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Radarbot MOD APK v9.11.4 (Pro/Premium, Gold Unlocked)

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App Name Radarbot Speed Camera Detector
Size 286M
Latest Version 9.11.4
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MOD Info Pro/Premium, Gold Unlocked

  • Gold Unlocked
  • Premium full version
  • No Ads

  • First Install Official App and login with gmail and uninstall it and install this crack version and try login.
  • (if already installed Mod then uninstall it & reboot mobile and do above note1)
  • Note2) Force Close App of shows error and try again

Radarbot is the best app that has more than 50 million downloads on Google Play Store. Every vehicle driver should download this app and use it while driving for the best. Radarbot helps you to get informed about all real-time alerts. This app combines many real-time notifications with the greatest radar detection warning.

Radarbot MOD APK

Radarbot is a strong and useful detector of real-time traffic alerts and specific speed limit alerts for various vehicles (cars, motorbikes, trucks, and commercial vehicles), and avoids every problem that usually comes, like traffic rule fines and even accidents which is really dangerous. This app makes your journey enjoyable and peaceful. Giving fines after breaking traffic rules and giving fines is worst than using an app that will help you to detect warnings by radar alerts.

About Radarbot

Radarbot MOD APK is a reliable and trustworthy app that will alert you about upcoming traffic cameras and warn you when you cross the speed of your car. Users must use this app because it will keep them safe from every problem during their journey. Nowadays, we see traffic too much and we get into accidents mistakenly, for avoiding these types of problems and accidents, download the radarbot Pro APK app and save yourself from fines and wrong directions.

This app works in any country and can be also integrated with GPS navigation for live tracking of alerts, you will get attention only when you will drive in a direction and will get to know through sound and voice if you cross the speed limits. You can drive your car without worrying about risking your life and driving license because you can avoid traffic fines and penalties by receiving clear warnings before passing speed cameras.

Radarbot Pro MOD APK

Users can get many speed cameras like mobile speed cameras that can be used in many frequent areas. Tunnel speed cameras that are used in tunnels to know the speed of your car. Average speed cameras will always display the average speed of your car. Traffic light cameras warn you before violating the traffic light rules.

Real-Time Alert

Radar boat Pro APK has plenty of radarbot speed cameras and other camera detector systems. This Premium MOD APK alerts the users when they drive in dangerous areas, and this app notifies to get ready for being in the safety zone, like seat belts, and cell phone use cameras. The restricted area also can access control cameras as well as you get immediate notification by this app when holes and speed bumps come during driving the car.

Radarbot Premium MOD APK

This radarbot Pro APK offers real-time alerts that will warn you of any unexpected situations. Rafarbot has more than 50 million drivers all over the world with whom you can easily share and receive alerts so that drivers can find out what’s happening on the road and avoid traffic jams, accidents mobiles, speed cameras, and many others.

GPS Navigation & Speed limits

You can use many capabilities of this app, you can upgrade to the gold version, and get access to all features in a single mobile. By gold unlocked you can get various features for safety. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can still use it and arrive safely to your destiny and radarbot GOLD MOD APK works online as well as offline, radarbot speed camera detects wherever you are in the world and get great driving and journey experience without worrying about using up your mobile data

Radarbot Gold MOD APK

Radarbot allows us to download the full version of this app and ITERATION MOBILE S.L. is a developer of the radarbot app that updates daily to ensure that the database always can get the very latest version and information. This app is totally free for vehicle drivers. You get a more amazing experience and you will not get any advertisements.


There are various features in this app, this app works in any country and you can use radarbot app with other GPS navigators or with your favorite music app together. If somehow the screen turns off then still you will get notification alerts in the background. When you will drive in any direction then your car will automatically ignore the speed cameras. Users can also set vibration mode for motorists. The radarbot gives you configurable warning distances and parameters.

Radarbot MOD APK Cracked

You can also set your automatic Bluetooth connection and then startup, and it is also compatible with ear OS. There are many more features that help users to use this app easily such as offline navigation and 3D maps which help users to search any location. Additionally, you can select any language according to your choice from the radarbot.


Radarbot is a useful app for drivers looking to avoid traffic violations and drive peacefully on the road. Its accuracy and real-time alerts have made this popular and give amazing features to users. It is user-friendly interface makes it easy to use while driving. Download the latest version of this app for android devices and get a good journey experience while driving and be safe.

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