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Kuttymovies website has a massive collection of movies that allows it’s users to download copyrighted video content for free, specifically Tamil dubbed movies. But you must know about their pros and cons before downloading any Movie from sites like Kutty Movies or kuttymovies.com; else you may get into severe troubles.

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So, continue reading this article to know more risks associated with the use of Kuttymovies, we will talk about the dangers in the further portion of this article. But still, there’s hope as we will also introduce you to some of the best alternatives of Kuttymovies to stream movies.

Kuttymovies: Tamil Dubbed Movies Collection

What is KuttyMovies?

Kuttymovies is a popular movie download website, especially on India. The site is for Tamil Movies Download in Hindi dubbed. At first, it was just for Tamil movies, but now the English film is available. Some popular Hollywood movies in Hindi dubbed available on the website.

People know they watch Tamil movies regularly, use KuttyMovies website, or it’s alternatives. Many sites offer Tamil movies free download, but Kutty Movies has some fantastic features and benefits. Although it is a piracy website because it sells video without the owner’s permission, I will tell you the site is good or bad to use.

Website NameKuttyMovies Collections

Risks Associated With Use of Kuttymovies

The Government and ISP’s review and monitor the activities you do on the internet. If you are found streaming copyrighted content, you may get into severe troubles, therefore; you should avoid such websites.

Still, if you want to use sites like Kuttymovies, we always recommend you to use a good VPN to protect your identity and security when streaming movies and other TV series with free websites.

Use ExpressVPN because it’s the fastest and secured in the industry. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as if you are not satisfied with its services you can request for a refund. It also offers a fantastic deal in which you get three months free and up to 49% off on the annual plan.

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Pros and Cons of using Kuttymovies Collection

Nothing is perfect in the world. KuttyMovies has some positive and negative sides too. Here I give the pros and cons of Kutty Movies HD.


  • Latest Tamil Movies
  • Hollywood movies in Dubbed
  • Good video quality
  • Easy to download
  • Free to download movies


  • It is a piracy site
  • Sometimes show adult ads
  • Probability of hacker attack
  • URL changes regularly

Some Blocked Kutty Movies Collection URLs:

Here are some URL and keywords of the website that worked on the past. Now these URLs are blocked, or these are not working any more.

kutty movie.netkutty movies .com
kutty movies.inkuttymovies .com
kuttymovies netkutty movie net
kutty movies .netkuttymovies.net 2019
my kutty movies.netkuttymovie
kutty movies netkuttymovies hd 2019
kuttymovies .netwww.kutty movies.net
kuttymovie.commy kutty movies.com
kutty movie .comkutty movies collection

Features of KuttyMovies

Here are some highlight features that you should know. Before watching movies on Kutty Movies website, read the benefits section.

Collection of Movies on Kutty movies:

KuttyMovies has a massive Collections of movies. You can find old movies in 2005, 2006 year on the site. Most of the film is available and the latest videos you can get here first. All the movies have an original and workable download link. The latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies collection are available on Kutty Movies 2020.

User Interface:

The user interface or UI of the website is very cool. It is a custom theme, so there are no much options. The interface complete with blue, black and white colours. The background colour is white. Highlight option background has blue colour while the text colour is black.

There is a section of Tamil movies in the middle of the homepage. There you can see movies category with a year like Tamil Movies 220, Tamil Movies 2019, Tamil Movies 2018, etc. There is a category Tamil upcoming Movies to know which movie will release within few days.

Movierulz APK
KissAnime APK

There is a section for updates. Any new movie release, movie remove, URL change, etc-update will show there. Read the update section to know the latest movie. There is a direct download link, so you don’t need to find the film.

At the footer section of the homepage, you can see a section for Hollywood movies. This section released in a few days for the user request. The latest Hollywood movies, English movies are list there in the category. Click on the options and get a Hollywood movie to download for free. Avenger movie, all parts are available on KuttyMovies collection.

Search Bar:

You may find this article by searching a keyword on google. So you should know how the search engine helps us and make life easier to find the right results. KuttyMovies has a massive collection of movies, so it difficult to find the video you need. Then you can use the search bar on the website. When you enter a category on the homepage, a search bar will show at the top of the next page.

Type the name of the movie and click on the Enter button. If the video is available, you will get in front of you. Make sure to type the correct make of movies on the search bar because KuttyMovies search bar is not well optimized like Google.

Easy to Use:

Most of the movie downloading websites provide a fake download link. But Kutty Movies is one of the most trustable sites to download a video. All the links are on working mode. If any link is not working, user can repost about it, and the developers will add a new working link soon.

