Khatrimaza | Download HD Movies Free | Is it Legal website?

On this page, you will get all the desired information of Khatrimaza website that allows you to download full movies for free. But you should know about their pros and cons before downloading any video from sites like Okhatrimaza or Khatrimazafull Otherwise, you may be in serious trouble.

So, continue reading this article to know more risks associated with the use of Khatrimaza website, we will talk about the dangers in the further portion of this article. But still, there’s hope as we will also introduce you to some of the best legal alternatives of Khatrimaza to stream movies.

Khatrimaza: Download HD Movies Free

On the internet, there are lots of websites that provide the latest Hindi, Bollywood, Hollywood movies for free. But most of them are not active mean the site doesn’t upload films regularly. Some of the sites are using too many annoying ads that are difficult to use, or the download link may fake, not working.

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Currently, Khatrimaza website is the best to say on movies download department. Some feature makes the website better than others. I will detail everything on the site like how to use, facts, tips and tricks, and it is safe or not. So let’s start from the primary stage.

What is Khatrimaza 2020?

Khatrimaza 2019 is a website that allows its user to download Bollywood movies. The website has a massive collection of movies, including old film. The developers upload any newest video on the site so that users can download it for free. They make revenue by showing ads. The URL of the site banned from the internet because of some reason. The developer changes the URL and makes the new site as previous. You can know the original URL by connecting to them.

At first, Khatrimaza was a torrent site. Later after uploading daily movies, it gains a vast community. Now it is a public torrent site where people uploads almost all Bollywood and Hollywood movies. People search the website as “Khatrimaza Website” and get the URL on the search result. I should notify you that it is a piracy site. It is dangerous to use a piracy site; the government may take intense action.

Website NameKhatri Maza
Domain Registered23-02-2020
Website OwnerSome Indians Blogger
Working ModeActive

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Features of Khatrimaza Movie Download Site

There are many features on the website that makes very much different from other movie downloading sites. I have explained the highlight features here. You can know everything after using the site.


Honestly, to say, the website has a massive collection of movies. You can get any Bollywood or Hollywood movies here. Most of the English movies are Hindi dubbed. You can play the film on Hindi audio on a video player App. The movies subtitled with the English language that helps us to understand the film even in the English language.

Video Quality:

The Khatrimaza website offers to download a movie only. You can’t watch a film online. The download site is not much but comes with good video quality. Usually, all the film have 480P and 720P video resolution. When you go to download page, there you can see two download link for different quality. Excellent video quality will consume more internet data and storage on your device.

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Some movies are available on 4K (4096×2160) video quality. The download size will be huge. But if your device supports a 4K video and the film you like most, then please download it. Watching a 4K movie on a big screen like TV, Desktop is a fantastic experience.

User Interface:

Now let’s talk about the user interface (UI), it is most important. Khatrimaza website is well customized, sound design and layout powered by WordPress.

The website design has three colour combination – Green, White and Orange. The background colour is White. AT the top navigation bar and footer navigation bar, the background colour is Green. The highlighted option background colour is Orange. The text on the website is White colour. All over to say, the website is looking excellent. Anyone can tell, it is a movie download website after seeing the homepage of the site.

On the top navigation bar, some category listed like Bollywood, Hollywood, TV Series, Dual Audio, South, Panjabi, A to Z, etc. Click on the option for a category base movie. AT the footer, the developers listed the pages like contact, privacy policy, disclaimer, etc.

On the homepage, after top navigation bar, you can see some subcategory of movies like Bollywood 1080, Hollywood 720, Anime, etc. These all are tags for a WordPress hosted site. When you click on a label, all movies on the name will show to you. It will help you to find a particular type of movie searching.

The new movies show on the homepage. When you are on another page, just click on the Home option on the top navigation bar. You will redirect on the website homepage. The movies on the homepage are exceptionally designed. The film shows six-column and three-row system. In total, 18 videos show at the front page.

There is the name of the film in every movie thumbnail with video quality (720P, 1080P). When you move the mouse cursor on a thumbnail, the download button shows on hover system. Click on download button to redirect the download page.

Search Bar:

You may find this article after searching a keyword on google. So you should realize how much a search engine beneficial. The search bar helps us to find a particular query. On Khatrimaza website, there is a search bar on the top navigation bar, on the right side. Type a movie name and click on the search button. If the movie is available on the site, it will show and you can download it on your device. Be sure to type the movie name original. The synonyms keyword result will not display.

