Isaimini 2020: Tamil Movies Download Free: Is it Legal website?

Isaimini is one of the best website that allows user to download Tamil movies free in HD format easily. But before downloading any movie from this piracy site, you must have a look at its Pros and Cons.


What is Isaimini Site?

So, let’s start from basic. Sets say you are new to know Isaimini word. So let’s introduce it to you or who new to see on it. The Isaimini is an online movie downloading site.5, or more web developers create the site. They have a team and more than 100 websites hosted on a similar topic.

CategoryMovies & MP3, Wallpaper
LanguageTamil, Hindi Dubbed

Any kind of Tamil movie is upload on the site, and all are on the high-quality resolution. Not only movies the team uploads MP3, Ringtone, Wallpaper, Song Video, but Hindi also dubbed movie, Trailer, etc. Overall to say they have a vast collection of any Tamil movies. You can get the wallpaper to the full film including mp3 songs on Isaimini site for a particle movie like Tamilrockers.

Why use Isaimini (Moviesda)

The reason is simple. People will use the site more because they get what they need. The collection of the site is vast so that anyone can get old and new movies. Also, the website is free with high-quality video download offer. The site is super fast, so the download speed is good. There are many benefits of using Isaimini site. I list all the features and benefits below.

Benefits of Isaimini site:

Here is the list of advantages of the website that makes it different from others. On the internet, you will get many sites that offer to download Tamil movie. Most of them are free. But they are not useful for a new user. In the places, the ads show much time. Sometimes the download link is broken, the server is slow. By the way, here if full explanation below.


Isaimini has a massive selection of Tamil movies. They upload movies of 2015 or earlier on the server. From the first day, they upload videos with high resolution. So there is no compromise on video streaming.

The site has Tamil movies with Hindi dubbed. As you know, Tamil films are fantastic to watch. So people all over in India or outside wants to watch on the Hindi language. If you are looking for Hindi dubbed movies, then try the site now. Most of the Tamil movies on Hindi dubbed. Now they added a section for Hollywood movies. So most of the famous Hollywood movies are available with Hindi dubbed.

User Interface (UI):

The user interface or UI is straightforward of the site. Any new user can access the site. We all have a smartphone or computer. On file manager, you can see some folders creates. The files store on a particular folder. For example, the video file store video folder so that we can easily fount it. That is how the movies or song stores on the site.

When you click the folder, a new folder come. There you can see many movies. After entering some folder finally, you got the download link. It is easy to download a Tamil movie from the site.

Other Files:

The site not only provides Tamil Movies but also contains songs, video, wallpaper or ringtone. If you love a particular Tamil move and want to download video song then, it is available on the video section. The HD wallpaper is possible to set on your device home screen.


Sometimes the site gets down for technical issue. At the time they will update the information, and you will know a new site URL. When you open the site, you will get a Facebook page link at the top. Do like and follow to be updated. When new movie uploads they will remind you on the Facebook page.

Risks Associated With Use of Isaimini Site

There are also certain risks associated with the use of Isaimini. We will talk about the dangers in the further portion of this article.

The Government and ISP’s review and monitor the activities you do on the internet. If you are found streaming copyrighted content, you may get into severe troubles. Therefore, you should avoid such websites

Still, if you want to use Isaimini website or sites like it, I recommend you to use a VPN to protect your I.P. address. You can check your I.P. address at

I always recommend the use of a good VPN because I don’t want your movie streaming experience to turn into troubles. So I recommend you the best VPN in the market. Use an ExpressVPN because it’s the fastest and secured in the industry. Its U.I. is simple, and also it’s straightforward to install on the device including Fire T.V. Stick.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as if you are not satisfied with its services you can request for a refund. It also offers a fantastic deal in which you get three months free and up to 49% off on the annual plan.

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How to Download Tamil Movies From Isaimini:

As I told you, the user interface is straightforward of the site. At first, open the site URL. You will see some movie list with the folder icon. Click on Tamil Movies folder. A new window will open, and some folder will appear. You can see some year listed like 2015, 2016, 2017. etc. If you want old movies, then click on any year. If you wish to the latest Tamil movies to download, click on the current year (Ex: 2020) folder.

After that, you can see some movie and at button some list number. Click on no. 2 or 3, and you will get more videos of the current year. Select any movie you want to download.

Then a new page will open with two folders. There you can choose the video resolution. An excellent video resolution will consume more internet data. After selecting the folder, you will get a download server. Click on any server, and the download page will open. Then click on the download icon and the Tamil movie will start downloading.

