Showbox not working – Is Showbox down for Everyone in 2020?

Showbox Apk is a great free video streaming platform. But the trouble its users have been facing for the past few months is because Showbox not working. It recently came in news sites that it been temporarily down. It has been removed from the internet without any proper information or justification.

Showbox not working

What happened to Showbox has been a mystery. So we have discussed every query related to Showbox in this article so continue reading till the end.

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What is Showbox?

Showbox is a free video streaming platform which allows it’s users to stream unlimited video content including movies, TV shows and so on for free. The recent news says that it has been stopped because it allows it’s users to stream pirated content for free.

So now let’s get into the actual topic that is Showbox not working, and it’s shutdown.

Showbox Apk Not Working Problem

As reported by many of its users, there’s a clear point that it’s not working so in this portion we will be discussing the reasons why it doesn’t work as well as the solution for them.

Reasons Why Showbox Doesn’t Works

There can be plenty of reasons for its failure, but I have listed a few most essential ones.

Server Down

A significant reason for the shut down of Showbox is considered the server down because from the server it gives content access to its users has been stopped. Thus it doesn’t have any sources from where it can get premium video content for free. Whenever users play content, it shows a blank screen with an error message.

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Another evidence of this server issue is the dialogue box which appears when you go to Showbox, it has a message that says Showbox has stopped working because of unpredictable performance.

Server Provider Disabled

As we already talked about how Showbox stopped working when the server from which it streams content stopped. Also, the hosting providers which provide a server for websites and apps discontinued serving them as they found they were uploading pirated content on the server which was against their policies.

Legal Issues

As we know that Showbox allows it, users, to stream copyrighted content which is against the law. Thus many television networks, corporations and companies filed a lawsuit against it for allowing users access to copyrighted or pirated content which can also be called illegally delivering content on the web.

Major Bugs/Glitches Leading to Frequent Crashs

Showbox has a tremendous amount of bugs and glitches, which leads to poor user experience. Bugs and glitches are the main reason why its a very unstable app. This usually happens when you are using a poor server.

You can’t use Showbox if you have an outdated Android version.

Solutions for Showbox Not Working Problems

Although, its time for you to say goodbye to Showbox, you can try some methods to bring it back to work. These methods are not fully effective, but as per told by some of its users, we have collected this data.

Re Configure Your Settings

Maybe Showbox has moved to a new server and thus the old server details in your phone makes it unable to access Showbox so follow the steps below.

  • Force stop the Showbox application from its settings.
  • Explore the Android Apps settings and search for Showbox.
  • Clear data and cache of the Showbox application.
  • Restart the application.

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

In some of the cases using a VPN and hiding your IP has proven to be an excellent solution for using Showbox. As there are some countries where Showbox has not been banned. The VPN services which we recommend are Express VPN, Nord VPN and KeepSolid VPN.

Update Showbox to the Latest Version

The latest version of it comes with many bug fixes, and thus you must update it and try. Also, sometimes the newest version of this app fails to boot in your Android device. If this is the case with you, then uninstall it and then install and your works done.

Use Showbox Alternatives

Another advice which we give you is to switch to Showbox alternatives as there’s no guarantee that Showbox will be back. So you should move on. We have also listed seven best Showbox alternatives in 2020.

Is Showbox Safe to Use?

No, not at all because it’s illegal. Government and ISP’s also looks at the services you use in your device, and if found streaming pirated content, you may get into serious troubles. To use it with a little safety, you must use it over a VPN.

The VPN which we recommend are Nord VPN, Express VPN and KeepSolid VPN.

Note: We never recommend the use of illegal site so if you use them, then do it on your own risk. This article is only for informational purpose.

Get Showbox Apk: If Showbox Site not working

Now coming to Showbox Apk portion we would like to re-mention that it’s illegal and we never support any illegal activity.


APK NameShowbox
App Size40 MB
Official DeveloperIvan Nichiporuk
App Version5.11
Platforms SupportedAndroid, PC with Android Emulator
User Review4.5 out of 5
Last Updated19 April 2020

System Requirements

System Requirements for Using Showbox Apk on Android are:

  • Have 2 GB of RAM.
  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or above.
  • Have some free space for storing its files.
  • Internet connection is mandatory, as this app won’t work without it.

System Requirements for Using Showbox Apk on PC with Android Emulators are:

  • At least 3 GB of DDR4 RAM so that it will work without lag in your PC.
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 is recommended, but it’s also compatible with Windows 10.
  • A high-speed internet connection is vital as this app won’t work without it.


It has plenty of features but we will discuss only few most important ones.