Risks Associated With Use of Khatrimaza Website

The Government and ISP’s review and monitor the activities you do on the internet. If you are found streaming copyrighted content, you may get into severe troubles. Therefore, you should avoid such websites

Still, if you want to use websites like Khatrimaza or Khatrimazafull to download movies, I always recommend you to use a good VPN to protect your identity and security when streaming movies and other TV series with free websites.

Use ExpressVPN because it’s the fastest and secured in the industry. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as if you are not satisfied with its services you can request for a refund. It also offers a fantastic deal in which you get three months free and up to 49% off on the annual plan.

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Pros and Cons of Khatrimaza Cool:

Here I detail some positive (Pros) and negative (Cons) point of the site. As you know every single product has own profit and loss. The website is very good to look but has some cons.


  • Get the latest Hindi movies.
  • Hollywood movies in Hindi dubbed.
  • Available premium TV series.
  • Fast download speed.
  • Good video quality.


  • It is a piracy site, and you may get into severe troubles.
  • Too many ads showing.
  • Some links are not working.
  • Probability of virus attack.
  • Some ads are 18+.

Previous Khatrimaza Cool Movie Download URLs:

Here are some URL of the khatrimaza website that worked on the past 2019. Now the URLs are blocked. These are not working any more.

  • Khatrimaza.full
  • full
  • Khatrimaza full org
  • Khatrimaza org in
  • Khatrimazafull pro
  • Khatrimaza cool full
  • Khatri maza in full
  • Khatrimazafull Bollywood
  • khatrimazza
  • khartimaza
  • kathrimaza
  • khatrimaja
  • khtrimaza

The current URL is

If the current URL is not working and it has changed to a new one. Then please let us know by commenting on this article.

Some Latest Movies on the Website Uploaded:

  • War
  • Joker
  • Lal Kaptan
  • Chappak
  • Ujda Chaman
  • Housefull 4
  • Sky is pink
  • Made in China
  • PM Narendra Modi
  • Hustlers
  • Saaho
  • Prasthanam
  • The Zoya factor
  • Section 375
  • Dreamgirl
  • Chichore

How to download Movies from Khatrimaza Cool

As I tell you the interface of the website. Search a movie or find on the homepage and click on the thumbnail. If a new window opens on the browser, close it. Then come back to the previous window and click again. On the next page, you can see some details about the movie. The story of the movie will show after the thumbnail. Then the info of the film like release date, duration, language, director name, etc.

After that, some screenshot of the movie will show. At least, at the bottom, you can see two buttons like HIGH-SPEED DOWNLOAD and DOWNLOAD FROM LINKS. You have to click on DOWNLOAD FROM LINKS button. It is because the other option is difficult to use. You can also check if you want.

On the next page, click on the checkbox to prove you are not a robot. Then a new page will open, and finally, you can get download option at the bottom. Then some links will show. All the links are for download. I recommend clicking on the first link. If the first link does not work, you can try a different link. The download will start soon.

I prefer to use an adblocker extension on your browser because the sites use popup ads. You will feel annoyed when too many ads will show. But window ads mean when you click on an option, it redirects a new page on a new window can’t stop.

Sometimes the download process is different. If you have used a downloading movie site before then, it may easy for you. At the end of this article, I will tell you a way to get the latest movies to download free.

How Katrimaza 2020 works?

Some Indian blogger creates Katrimaza. We do not have proper information about who is maintaining the website. According to search, on the back end side, there is a team who manage the site. They use some ads to make a revenue.

Katrimaza is a WordPress hosted site. They have purchased a hosting server of having own—the hosting connected with WordPress CMS. WordPress CMS help them to control the back end side of the website. They always take a backup of the site data every time.

When the URL is bock from the internet, they purchase a new domain name. Then again, the new site hosted on WordPress CMS and import the backup data. The site URL just change, but the user interface of movies collection does not change. That is how Khatrimaza full 2020 works.

Is it legal to use Khatrimaza Full?

