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Radio FM v17.7.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Radio FM Premium MOD APK is a digital app allowing users to tune in and listen to radio stations worldwide using their smartphones or other mobile devices.

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App Name Radio FM
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Latest Version 17.7.0
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MOD Info Premium Unlocked

  • Premium Free
  • Vip Unlocked
  • No Ads

Podcast App – Radio FM

Radio FM is a mobile application that allows users to listen to podcasts and FM radio stations on their smartphones or other mobile devices. It provides podcast content from various genres, such as news, entertainment, technology, sports, and more.

Additionally, it offers access to various FM radio stations from around the world, allowing users to listen to live broadcasts and stay updated with news, music, and other programs.

Podcast Library

A comprehensive collection of podcasts from different genres and categories, allowing users to discover and listen to their favorite shows.

A built-in media player that provides playback controls, such as play, pause, forward, and rewind, allowing users to navigate and control their podcast listening experience easily.

Wide Selection of Stations

Radio FM app usually offers a vast collection of radio stations from different countries, genres, and languages. Users can browse through the available stations and choose the ones they want to listen to. They can explore stations based on their music preferences, favorite genres, or even discover new stations worldwide.

Search and Favorites

The app may allow users to search for specific stations or shows, making it easy to find their preferred content. They can also mark stations as favorites, creating a personalized list of stations for quick and easy access in the future. This feature allows users to customize their listening experience and create a playlist of their favorite stations.

Live Streaming

Radio FM MOD APK typically provides live streaming of radio stations, allowing users to listen to real-time broadcasts. This feature ensures that users can stay updated with the latest news, events, and shows as they happen.

Offline Listening

Some Radio FM apps also offer offline listening capabilities. Users can download their favorite shows or episodes and listen to them later, even without an internet connection. This is especially useful for users who want to listen to their favorite shows during their commute or in areas with limited network coverage.

Sleep Timer and Alarm

Radio FM app may come with a sleep timer and alarm feature that allows users to set a specific time to stop playing or start playing a station automatically. This can be handy for users who like to fall asleep to soothing music or wake up to their favorite radio station in the morning.

User Interface and Customization

Radio FM Premium MOD APK usually comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and explore stations. Some apps may also offer customization options, such as changing the app’s theme, font size, or color scheme, allowing users to personalize their listening experience according to their preferences.


Radio FM app provides a convenient and accessible way for users to listen to various radio stations worldwide on their mobile devices. With features like wide selection of stations, search and favorites, live streaming, offline listening, sleep timer and alarm, social sharing, and customization options, Radio FM app offers an ads-free and enjoyable and personalized listening experience for radio enthusiasts on the go.

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