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Next bots Online Multiplayer v1.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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App Name Next bots Online Multiplayer
Size 290M
Latest Version 1.7
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MOD Info Unlimited Money

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The Next Bots Online Multiplayer MOD APK is an action game where players must run and run every time to avoid many bot enemies which will always follow them but you are safe until you stop running. The main important way to defend yourself is to run all the time and avoid all bot enemies. This game is full of fun and enjoyable gameplay experiences that you can get and developed by 5upreme which has more than 100k downloads.

About Next bots Online Multiplayer

The Next bots Online Multiplayer MOD APK game is a fun and running game where players only require running defending themselves from dangerous enemies called bots, and these enemies will always follow you in the wide open gameplay world where no one exits except you in an empty world but you need to hold yourself together to win this game.

Next bots Online Multiplayer MOD APK

You need to be careful while running and avoiding bot enemies because you need to make sure that enemies could not touch you anywhere otherwise, you will be instantly dead. As you will run, keep remembering to jump, climb, and run so fast, and just look behind and keep avoiding them to get to the right place where enemies cannot come.

As you advance in this game, you will be provided with Unlimited Money rewards which will help you to avoid various bot enemies and can successfully defend yourself against those dangerous enemies. Moreover, you can easily remove every ad while running and playing the game and also gives the feature of free shopping that allows you to shop you unlimited items.

Next bots Online Multiplayer MOD APK Download

Run, Jump, and Upgrade Your Abilities

The gameplay is simple and can easily play this game, and even a beginner can play this game easily for the first time because you just need to run, jump, and avoid the bot enemies. Additionally, you can upgrade your physical abilities, such as unlocking all double jumps and escaping all the bots in the air, and you can increase your run speed even when you will be in small durations.

These upgrading and unlocking features will easily give you extra power-ups like the running speed at a small duration time, jumping power, and many more. You can also unlock other bots and summon them to make you follow which is a great way to get fun, and it has also different maps to help you.

Next bots Online Multiplayer MOD APK Unlimited Money

Chat with Other Players and Many Events

In this game, you can use your voice to communicate with your friends and other players, and not just by voice communication you can also chat with your friends and players to discuss gameplay strategy and can share their main tricks to defeat all bot enemies.

It has also many different events to make you interested in this type of game and can summon Senator Armstrong or Blackok which leads your screen to get black for a few seconds. You can play with your friends and other players all over the world, and get great running experience.

Next bots Online Multiplayer MOD APK Free Shopping


The Next bots Online Multiplayer MOD APK is the best game for those who like to play running games with the features of maps where you can also get the different maps of every location, such as Residential, Office, Parking, and Streets. There will be more updates that you will get as you play this game.

Download the latest version of the Next bots Online Multiplayer MOD APK game free Android and get the benefits of all Unlimited Money, Remove ads, and free shopping mode features by clicking the link given below.

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