It is piracy to provide movies without original owner permission. Latest videos are not free to watch. AT first, the film release in the cinema hall. People buy tickets and watch movies. When people buy the card, the owner gets some commission. That is how they make a passive income. On the backend, a film made on a few months and sometimes it takes a few years. The actor, actress, writers, more single, etc. many people work on it. After releasing the movie, they get money and it the passion or job.

If someone is providing movies for free, it is against the LAW. The person who is downloading the free video is equal to suspect as a piracy violation. We are not promoting any piracy site or platform. We are just providing information for helping people. Please don’t do piracy; one day you may face a big problem with the government action. Keep a distance from piracy.

Legal Alternative of Khatrimaza

Premium websites best Alternative of Khatrimaza. So in this portion, I will cover why you must use premium websites instead of I would tell premium movies streaming sites as the best choice for Khatrimaza full alternatives.

Pros and Cons of using Premium websites


  • You are safe, and your privacy is completely secured as these are the official sites with a branding.
  • You don’t need to worry about using a paid VPN to protect you, as these sites have also been encouraged by the government.
  • Streaming quality up to 4K.
  • You don’t have to worry about security as they are the official apps, and you can entirely rely on them.


  • A paid subscription is required.
  • You might need multiple subscriptions to watch your desired content.

List of Best Premium WebsSites as Best Khatrimaza Alternative

In this portion, I will cover some of the best legal and premium alternatives of Khatrimaza because I don’t want your movie streaming experience to turn into troubles with using free movies stream sites like Khatrimaza full.

1. Netflix

Movierulz2 Alternative Netflix

Netflix founded on August 29, 1997. It is prevalent nowadays and is even considered as a synonym for the word movie streaming platform and also the oldest and used globally and also is the most used platform for streaming movies online. Netflix is also available for android and iOS devices you can download Netflix apk from here to watch Movies for free.

It has plans or subscriptions starting at $8.99 per month, and it’s hard to beat. You can also use it for free for 30 days.

2. Pluto TV


Pluto TV is a free video content streaming platform. Unfortunately, currently, it’s available only in the United States, Canada and a few European countries. This platform offers live T.V. and also on-demand content which consist of movies and shows for its user. As per the latest report, it has a broad user base and is considered as one of the best alternatives to Khatrimazza for free. It also contains a lot of Ads.

Pluto TV’s has partnered with more than 70 content providers from which it gets licensed content. It has more than 20 million active monthly users and thus making it one the most popular free movie and T.V. show Streaming platform.

Features of Pluto TV are:

  • Strong user base with over 20 million users.
  • Most popular YesMovies alternative for free.
  • Licensed content and patterned with more than 70 original content providers.

3. Popcornflix

khatrimaza movie download
(Image credit: popcornflix)

While other websites do not offer some of the T.V. series the way you must go is Popcornflix. It is entirely free for watching or streaming T.V. series and movies platform. This website offers video content, mainly movies and T.V. shows which are featured from original content and production companies.

It is also very stable and is compatible with Android, iOS and computer systems. You don’t even need to sign in or log in to watch movies and T.V. series on Popcornflix. This is another plus point as you don’t have to add your personal information such as email and so on to use it.

4. Disney+

After waiting a lot, Disney+ officially launched on November 12, 2019. It’s sad to say, but currently, it’s available only in the U.S., But as per the information received, it will be available in European countries till March 2020. and to other countries till the end of 2021.

It is shaking the market as Disney already has a huge fan base. And also the fact that Disney owns Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox.

This makes Disney+ even more special to attract users who want to stream content. Currently, in US Disney+ subscription starts from $6.99 per month, which is $2 cheap from Netflix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use adblocker on the website?
Yes. You can use adblocker to prevent video and text ads. But the external tab ads will not stop. When the ads come on the new tab, close it immediately.

Is it legal to download movies from Khatrimaza full?
No, It is illegal to use the piracy website, and it is against the law to download a movie for free without owner permission.


Disclaimer: We at does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offence under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page purpose of informing the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to promote or engage in piracy in any form.

Note: The Government and ISP’s review and monitors the activities you do on the internet. If you are found streaming copyrighted content, then you may get into severe troubles. So always keep a distance from piracy website.

Now we have finally reached the end of this article, and I hope all your doubts regarding the website like Khatrimaza or Khatrimazafull are cleared. If there’s still a doubt left in your mind, feel free to comment below.

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