Totally Free of Cost

All the features it offers are totally free of cost and it’s also considered as a feature.

No Sign in Requirement

The app doesn’t require any sign-in this your privacy is protected. Also, I want to inform you if you use any of the illegal apps like Showbox you must never sign in because there are chances your data is used for bad work.

Download and Watch Later

It also allows the users to download the video content and take it offline. Not only this, but it also has a watch later playlist where you can add videos you will watch later.

High Quality Video Content

Although, it’s free but don’t think the content it provides is cheap because it provides content in HD quality.

New Content on Weekly Basis

It adds new content every week and thus make it user base constant.

Advance UI

It has advance UI which will help you while using it as it will take very less time for you to go to your desired content page.

Download and Install Showbox Apk

Download Apk

2. Download link is given on this page so you can start the download.

2. After downloading the app you have to enable some of the settings on your phone for successfully installing it.

3. Go to Settings.

4. Find the security section in settings.

5. In security settings find the Device Administration section.

6. Under the Device Administration section search for allowing installation from Unknown Sources and enable it.

7. Locate the place where you have downloaded the Showbox apk file and click on that.

8. Carry on the process of installation, and then you can finally use it.

For PC

  1. Download an Android emulator such as Bluestacks from their official website.

 2. Configure the Android emulator which you have installed.

 3. Download the Showbox Apk Android in the emulator.

 4. Showbox icon appears on the home tab of the emulator, and you can access it.

Showbox App Not Working

If the apps not working then navigate to the upper portion of this page where we have discussed the ‘solution for Showbox not working problem’.

7 Best Showbox Alternatives in 2020

1. Amazon Prime Video

If Showbox down - Amazon Prime Video
(Image Credit: Amazon Prime)

Amazon Prime Video is a product that is amazon. It’s available in more than 50 countries and is one of the most used videos streaming platform. It comes at a very affordable price, to use this you have to be a prime member of Amazon which starts at 4.99 $ per month.

When you are a premium member of Amazon, you get not an only prime video but also 1-2 day delivery, Amazon prime music and much more.

2. Hulu

Go to Hubu if Showbox is not working
(Image Credit: Hubu)

After Amazon prime video, the next comes Hulu with a large user base and thousands of movies and TV shows. It’s also a paid platform. It plans starts from 5.99$ per month and the value it offers for the price is fantastic.

3. Netflix

Netflix - Alternative of Showbox
(Image Credit: Netflix)

When it comes to movies and TV shows Streaming services, there’s a name for sure. Netflix is so popular that it’s even considered as a synonym for film and TV shows streaming platform. With its plans starting from 6.99$ a month, it steps into the market.

4. Disney+

(Image Credit: Disney+)

Almost every movie Watcher has heard the name of Disney channel, and thus we cannot ignore Disney+ online movie streaming platform. With plans starting at 4.99$ it’s a decent choice for online movies and shows Streaming platform.

Currently it has more than 10M user base and growing twice the speed every month.

5. Crackle


Sony company has already established its name in the movie, and TV showed industry years ago. Sony Crackle is a new product of Sony company which allows users to stream high-quality video content at a decent amount. It also has a free version with limitations.

6. Popcornflix

(Image Credit: Popcornflix)

Providing high-quality video content streaming service, popcornflix has established its name in the market. It’s entirely free for use with advance UI it gets even more attractive on the web. Before using it, you must connect to a VPN because it’s banned in some countries.

7. Vudu

(Image Credit: Vudu)

Just after Popcornflix, arrives Vudu in the list. Vudu is another free video content streaming platform. It offers movies, TV shows and so on for free. Since the Showbox, not working problem arises, it began to grow even more.

FAQ’s Regarding Showbox Not Working Problem

Q: How Showbox Not Working Problem Arised?

A: The reasons that led to Showbox Not Working Problem are:

  • Server Issues.
  • Lawsuits against it.
  • Major bugs and glitches.

Q: Is Showbox Still down?

As per the latest news and report, Showbox is still down and there’s no guarantee whether it will rise again in future or not because there are many issues regarding it.

Q: Is it Safe to use Showbox?

A: No, not at all because it’s illegal. Government and ISP’s also looks at the services you use in your device and if found streaming pirated content you may get into serious troubles.

Q: Does it still work in 2020?

A: No, it doesn’t but some people say they used few tricks to make it work. all of them are mentioned in above portion of this article.

Q: Is Showbox legal?

No, it’s not at all legal because it stream pirated content which is against the law.


I hope your all the doubts regarding Showbox not working are cleared. If there’s still left feel free to comment below and our team will get to it soon. And don’t forget to check our other posts.

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