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Root Explorer Pro APK v5.0.1 (MOD, Full Premium)

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App Name Root Explorer
Size 4M
Latest Version 5.0.1
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MOD Info MOD, Full Premium

  • Excess to Hidden Content
  • Full Premium
  • No Ads (Ad-Free)
  • Optimized graphics & cleaned resources for fast load
  • Encrypted all resources
  • Languages: English, Russian

If you’re an Android enthusiast, then you’re probably familiar with the popular Root Explorer APK. This powerful tool gives you root access to your device’s file system, allowing you to modify or delete files that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Root Explorer Screen 1

About Root Explorer

Root explorer gives you total control over your device, with access to everything in the file system. It’s perfect for rooting users who want complete visibility into what their phone is doing on behalf of them!

The app is a one stop shop for all your file management needs. It includes features such as multiple tabs, Google Drive support and Box integration among others!

Root Explorer Screen 2

There’s also an SQLite database viewer which allows you to view the content stored within it with ease while using text editors. It allows the creation or extraction of zip files by simply choosing from various options available in seconds– including tar/gzip compatibility should something need be extracted locally instead.

The Root Explorer Pro MOD APK makes it easier for you to discover all the folders like elusive data folder, es file and much more on your rooted android device. Unlocking the true potential of your phone or tablet has never been this easy!

Root Explorer Screen 4

Features of Root Explorer

These are all the great features that this app includes.

Make uses of your powerful hardware

Root Explorer is a great tool to have in your arsenal because it can allow you do long-running processes without affecting other tasks.

You may also want to use this if there are certain times where the assigned devices don’t suit what needs doing. And need more power from their processors or slower hard drive speeds so they aren’t constantly spinning down while waiting for responses, which could potentially cause problems later on when trying complete important work quickly.

Root Explorer Screen 3

Mentioning how root explorer has features like adjusting allocated hardware depending upon individual requirements would surely help someone understand why I am recommending such an app.

The file operations will be finished in a matter of seconds with this optimized app. If you’re looking for an experience that is fast and reliable, then look no further than our product.

The Affirm app is designed for efficiency. You can use the multiple tabs to organize your tasks, and you’ll find it easy-to navigate between them with touch screen controls that make moving around simple.

Quickly locate and search for targeted files

And to make things a lot faster and more comfortable, Android users will also have access to quick and convenient navigating options.

Start by making use of the powerful search function to look for all the targeted files that are located on your system.

Many awesome features for managing files

With its file manager, you’ll have access to plenty of interesting and useful features. You can view properties for files including their sizes as well the date formed or MD 5 checksum if available which will help detect malware on your device!

The app offers a range of useful features such as quick file transfers and convenient sorting. And if you want, it only takes few taps for sending your files through email or Bluetooth with ease!

Useful view and editing options for different files

The Text Editor in this app is an extremely helpful tool for making changes on your files. Not only does it have a built-in SQLite viewer, but you can also do anything with the contents of most documents without having to exit out or open another program!

With a wide variety of options, you can start by opening your files in multiple applications.

Download Root Explorer Pro APK + MOD (Full Premium) for Android

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