The website is easy to use and download a movie. Yes, the site shows too many ads, but most ads can block by an adblocker. You have to follow two or three steps to download a movie. I detail the download process below of this article.

Movie Download Process

Open the site URL on a new tab of the browser. I suggest to open it on chrome browser, even android or desktop. Click on a movie category like Tamil 2020 Movies, Tamil Dubbed Movies, etc. Then search the movie you want to download on the search bar. After typing the movie name, click the Enter button on the keyboard or click on the search button on the screen.

Hope you find the movie on the website. Click on the movie name. If an ads window opens on the browser, click the window and go back to the previous window. Then again click on the movie name. Whenever you click on a link or anywhere on the website, a new window may open that full of ads. You just have to ignore the announcements by the closing window.

When you click on a movie name, a new window will show. There you can see some imp[ortant information about the film or video. Some details like movie name, director, casters, etc. information shown to you. It is good to know about any movie’s backend.

Don’t click on any link on the new window. You can see a search bar in the middle of the page. Above the search bar, you can see the movie name with video quality like Frozen II (2019) HQ DVDScr, click on that.

After that, a new window will open. There you can see two videos with different size. You can see a video with 2-3 MB and another one much more. The small size video is a clip of the movie. If you want to watch a little clip, click on the small size video. To download Movies from Kutty Movies collection, click on big size video.

After that, a new page will open, click on the Go To download Page button on the page footer. Then you can see a new option like Download Server 1. Most of the time there is only one server, but sometime you may find server two or more. Click on the server link. A video will open. You can watch the movie online. Then click on the three dots on the video window. Finally, click on the Download button.

The download will start and same the movie in your device. If you don’t get the download button, view the page in desktop mode (On Mobile Browser). Download speed depends on your internet connection. Sometimes download speed will show because many users download a movie at the same time. That is how you can download videos from Kutty Movies collection.

Download Movie from Kutty Movies Collection

After downloading the movie on your browser, not it is time to watch it. Usually, the download files from browser save into download folder in the internal memory. If you are using chrome browser on android or any smartphone, open the file manager first. Then open internal memory and find download folder. There you can get the movie as a video file.

If you downloaded the movie in desktop but using Chrome browser, open the file explorer. To find file explorer,  right-click on the Start icon on the desktop. Then click on File Explorer option on the list. Then you can get a folder name Download. Open the folder and watch the movie by opening the video file.

KuttyMovies Safe or Not?

KuttyMovies is free to use the website. If you have an internet connection and a device, then you can access it from any corner of the world. As you know, the site offers free Tamil movies with high-quality video resolution. Sometimes while surfing the website, it shows annoying ads.

Sometimes the ads are adult category. Some ads are not suitable for your device. The hackers add a download button on the ads. When you click on the download button, it has a probability virus can attack your device. It happens on the desktop. Is the website is asking for install software on your PC, please don’t do it? Always use an antivirus while browsing.

KuttyMovies Site Collection Legal or Illegal?

KuttyMovies is not a legal website. If any person is selling a movie without the original owner’s permission, it is piracy. KuttyMovies has no affiliation with any film. They just upload films on the website for people. Yes, it is free to use, but KuttyMovies owner earns money while showing ads. After all, it is piracy.

Keep a distance from piracy websites. If you want to get the best video streaming experience, download Netflix or premium movie-watching platform. The price is not high for watching a movie in the right way. We do not promote any piracy website or platform. It is just for knowledge.

KuttyMovies Collection Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can we use adblocker on the website?
A: Yes. You can use adblocker to prevent video and text ads. But the external tab ads will not stop. When the ads come on the new tab, close it immediately.

Q: Is it safe to use Kuttymovies?
A: No, it’s not at all safe to use it.

Q: Is Kuttymovies website legal?
A: No, It is illegal to use the piracy website, and it is against the law to download a movie for free without owner permission.

Q: What are risks associated and safe Methods for accessing Kutty Movies download site or sites like it.
A: Already mentioned in the article.


Note: It is against the law policy to use such type sites. We do not promote any piracy website or platform. The information here is just for education purpose only so that you stay away from such piracy websites.

Note: The Government and ISP’s review and monitors the activities you do on the internet. If you are found streaming copyrighted content, then you may get into severe troubles. So always keep a distance from piracy website.

Now we have finally reached the end of this article, and I hope all your doubts regarding the KuttyMovies website are clear. If there’s still a doubt left in your mind, feel free to comment below.

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