Best Sites To Watch Tamil Movies Online Free In HD

If you are looking for the best sites to watch Tamil Movies Online free, then you have come to the right page. Here on this page, we will provide you with the best sites list that will help you to watch Tamil Movies online and download the videos.

Best Site to Watch Tamil Movies Online Free

Internet is full of fun. If you want to do entertain, everything is available on it. Any movies are available on the internet. The fact is, they are costly to watch. But on this page, you will get a proper guide to watching movies for free.

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As you know, Tamil is a place in India. It is on the south side of India map. Tamil movies made for Tamilians. The language of the film in Tamil. So it is diferent from the Hindi language. Most of the Indian people who don’t belong from Tamil, don’t know the Tamil language. They don’t understand or talk Tamil.

But the movies of Tamil actor, actress are awesome. The directors of Tamil make movies on romantic, crime, action, etc. types. The acting of hero and heroine is excellent. So the film gets trending after release.

The Tamil movies are debut to Hindi for all Indians because Hindi is mostly known all over India. The Tamil film also hit on Bangladesh, Pakistan and some foreign country all over the world.

Best Sites to Watch Tamil Movies Online Free in 2020

Here I listed the top 6 sites that I used personally. I described all the features of different sites that help you to identify the best choice for you. In the end, I will give you a bonus site. So let’s site the sites.

Note: Some sites may not work in your country like in India. Therefore, I recommend to install Turbo VPN from Google Play Store, and it is free. To watch movies from these sites, install a VPN extension on the Chrome browser.

1. Online Movies Gold

Tamil Movies Online

I have listed this site #1 to watch any Tamil movie online for free because I have used the site for a month, and its service is best.

This site uploads new release movies for free.

The collection of movies is vast and best It stored many more Tamil Movies Online then others. So, you can easily watch your best Tamil Movies online free on this site.

When you open the site, some movies will show on the homepage. You can search for any a film by the search bar. If you click on a movie, it will redirect to another page for ads. It happens sometimes. If a new tab opens on your browser, close it and open the original cost on the browser.

Then scroll down and click on the Watch Now button. The real Watch now button will show on sky blue colour. A new page will open. You have to wait some time to load the movie, and then you can watch your best Tamil Movies online free on this site.


Free Tamil Movies Online

The site is similar to Online Movies Gold site. It categorised every movie like Hollywood, Bengali, Tamil, Debut, Telegu, etc. The categories listed on the navigation bar.

The search option is available on the top bar. You can get any new and old movies by searching for the movie name.

Watching Tamil Movie Online on site is very simple. When you click on a movie, it shows some information on the first site. Just scroll down and see a play button. You have to click on the player button to watch it online.

If the video or movie is not playing, you can check diferent player available on the upside of the video window. You can also download any movie by clicking download movie button. I didn’t download any movie from this site, so I can’t say the download step. But the reviews say, it is easy to download.

So, can be your best site to watch Tamil Movie Online free. I have watched some movies from this site; it is working fine. Hope you will like it too.

3. Bolly2Tolly

Best Tamil Movies Online

The name of this site is funny Bolly2Tolly. The theme or interface of this site is similar to Online Movies Gold. It is straightforward to use because the system made it fantastic.

At the top bar, you can see a menu there one section is for home, then movies, TV shows and FAQ. So, this site offers a TV show watching service. If you click on the Movies section, you can see some subcategory. They are English, Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Bengali, etc. It is easy to watch a particular language video. Here on this site, you can easily sound your best/favourite Tamil Movies Online to watch for free.

If you want to see movies with letters, you can click on a message on the menu bar. For example, if you’re going to see Shahoo movie, click on S letter. It will show all movies name starting with S.

To watch a movie, click on a film. Then scroll down and click on the player icon. The video will play in a new window. Sometimes, it redirects to another page for advertising. You have to close the tab and come back into original and then again click.

4. Hotstar

Tamil Movie Watch Online

You may know about Hotstar; I don’t need to introduce it again. But for those who don’t know about Hotstar, let’s add it to them. Hotstar is an online movie, TV shows, sports, etc. platform. The most use of Hotstar is for cricket live and web series.

