The size mentioned here is just of the app after you install it, as it requires more files to be installed and can occupy more space.

System Requirements for Smart YouTube TV Mod Apk

For Android

Minimum System requirements for using it on Android are:

  • Have atleast 1.5 GB of RAM.
  • Some free storage space for storing it’s other files.
  • Internet connection is mandatory, as this app won’t work without it.
  • Android 4.4 ( KitKat) or above.

Recommend system requirements for using it on Android are:

  • Have atleast 2 GB of RAM.
  • Android 5.0 ( Lollipop) for better performance.
  • Some free storage space for storing its files.
  • High-speed internet connection.

For PC Using Android Emulators

The Apk is not available for the Ubuntu or Linux platform so in PC you can use it only on the Windows platform.

Minimum system requirements for using it on PC with the help of Android Emulators are:

  • Have atleast 2 GB of DDR3 RAM.
  • Windows 8, 8.1 is minimum but it will work more efficiently with windows 10.
  • Some free storage space for storing its data and other important files.
  • Internet connection is mandatory as this app won’t work without it so have atleast 4 Mbps internet connection.

Recommend system requirements for using it on PC with Android Emulators are:

  • have 4 GB of DDR4 RAM.
  • Windows 10.
  • High-speed internet connection (8 Mbps or above).
  • Some free storage space for storing its files.

For Android TV or Smart TV

Practically, if we look there aren’t many hardware requirements for smart YouTube TV Apk to comparable with. So you can also skip this portion as majority of Android TVs have these. But in case you are not confident check this portion.

Minimum System Requirements for Android TV are:

• A little free space as it will require space around 100 MB ( Apk Only)

• A high-speed internet connection (minimum 4 Mbps) is mandatory as it won’t work without it.

Recommend system requirements for Android TV are:

• A decent free space as it Apk will require space around 100 MB and if you will download high quality video content then you require more space so keep atleast 16 GB of free space.

• A high-speed internet connection (8 Mbps or above) is mandatory as it won’t work without it.

For Fire TV

In the case of both fire TV and Android TV or Smart TV, the requirements as well as installation method remain same. So scroll back to the system requirements for Android TV portion.

Features of Smart YouTube TV APK

The Smart YouTube TV Cracked Apk has tons of feature but we will be talking about the most essential ones.

Work as YouTube

This app is extremely a copy of the official YouTube app but there are some differences too. But its core functionality and UI is the same as the official YouTube app.

Video Downloading

You can download videos directly from this mod app. It supports 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2K and 4K video streaming and downloading quality and multiple videos downloading at once.

Video Downloading Format

It supports all kinds of video downloading formats such as MP3, MP4 and so on. You can easily download videos in your desired format.

Captions Available

Play content adding subtitles or captions of certain languages like German, English, Spanish, and French.

No Need to Root the Device

Other YouTube mod apps require to root the device but this does not. For using this app you don’t need to root your device. Rooting your device is not at all safe. There are some phone companies that block the warranty of your device after you root. Also if you commit any mistake while rooting your phone you will lose your phone’s software although there are ways to correct it it’s not easy for a normal user.

Play Videos in Background

You can easily play videos in this app in the background. This is the feature that YouTube also doesn’t support. You can easily play videos in the background using a one-click button.

No Bug/Glitches

While a long time reviewing it by our team we didn’t found any bug or glitch in it.

Download Smart YouTube TV Apk

Use the direct links below to download the latest version of Smart YouTube TV Apk for your android device. Here on this page, we have managed to share the latest and tested versions, which have been scanned by the Antivirus Program before uploading here.

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How to Install Smart YouTube TV APK 

To make it easy, we have added a video tutorial on how to install Smart YouTube TV Apk on your android device that you can watch below.

However, if you just want to follow text-instructions, then you can follow these steps so that you can install and use the app in your android device.

Here we have covered installation instructions on three different devices: Android, Fire TV and PC with using android Emulator.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Install Smart YouTube TV Apk on Android Phone

Follow these steps so that you can install and use the app on your Android Phone.

1. First, download the Apk file from the link is given on this page

2. After downloading the app you have to enable some of the settings on your phone for successfully installing it.

3. Go to Settings.

4. Go to the security section in settings.

5. In security settings find the Device Administration section.

6. Under the Device Administration section search for allowing installation from Unknown Sources and enable it.

7. Locate the place where you have downloaded the apk file and click on that.

8. Carry on the process of installation and then you can finally use it.

Note: For different Android Versions the process will be a bit different in starting but rest remains the same as with every new Android update there is a change in UI of it.

Install Smart YouTube TV Apk on PC using Android emulators

Follow the steps given below so that you can install it on your PC without any problem.

1. Download Android emulator such as Bluestacks from their official website.

2. Set up the Android emulator.

Step 3: Download the Avg Cleaner Pro Apk full version from this page in the emulator.

Step 4: Avg Cleaner icon appears on the home screen of the emulator and you can access it.

Install Smart YouTube TV Apk For Android TV, Smart TV or Fire TV

Watching movies or videos on a bigger screen than your phones is a really good idea. So for this, we will guide you on how to download and install smart YouTube Apk on your Android TV, fire tv or Smart TV.

Follow these steps for successfully download and install the Apk for Android TV, fire tv or Smart TV.

1. Visit this page on your TV and download the app file from the link given above.

2. Visit your TV homepage.

3. Go to Settings.

4. In settings go-to person and than security settings option.

5. Find unknown sources option under security settings.

6. Enable unknown sources and locate the folder in which you have downloaded the app.

7. Click on the app and start the installation process. Now you can use the app on your Smart TV or Android TV.

Fix Other Types of Errors

When you open the app you might face errors such as app not working, system UI isn’t responding and so on. But there nothing to worry as we have came up with the solution for all of this.


This app demands some permissions and makes sure you allow all to it so you can use it fluently. Permissions like notifications, storage, etc. must be allowed by you to it.

To check for and allow all permissions follow these steps.

1. Go to settings.

2. Go to Storage and USB option.

3. Go to the Apps Area.

4. Go to smart YouTube TV Apk Settings.

5. Go to Permission Option.

6. Enable All Permissions.

Previously installed Versions

Check whether you have any previous version for this app and if you find follow these steps.

1. Uninstall and Delete it from your Device.

2. Locate to Area Where you have Downloaded the new app.

3. Click on the app and start the Process of Installation.

Clear Data and Cache of the App

If there posses a problem when you run the app, you can try clearing its cache and data and run it again. To clear cache and data follow the following steps.

1. Go to Settings of the App.

2. Go to the Data Option.

3. Click on the Clear Data and Cached Option.

Manage Space

Managing space is very important as your Device may go slow if you don’t have enough space for your files such as Photos, Videos and Documents. For managing space for Smart YouTube TV Cracked Apk, you can add an SD card to your Device, or you can transfer your files such as Photos, Videos and Documents to cloud storage providers such as Google Drive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it legal to use it?

A: Yes it is completely legal to use it.

Q: Is it safe to use?

A: First of all, for your online security, I want to clear some points to you before you download any app from the 3rd party sources like websites, etc.

  • Make sure to check the file for viruses as the file should be virus-free. You can use a free file virus checker website to scan the file for viruses.
  • For Android and PC, there are different files as well as different methods for downloading it.
  • Download only from trusted sources.

If you are downloading it from this website, then there’s nothing to worry about. As we take care of all the above points as per your security is concerned.

Q: Is it free of cost?

A: Yes, the app we provide is totally free of cost to use.

Q: Which platform does it supports?

A: It supports the following platforms:

  • Android
  • Android TV, Fire TV or smart TV.
  • PC with Android emulator

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