Pros and Cons of Isaimini Website:


  • Latest and oldest Tamil movies available.
  • Video quality is HD.
  • Hindi dubbed and Hollywood movies.
  • Fast download speed.
  • Easy to access.


  • It is piracy.
  • Show too many ads.
  • Site URL changes.

How to remove ads on the site?

People hate ads while surfing on the internet. But it is a significant fact that the developers are making revenue on it. Collecting the latest movie and upload to the server, that is a tough task—even the developers offering people to download the film for free.

To maintain the site hosting and security, they need money. So developers show ads to users and make some money. Do you ignore the ads while downloading movies? There is a trick on how you can bypass ads.

The site uses click ads. When you do first click on an option on the site, it will open a new tab. You can realise that the original cost is full of ads. You have just to close the tab. Then again click the option, and the real page will open.

Whenever you do first click, it will redirect on new ads tab. You can ignore them all by closing until the real page comes. That is how you can surf the site while ads are showing.

Isaimini Safe or Not?

Honestly saying Isaimini is not a legal site. You should know that selling or sharing movies without owner permission is piracy. Isaimini site URL get banned after some days by government. Then the team create a new site. Keep in mind the government will surely take action against it, and at that time you may face the problem. So please stay away from this kind of site.

The alternative of Isaimini:

I have created an article on Tamil movie download sites. All of them are working. I hope you will get the other options there.

Best Site to Watch Tamil Movies Online Free in 2020

Isaimini: Tamil Movie Download

The Isaimini alternatives are the same as the site. The user interface is a difference, but it works the same. If you used a Tamil movie download site, then you can easily access any Isaimini alternatives site.

Similar Site URL:

Users Review:

Mr Manoj Ray: I like the site because it provides Tamil movies for download. When I want to download any Tamil movies in Hindi dubbed, I search for the site. I am pleased about that. I will say thanks to the developers. Please do not close the site.

Dani Tahan: Piracy is a crime. But I don’t have money to buy Tamil movies. Online wallet is a significant fact—most of the site request for debit or credit card. But I don’t have any of them. So I use Isaimini site it provides Tamil movies for the free download link. The download speed is breakneck.

Rankin Rabbi: Anyone can use Isaimini site without any issue. The website is well optimised and easy to use. There are not more feature or option that makes you complex. The ads are very annoying. I hate those ads. Is there any way to block the ads? All over to say the site is fantastic.

Facts about Isaimini:

Here are some recent leaks on the site:

  • Iruttu
  • Rio Raj in Plan Panni Pannanum
  • Irumbu Manithan
  • Jurassic Thunder
  • The Grudge
  • Kumbalangi Nights
  • Oru Adaar Love
  • Lucifer
  • Virus
  • Luca
  • Isakkinte Ithihasam

Some category that the site offers:

  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Mp3 Songs
  • Tamil Ringtones Tamil HD Videos
  • Tamil HD Trailers
  • Tamil Mobile Movies
  • Tamil HD Wallpapers
  • Tamil Lyric Videos
  • Tamil Recent Updates

Isaimini or any similar sites are a torrent website. You should know how torrent is dangers.


We are not promoting any piracy sites. We are always against piracy or any content. Here the article is only for education purpose. Isaimini site is a Tamil movie downloading site. The site will be banned soon by the government, and they will create another website. One day the government will take intense action, and then every single user of Isaimini must face a big problem.

By the way, if you are looking for Tamil movie download site, then Isaimini site is best for you. There are lots of websites that provide Tamil movies, but most of them are not active. Isaimini is an updated site, offers the latest Tamil Movies for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Isaimini

What is Isaimini?
Isaimini is a free Tamil Movies downloading platforms which allow users to download movies and mp3, illegally.

Is it legal to download movies from Isaimini?
No, It is illegal to use the piracy website, and it is against the law to download a movie for free without owner permission.

Why do the ads show on the site?
The owner or organisation make some revenue from the site to continue providing movies for free. Use an ad blocker to avoid the display ads.


Note: The Government and ISP’s review and monitors the activities you do on the internet. If you are found streaming copyrighted content, then you may get into severe troubles. SO you should avoid such sites.

Note: It is against the Indian law policy to use such type sites. We do not endorse this type of websites. This article is for informational purpose only if you use such sites we are not responsible for any miss-happening with you.

As we have reached the end of the article, I hope all your doubts regarding the sites Isaimini. If still there’s a doubt left to let us know in the comment below.

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