It is a premium platform means you have to pay some real money to watch videos. But some videos, movies are free to play as the owner of the film provide it to free.

Most of Tamil Movie Online is free on Hotstar. But some latest release movies may not be listed for free. So, you have to pay some money to them to watch any types of latest videos.

To watch free movies, you don’t need to login by an account. But for premium videos, you should log in into an account.

Click on the link to redirect into Hotstar homepage. Then click on the movies option on the top navigation. You can see lots of subcategories, like Hindi, Bengali, Telegu, Tamil, etc. You can see many movies and some of them is star marked. The sun marked movies are only available for VIP members. So to watch the film, you have to buy the VIP plan or become a VIP member.

The non-star marked movies are free to watch. Click on a cinema and click on the play button. It will be loading sometime and plat the film with high resolution. You can select the decision of the video.

5. Tamil Rasigan

If you want a best and easy to use the site to watch Tamil Movies Online free, then Tamil Resigan will be the best choice for you. The homepage of the website is straightforward; it looks like a regular blog website.

The owner of the site regularly uploads new and latest Tamil Movies. Every day you will get a new movie. The site name says it only made for Tamil movies, but you can get some Hindi films.

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The site earns by some redirect ads. So whenever you want to watch a movie, you will redirect to a new tab full of ads. But the site is free to use so you can sacrifice to see some ads. No account required to access the site.

The site is banned on India, so you have to use a VPN to access it. I recommend to install Turbo VPN from Google Play Store; it is free. To watch movies from this site, install a VPN extension on the Chrome browser.

At first, click on the Tamil HD Movies option on the navigation bar. You can see all the Tamil Movies or search the movie name on the search bar. Then click on the movie thumbnail. Wait for some time, and you can see a video player window. Click on the player icon to watch the Tamil Movie Online.

When you click anywhere on the site, it will redirect to another URL on a new tab. You just need to close the extra tab. It sometimes happens for ads showing purpose. The ads blocker will not work on this site. If you enable the ads blocker, the site will not access properly and ask for unblocking the ads.

6. VideoBuddy


The VideoBussy is an Android App that offers watch online movies on any language like Tamil, Hindi, English, Bengali, etc. You can use the App to watch Tamil Movies Online.

The App is free to use, and you don’t need to create an account. There is an option to log in, but it is not necessary if you are just watching movies.

The App also offers to earn PayTM cash. It is not a joke, as much you use the App, refer your friends to use it, share the videos, etc. will give you must points. More points mean more PayTM cash, you can redeem points to PayTM cash.

The site shows some ads as the revenue purpose. So sometime it will ask to download an App or like that. Then you can uninstall the App and reinstall when need. The ads are very annoying.

VideoBuddy APK: Download Youtube Video and Movies

At first, click the link above to know all about VideoBuddy. Then download and install on your android device. After install, open the App. Then search the movie name and click the play button. It will take some time to load. The App requires a strong internet connection.

YouTube: Watch Tamil Movies Online


YouTube is an online video watching platform by Google. In YouTube, you can get any types of video with the proper guide. Day by day YouTube is getting popular. Now people search a topic on YouTube rather than Google.

As you know, the quality of YouTube is excellent. It is easy to use and runs on any android device. Normally YouTube already installed on Android device but if you don’t have just go to Google Play Store and install now.

Open the App and sign in if want. Watching a movie is not necessary to have an account. Click on the search bar and search for Goldmines Telefilms.

Goldmines Telefilms provides any types of Tamil Movies on Hindi dubbed. Some movies have more than 100 million views on YouTube. All the old and new movies available and categorised on the playlist.

Conclusion on Watch Tamil Movies Online

Note: Some sites may not work from India, so I recommend to use a VPN. You can search on Google for free VPN.

There are lots of website or platform that offers Tamil movies, but I found the best of 6 for you. Only one thing I want to mention here is nothing if free. If a site provides paid movies for free, it means it will take some from you for revenue.

So now we come to the end of this article, and I hope you find this listing helpful. If I missed any good source on this list, let me know via comment which is your best site to watch Tamil movies online for free?

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